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Business Development Tactics to Create Your Competitive Advantage.

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1 Business Development Tactics to Create Your Competitive Advantage

2 Session Objectives Review a Business Development Framework that works Share the Top 10 Business Development Tactics for: Developing your network, your contacts, your niche – regionally and nationally Building out a network of contacts from the ground up Creating processes to ensure follow up Provide Sample Tools for Post-Session Implementation Copyright © 2010 Akina CorporationConfidential

3 The Framework Akinas Revenue Acceleration Framework outlines the key areas to execute successful business development Getting in the Door Phases 1 – 3 Closing the Deal Phases 4 – 5 Growing the Base & Cross-Selling Phase 6 Copyright © 2010 Akina CorporationConfidential

4 DNA of a Sales Cycle Target Relationship Building Transition Sales Execution Closing the Deal Identify contact within your target market and find the in that establishes affinity or interest in having a relationship Build and nurture the relationship with authenticity and provide solutions to problems that should be solved Be aware of any triggering event that happens and aids in identifying a legitimate need, problem, opportunity, etc. for which your business has a solution Execute a sales process that may include introductions, content, pitches, solution planning and proposals Close business when you satisfy the 6 Qualifiers: Problem Solution Urgency Access Expectations Budget Target Market Analysis Contacts and Prioritization Messaging – Quick Pitch, What s New? Creating Conversations Invitations Content Contacts Staying in Touch Authentic Reasons Discovery Questions Definitive Next Steps Prep Template Meeting Recap Pursuit Drill Client Plan Time Tools Stage Copyright © 2010 Akina CorporationConfidential

5 Underlying Principles Sales is the natural outcome of an authentic relationship Sales is providing solutions to problems that should be solved Success will be determined more by HOW you execute and less about WHAT you do tactically Copyright © 2010 Akina CorporationConfidential

6 Top 10 Business Development Tactics 1.Be Clear about your Top 20 Target Contacts and ABCs – Prospects, Connectors, Alliances 2.Have an Authentic Reason to Connect with the 3 INs 3.Deliver Memorable Messaging for your Value Proposition - Quick Pitch & Whats New? 4.Exercise the Platinum Rule with Discovery Questions 5.Always Set a Definitive Next Step (DNS) with Time-Boxed Follow-up 6.Have a competency in Prep/Plan/Strategy and utilize a Marketing Roadmap to be intentional/purposeful in sales efforts 7.Remember that Working a Room is as easy as the 2-Second Rule, Law of 1s and 3s, Standing in a Long Drink Line and Managing Time within 3- 10-15 guidelines 8.Exercise Campaign Thinking to get 3:1 Leverage – Associations, Events, Writing, Speaking, Sponsoring, Geography/Travel 9.Line Up your 6 Silver Bullets for Pursuit & Closing – Problem, Solution, Urgency, Access, Expectations, Budget 10.Deliver in the Red Zone Copyright © 2010 Akina CorporationConfidential

7 Sample Akina Tools

8 Top 20 Contact List Name Company/ Firm P, C, A A,B, C Last Date Next Date Notes Copyright © 2010 Akina CorporationConfidential

9 Value Proposition/Offering Map Why you/your firm? What makes you different? What do clients say they value? What are your compelling attributes What problems do you solve for whom? Target Market Value Proposition/ Offerings Copyright © 2010 Akina CorporationConfidential

10 Quick Pitch (What Do You Do?) What Problems I Solve for Whom How I Do It Why Its Compelling Good Fit Situations What Clients Say About Me Copyright © 2010 Akina CorporationConfidential

11 Whats New? Messaging Whats New? NewsFirm Updates Innovations Personal News Recent WinsClient Wins Project Wins Current Work Projects Interesting projects How you are spending your time Whats Best about the Firm Culture How this Firm differs from others Looking ForwardWhats on the horizon What excites you about the future Copyright © 2010 Akina CorporationConfidential

12 Akina Marketing Roadmap Prospects/Connectors Alliance/Team Marketing Events/AssociationsCampaigns Copyright © 2010 Akina CorporationConfidential

13 Deborah Knupp, Partner Akina Corporation 312-560-5940

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