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Sales Call Plans Set Objectives Design Sales Call Flow

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1 Sales Call Plans Set Objectives Design Sales Call Flow
Describe the Desired Results Evaluate Progress/Adjust Strategy Followup

2 Sales Call Planning Related to Key Account Strategy
What would you like to accomplish? * Goals for the account-increase concentration or market penetration * Update information * Learn business goals and needs “ increase sales, improve knowledge, reduce expenses, upgrade business, improve financial results”

3 Sales Call Strategy * Develop unique product and service bundle in tune with goals- p. 236 * Make the best use of resources * Measure satisfaction/ goal revision

4 Sales Calls and Selling Cycle
Agronomic example July/August/September-Ask about business goals, Followup on user satisfaction October-Share marketing program, fit program to goals November- Ask for business/ start to ask for business. December- Deliver product/ train sales staff

5 Sales calls and Selling Cycle(continued)
January/February/March- provide sales support, ensure product availability April/May/June- Support customer service, Co-calling July/August-deliver incentives, ask about goals for the year.

6 Sample Call Plans Vary by type of customer and purpose
Table 10.2 , p. 242 Examples: 1. New Customer 2. Re-selling 3. Service call 4. Handling a complaint 5. Determine customer satisfaction/build relationship

7 Designing a Sales Call Plan
Example. P Oak Hills Farm-sections * Who are you calling on/key contact * Business goas * Who are you calling on * Probable needs at this point of relationship * How they buy(type) * Objective

8 Sales Call Plan * Who is in the sales team
* What sales aids are to be used * Steps in the plan- ask for meeting of experts, set date of the meeting * Call Flow Introduction, confirm problem/challenges, suggest strategies, share data/information, ask permission to submit proposal * Anticipated Results/ Measurement/Followup

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