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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

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1 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

2 Research into the conventions of film posters Generic Film posters usually have certain criteria which they follow for all genres and type of film. The poster should be as eye catching as possible to reach as many potential viewers It should be genre defining, a clear indication of what the film is like. The title of the film is generally displayed in large font Credits of the Actors/ Director / Production companies are listed, often at the bottom of the poster. Usually an indication of when the film is to be released, either a date or 'coming soon' There must be a focal point to grab the audiences eye Generally is some type of tag line promoting the film 12069008 12069008

3 Casting credits Tag line relating to the narrative The main focal point of the poster Futuristic weapon provides insight into the genre of the film Writing and directorial credits Large font for the title of the film Exact release date An Example I made of the film poster of Looper (2012, Rian Johnson)

4 Conventions of Film Magazine front covers Buzz words -used to entice the audience 'free, exclusive, only' ect Main image should reflect the target audience for the magazine, generally an image from an upcoming film which is expected to have a large following. Masthead – the main title for the magazine will usually be the largest text on display House Style/ Graphics – many magazines have certain colours or themes for original style / identity Anchorage text is the text which overlaps the main image relating to the main article There are usually a mix of fonts for different topics advertised in the magazine. Often no more than 3 different fonts used.

5 Buzz words on display Masthead / Title, in a large red font There are three different fonts on display to dissect the sections of the poster Anchorage Text Additional information to reel audiences in Main focal point/ Image

6 My Production processes and Decisions Target Audience For the film magazine we have chosen Empire film magazine. From the research on the magazine we felt it was a good match for our film. The target audience matched what we expected ours to be targeting. With a predominantly male audience and people aged 15-35 being the majority. Reader ship graph from - http://magazines.bauermediaad empire http://magazines.bauermediaad empire We felt that Empire was a good magazine to use to promote our film. Empire advertises both a selection of mainstream and independent films to its readers. This can help broaden our potential audience.

7 Inter Titles For the inter titles of promotional materials we have used the inter titles shown in our trailer which we think have the most affect on the audience, and which can provide the viewer with an insight into the film. ‘Where the land has become famished’ ‘Where you learn not to trust thy neighbour’ ‘It’s hunt or be hunted and by no means alone’

8 Our Brand Image This Image we are using for our magazine cover shows one of our characters staring off into the distance. The image is supposed to represent both the loneliness/ emptiness of the environment and his mind. The Windmill in the picture is a location we felt would stand out to the spectator, one which would be a recognizable promotional image. Tagline ‘Where the land has become famished’ Unique Selling Point A unique selling point of our film is the hybrid of genres our film works within. A predominantly post apocalyptic genre with a mix of science fiction thrown in can help us expand our target audience and appeal for our film.

9 Film Promotion I intend to use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. Setting up official accounts for our film. Offering glimpses of the final cut, competitions for our readers and other insights into the film. Our best form of promotion would be viral, it would be more efficient than TV Advertising for reaching our target audience (males aged 15-35) and also more cost effective. We would introduce some form of interactive web 2.0 service which would involve potential audiences having a greater interaction with the films release. I researched the film ‘Monsters’ (2010, Gareth Edwards) into how they promoted their film. They used a program/ smart phone App called ‘Foursquare’ which they used to offer locations called ‘safe zones’ in parts of London. Participants would need to visit the locations and check in with Foursquare, the safe zones tied in with the narrative of the film and the contestants would win free tickets to see the film on its release. We would set up a system similar to the one used by the promotional staff of ‘Monsters’. Instead of using ‘safe zones’ we could chose locations which were in the film or artificially set up by us. People who took part would be liable to free tickets, as well as a winning prize to the person (s) who completed the tasks in the quickest time.

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