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Advanced Portfolio Film Promotion Package consisting of a film trailer, front cover of a film magazine and film poster Evaluation Question 2 How effective.

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1 Advanced Portfolio Film Promotion Package consisting of a film trailer, front cover of a film magazine and film poster Evaluation Question 2 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Anita Henry Vichi

2 From research on social realism films which are similar to our film bases, I found out some useful information on how social realism films are released and marketed. A high number of social realism films are made on low budgets so they are limited on the marketing and promotional aspects. For social realism films the majority are created by independent film production companies, examples of independent companies include Scenario Films, Coffee Films, Bargus, Fractured films and many more. Also a key point about independent film companies is that a large number of them are British which links to our film trailer as we have produced it in Brighton. They can be distinguished by their style of filming and content, plus the way in which the filmmakers create an artistic approach to visualize. Social realism films usually only have limited release due to their small budgets instead of wide releases which link more to mainstream films. Marketing schemes such as viral marketing involves reviews, interviews and trailers –reviews and online sources were the top features in how people discovered the film Fish Tank. Viral marketing again was one of the best marketing strategies for Kidulthood. According to the UK Film Council, 33% of the people who went to see the film heard about it through word-of- mouth. People tend to hear from family and friends, plus social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter which links to web 2.0. Our marketing strategies will in some ways be similar to the way in which Kidulthood and Fish Tank marketed there film. Firstly as our target audience is 15-25 year olds we want to market and promote our film at places where people in that age group will be. With our film poster and magazine font cover, a good idea would be to place them around schools and colleges as a large number of 15-25 year olds are within both of the campuses daily. A good way to market our film trailer would be using viral marketing and web 2.0. because today the majority of 15-25 year olds are using the internet in some way; social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are the most popular websites where we could promote for our trailer.

3 When and How? When releasing our film I think that either May or June would be the best in reaching our target audience, mainly because our target audience are people between 15-25 year olds so at this time of year is when people this age are about to finish school, college and university for summer. All the people in education would see our marketing schemes such as out posters and magazines as thats where we would promote most. From looking on I can see when and what films will be released. There will always be competition when releasing a film, in May our main competition would be the large mainstream companies such as Paramount, Warner Bros, 20 th Century Fox and Universal as they would have large marketing/promoting schemes with the large amount of money they put towards it. In the month of June there will also be some competition as there are other low budget independent films which will make it difficult in getting to our target audience. These are companies like Soda Pictures, Artificial Eye and New Wave films. Exit Polls for Kidulthood From looking at exit polls of similar films such as this example of Kidulthood I can see the key advertising techniques and factual information which can be helpful for our film. You can see that the film captures a young audience and the main sources of information in how people found out about the film were word of mouth and posters, this gives us a clear thought in which is the best way to promote our film and also by 33% of people spreading the word about the film this relates to our film as it would be successful if people exchanged word of mouth at either school, college or university.

4 Target audience From research of similar films (Fish Tank, This Is England and Kidulthood) I found that they all have the same target audience, which in this case is teenagers and young adults (15-25). All three of the films I researched have young and upcoming actors which for a young audience is the most intriguing as they can relate to the characters feelings and lifestyle. Classification For deciding the classification of our film I believe that it would fit into the category of the middle class as even though there is some connotations of drug use (alcohol) and youth culture there is also the message behind the film of the culture and religion which is more complex. To attract the widest spectators possible we can use different techniques for the young and old audience. For the young audience methods such as word of mouth, posters and magazines are key ways in getting the most out of our promotion. For the older audience I think having the film at the Festival de Cannes which is in May would be a good way to attract older people however the posters, magazines and word of mouth will still be a supportive way by appealing olders its just the film festival will create a larger opportunity for the older ban of our target audience and regular film goers to take an interest.

5 Brand Image and USP The main image/concept which sums up our film is the lifestyle and appearance of a young Muslim girl living in Brighton. We want her to be portrayed as a girl with two different sides to her life, one representation of her as a faithful religious girl and secondly as a rebellious young girl living her teenage life. We want to show the culture behind being a Muslim and also the youth culture. We have portrayed Simone (main actor) as a Muslim by her wearing a head scarf which is seen in the trailer and also on the print artifacts which are the poster and magazine designs. Our film goes through the life of a young girl and captures the problems she has with her religion. The USP (unique selling point) for our film would have to be the visual story of Anita; showing the lifestyle she is in and the religious culture which she must continue with but her young mind differs the way of life. This is interesting for a spectator who is not religious as its a life you dont see that closely plus its appealing for someone who is religious (Muslim or other) as its interesting to see how we think of being a Muslim is like.

6 Web 2.0 and film promotion We intend to use social network sites to gain interest from the young audience mainly but also the older audience as well. By promoting our film on social network sites it is a good place to capture young peoples attention as in the modern day mostly every young teenager/adult is on some kind of site such as Facebook or Twitter. from this website I have found out some useful information. This is a screenshot from the website and you can see that 98% of 18-24 year olds are using social networking sites already, linking to our reason of using web 2.0 Facebook is a good site to promote our film as 54% of people use it and you can instantly like, share and comment on something creating word of mouth which yet again can instantly be spread to thousands of more people. This is all proves that we can have a viral marketing campaign which could potentially be successful.

7 Magazine Cover The main purpose of this magazine cover is to promote for the film/ film trailer. I think that this design will attract our target audience as the effect of her with only her face and hands white creates an unusual look which for the viewer will find interesting and will want to find out more about it. The colours relate to both boys and girls as there is no specific colours which are implied for a certain sex.

8 Film Poster There is a lot to look at on the poster so it would catch the viewers eye, seeing the respectful quotes, star ratings and awards creates an effect on the viewer as they think it must be a good film if it has got this much consideration. The other members in my group have produced some good designs with aspects like star ratings, quotes and awards also included. The others have used a more religious kind of type for the Anita title but I wanted to do something different and go for a more scripted look which I personally think works well.

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