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Terry Ehle Youth Services Coordinator Lester Public Library

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1 Terry Ehle Youth Services Coordinator Lester Public Library
Two Rivers, WI (920) Read. Discover. Connect. Enrich.

2 ME MY STAFF BUDGET Full time 40 (ahem) hours/week – 8 @ Help Desk
Part time 25 hours/week – Help Desk 2013 ~ 275 Programs $19 / Program BUDGET Official Yearly Programming: $2337 Additional Summer: ~$3000

3 Two Rivers Population ~ 11,700 Service Population ~ 17,200
6 Full time staff 12 Part time staff Manitowoc Calumet Library System Manitowoc Public Library

4 My #1 volunteer is my husband.

5 I am not a scientist!

6 Programming Philosophy?
OK Let’s Try It

7 WHY DO WE PROGRAM? Because it’s fun?!
To bring patrons into the library. To show what our library has to offer. To connect patrons and community resources. To connect patrons with other patrons. To fill a need in the community. To encourage patrons to read. To encourage life-long learning. To keep patrons out of trouble. To keep funding and get more. To teach. To make our jobs easier. Because it’s fun?!

8 What is your library’s mission?
Read. Discover new things. Connect people and ideas. Enrich your life and community. Does your program fit your library’s mission?


10 What does a scientist look like?

11 THE LAB Table Plastic tablecloth Safety glasses / Lab Coats
Safety Rules Instruction sheets Paper / pencils Experiment Materials Wet Wipes Towels / Gloves

12 Forces & Motion Design and Test a Parachute Balloon Noise Maker
Pencil Strength Blow Get Revved Up Hot Wheels Angry Birds Live Balloon Hovercraft Paper Airplanes Testing Strength Protect Your Peeps Gravity Art

13 Hot Wheels

14 Angry Birds Live

15 Building

16 Protect Your Peeps

17 Light & Mirrors Flashlight Fun Prisms / Colored Lenses
Light Classification Sky & Sunset Jar Shadow play Mirror Mirror

18 Measurements Does it fit? Which is heavier? Are you a square?
Bungee Scale Measuring with objects

19 Our Senses Sight Sound Smell Touch Taste Spinning Colors Cup Telephone
Memory Game I Spy Optical Illusions Nose to Nose Sound Cup Telephone The Cone Shaker Match Hex Nut Balloon Sound Waves Squawking Cup Sound Effects Smell Cotton Balls Smells Around Us Fruity Jars Scratch & Sniff Art Touch Braille What’s in the Box/Bag? Touch Maze Sensitive Skin Slime/Oobleck Test Reaction Taste Candy Check Edible Fear Factor Ice Cream Inventors Cupcake Wars

20 Edible Fear Factor

21 Ice Cream Inventors

22 Cupcake Wars

23 Crazy Concoctions Fizzy Sidewalk Paints Alka Seltzer Lava Lamps
Invisible Inks Henna Tattoos Crayon Shaving Art Baking Soda/Vinegar Slime / Bouncy Balls

24 Henna Amy Wilde Phone: (920) 737-2995

25 Puking Pumpkins

26 Our Bodies Dominate Side Genetics Heartbeat Busy Body Challenges
Fantastic Finger Feats Brain Science Bet You Can’t Minute 2 Win It

27 Minute 2 Win It

28 Classifying Magnifying
Sorting Venn Diagrams Living/Nonliving Colors / Shapes / Textures Magnifying Close Up Pictures Microscope Tiny pictures Diseases

29 Toilet Paper, Velcro, Banana

30 Bubbles Big Bubbles Little Bubbles Bubble Painting Bubble Tray
Bubble Bottle

31 Natural Science Science of Dirt Gardening Animal Adaptation Camouflage
Life Cycles Rocks & Gems Skeletons Science Discovery Table

32 Science of Dirt


34 STATIC Magnets Magnet Maze What is magnetic? Paperclips
Balloon & Paper Pick Up Salt & Pepper Tinsel Orb

35 MISC. Chromatography Tie-Die What Floats? Flinkers What Dissolves?
Gummy Bear Science Egg Drop Ice Cube Melt Mythbusters? Robots How many drops?

36 Terry Ehle Youth Services Coordinator Lester Public Library
Two Rivers, WI (920) Read. Discover. Connect. Enrich.

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