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IP Phones deployment Rodrigo Sierra.

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1 IP Phones deployment Rodrigo Sierra

2 Alcatel IP Phones Financial and organizational opportunity Strategy:
Architecture ready No more telephone costs for office changes Allow to standardize our working methods No need of special training for users Strategy: Stop installation of standard phones for IP Phones Computer connected behind the IP Phone integrated switch Implementation: EDH document ( Integration in WebReq ( CERN stores for device ordering Information: Secretariat:

3 Personal number The telephone number will be personal:
Service numbers will be attached to the service manager Personal number assigned to the applicant EDH form to ask for a number Number and PIN code allocation Leaves management: User leaves CERN -> no telephone rights for his number After 6 months, the number will be free again Tracking phone owners during 2011

4 Telephone rights Subscription schema:
No external access Local area (0450, 022, 021) Worldwide PIN code for all numbers (calls and phone) Billing: All communications charged to the budget code Signature: Secretariats and budget code owners

5 Change in fixed phone services
Current situation Proposal External access rights categories 16 categories in current system: From no access, to local, FR+CH, All, with options Reduce to 3 categories for standard end-users: No external access Local access (0450, 022, 021) International access Private calls from fixed phones (20 & 21 prefixes) Service remains unchanged Tracking of phone owners No real tracking of phone owners at the moment (in particular for phones without external access rights or only with local access) Force systematic recording of owner via EDH and track status changes (exp: owner left CERN, budget code, etc.) Virtual phones Phones are shared in large offices and users have a virtual number for external calls Keep this option with manual treatment but track status changes (exp: owner left CERN, budget code, etc.) Recharge of phone calls Cost of local area calls (0450, 022, 021) made from fixed phones was not recharged internally Charge users for all calls (it is already the case for GSM calls) Switchboard services Professional calls via the switchboard from CERN to external lines are subject to a surcharge of 3 CHF No surcharge any more. Private calls via the switchboard for CERN-paid users

6 User/secretary actions
The EDH form gives you the possibility to make a request for: A new fixed line telephone number Modification of an existing fixed line telephone The purchase of an IP Phone Migration from a traditional phone to an IP phone Documents to be signed by the secretariats Cases: Installation of a new phone -> EDH document Change of rights -> EDH document Change of owner -> EDH document Office change -> WebReq document (Move and Reconnection) Suppression of a phone -> EDH document

7 User / stores actions


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