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Lead Generation 2.0. What Are Your Prospects Thinking? Have a sharp pain (Buying Now) Problem awareness (Open to Buying) Uncomfortable With The Situation.

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1 Lead Generation 2.0

2 What Are Your Prospects Thinking? Have a sharp pain (Buying Now) Problem awareness (Open to Buying) Uncomfortable With The Situation (Thinking About How To Solve) Not Clear They Have A Problem (No interest in speaking to sales person) Already Solved The Problem (Not a prospect at all) 3% 7% 25% 30% 35% Success Comes From Focusing On The Right Prospects

3 Are You Hearing This? Too much money and time is spent trying to find the people who need your solutions Finding the 32% that should be in your pipeline Access to decision makers is difficult How do I know their actual business priorities? How can I build relationships with my customers? How can I know what is on my customers minds?

4 What Do You Need To Do? What Do You Want? –Customers who want to buy –Reduced cost of sales –Shorter sales cycle How can you get it? –Creation of peer-to-peer relationships –Understanding the prospects real pain –Provide solutions the way the customers wants it –Leveraging multiple streams

5 What If? Wont Your Sales Pipeline Improve? You Are In An Environment Which creates Peer-to-Peer relationships Qualified Prospects Are Identified You understand what they are thinking

6 The Access Group Methodology Attracting Prospects By Providing Value –Hosts & Partners invite participants Helping You Understand The Market –Competitive Intelligence from real customers –Cocktail party as a learning environment Helping You Create The Relationships –Round Table – Immediate, focused and personal Establishing You As A Market Leader –White Paper provides clear thought leadership

7 A Strongly Leveraged Methodology Lead Generation 2.0Where Is The Leverage For You? Hosts Credibility Shared costs Multiple sources for participants Increased quality turnout Partners (Associations, Universities, etc.) Large membership base Understanding of the problem Credibility White Paper Distribution Competitive Intelligence (Interviews with VIP guests) What is top of mind Increases probability of attendance Preparation for the meeting Cocktail Party Create personal relationships Understanding of the issues Personal insights Panel – Industry leaders Insights into the marketplace Leadership Credibility Content Round Table Peer-to-Peer Lead generation Shared experiences Understanding of customer Multiple reasons for follow-up White Paper Address common problem High visibility in target market Equivalent to direct mail Leverages Partners credibility

8 Why Participants Want To Attend High Quality Leadership Panel provides valuable knowledge to the participants Broad based invitations to your lists, partners membership, our internal lists Telephone follow-up for high value invitees Qualification through telephone conversations with registered guests ensures attendance A 95 point project plan provides organization and structure and confidence

9 Which Is The Fit For Your Needs? Strategy Session –15 Participants directed by industry experts –Leadership from the target industry –Focus on revenue generation in a marketplace –Understanding the market need Round Table –50-75 Participants led by a leadership panel –Focus on a business issue –Hosts sit with participants –Director level and above – various titles

10 How Does A Round Table Work? The Access Groups UNIQUE methodology in recruiting executives: Use Universities, Recruiting firms and Associations help us get access to Senior Managers to fill up the room with your TARGET customers Your sales people are networking with customers You are getting access to up to date information about the REAL challenges facing your customer Your customer is networking with other customers, sharing challenges and possible solutions Conversation is directed so that you say one thing Can we meet next week to talk more about this

11 Whats It Look Like

12 Case Study Calgary – How to Grow With No People

13 Case Study - Summary Issue: Growing in Calgary with no People Participants: 56 Oil and Gas Executives, 10 Industry facilitators Hosts: IBM, Siemens, Adecco Partners: Canadian Association Of Petroleum Producers Canadian Centre For Energy Information Canadian Energy Pipeline Association Gas Processing Association of Canada Canadian Petroleum Institute Canadian Energy Research Institute Canadian Gas Association Calgary Technologies CATA Alliance Commonwealth Advantage White Paper:Delivered to over 15,000 individuals

14 Value Of Hosting Create of peer-to-peer relationships between customers and you Significantly reduce the time to create high quality business relationships Relate your brand to a topic that is key to the manufacturing sector Hear real pain points from potential customers that does not come up in 1:1 Begin sales cycles based on a tangible problem

15 Our Fall Calendar At A Glance Tentative TopicParticipants September Customer Centric Financial Institutions October Strategies For High Canadian Dollar Manufacturing November Global WarmingPublic Companies December Aging Workforce Productivity CIOs

16 Summer Strategy Sessions Topic Helping Canadian Manufacturing Dealing With High Canadian Dollar Helping Financial Institutions Become Customer Centric Global Warming Aging Workforce Productivity Dates July 10 th & 19 th (Repeated Session) July 12 th and 16 th (Repeated Session) August Participants VP Sales & Marketing Technology Companies Industry Experts Len Watson Retired CIO COTT Ian Howcroft VP CME Ontario Don Chapman Retired CEO Novell HostsAdecco, KPMGKornFerry, IBM PartnersCATA, CMECATA

17 FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Zale Tabakman The Access Group 416.738.2090 Providing sales executives with superior access to decision makers in priority target markets Next Steps

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