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Coaching Solutions for Incremental Revenue and Profit Scalable, Affordable, Professional Coaches.

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1 Coaching Solutions for Incremental Revenue and Profit Scalable, Affordable, Professional Coaches

2 Leverage Your Fans for More Profit You have cultivated loyal followers who love your message. You probably have popular books, tapes, and other products that you offer at events and on your website. But what other opportunities are you maybe missing to... Increase your connection with your followers, and Increase profits??

3 The Truth is … Many organizations like yours are offering training and certification programs, but this is a one-shot profit transaction. Consider offering coaching! Coaching tailored to YOUR message and your audience provides an incremental stream of passive revenue.

4 Coaching Market is Exploding Are you getting YOUR share of the $1 billion dollar coaching industry?

5 Show That You Care Your disciples expect you to care about them and they are willing to pay. …70% of adults in the United States say they are more loyal to companies that make an effort to get to know what their needs and tastes are. And, they are willing to pay a premium for the attention. Source: American Demographics, citing Harris

6 Coaching is a Logical Choice Coaching is the most logical, sensible, premium product that you can offer your fans. You provide the fans, visitors, and potential members. Then, with your unique message at the forefront, we foster an intimate bond through coaching. And, your followers can now become members of your content-driven, tiered- level community (with the help of our expert coaches).

7 Coaching is …. A collaborative relationship that provides individuals with feedback, guidance, and insights from an outside vantage point. Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership to help your followers produce fulfilling results in their lives. Coaches are trained to listen, to observe, and to customize their approach to each persons needs.

8 But How, You May Ask?? Maybe you have already thought about a coaching package for your followers, but thought that it would be unwieldy and unmanageable. Having a coach or two is easy, but having enough coaches to meet your large audiences needs is impossible with most companies internal resources. This is where our unique scope comes in.

9 We Can Do It For You TurnKey Coaching Solutions is a global, life and business coach brokerage company providing quality, scalable, and affordable coaching solutions through a single point of contact. We provide a co-branded or private branded coaching package tailored to your message and your audience. We can generate recurring, residual, passive income for you.

10 We begin with an induction process. Our coaches are steeped in your material. Your certified coaches are offered an opportunity to increase their revenue streams. As needed, you provide short and sweet teleseminars to our coaches to familiarize and indoctrinate them with your unique message. You sell a Back-of-Room Package: Selling from the stage, you now have an additional high-ticket, personalized coaching package to sell your seminar attendees and followers. Heres How It Works...

11 More..Heres How It Works... When customers sign up today, they get an offer they cant refuse: an affordable, one-year coaching program that will change their life for the better, forever! You deliver the signed contracts to TurnKey Coaching Solutions Your fan has 30 days to try-it-outwith no penalty Collect the revenue and repeat the process!

12 TurnKey Coaching Solutions Does the Heavy Lifting We process the accounts We manage the clients and guarantee customer satisfaction We recruit, interview, screen and contract with coaches globally We have a worldwide network of highly qualified professional coaches We manage coach assignments We supervise coaches and ensure quality control and consistency We manage all the administrative details We provide an appropriate feedback loop to ensure effectiveness

13 Simple Solution for More Profit We are your single point of contact One contract, one provider One program coordinator One invoice One call to make for problem resolution One system for feedback Consistent quality control You count your money

14 Whats Included? Your Premium Coaching Package Two personal, one-on-one coaching sessions per month One group coaching session per month Opportunities for participation in monthly webinars, teleseminars, and teleclasses on relevant topics

15 Meet The Executive Team Frank Spitzig Chief Operating Officer Mina Brown Chief Financial Officer Diane Siegel Chief Coaching Officer Yvonne Silva Chief Technology Officer Anisa Aven President

16 What Are You Waiting For? A co-branded or private branded coaching package can enhance the intimacy you have with your followers and add profit dollars effortlessly. Ask to speak to an executive today! Call now:

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