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Satellite Internet Project for Afghan High Schools BHN Association.

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1 Satellite Internet Project for Afghan High Schools BHN Association

2 The introduction of BHN Established BHN association in 1992 Humanitarian Aid utilizing Telecommunication Refugees and disaster rescue utilizing Telecommunication Educating Telecommunication Staff in developing countries

3 Organizations outline No. of Private Member 792 No. of Corporate Member 83 No. of Office Staff 5 No of Volunteer Staff over 53 Oversee branch 10 Annual Budget US$900,000

4 Supporting Developing Countries Improving Telecommunication Infrastructure Improving In-Hospital Telephone System Constructing Telecommunication Network between Hospitals Installing Telemedicine System

5 Project history Improving Telecommunication Infrastructure Microwave Link between Moscow and Obninsk to support Chernobyl Accident (1996) Improving In-Hospital Telephone System Ukrainian National Emergency and Trauma Center (1997) Improving In-Hospital Telephone System Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar (1998) Installing Telemedicine System Satellite Telemedicine System between Gomel, Belarus and Shinshu Univ.Japan (1999) Installing Telemedicine System Telemedicine between remote hospitals in Sarawak, Malaysia (2000)

6 Project history Telecommunication materials for Hurricane Mitch Disaster(1998) Big Earthquake in Turkey(1999) Big Earthquake in Taiwan(2000) Refugees in East Timor(2000) Snow Damage in Mongolia(2001) Big Earthquake in India(2001)

7 BHN ICT PROJCT in Afghan NGO Wireless Network(Local NGO) FM Radio station for rural communities Tracking Administration System Public telephone service for Refugees School Net(High School IT Support)

8 A Status of Education in Afghan 1.No Education investment past 23 years, 2.Lack of teachers, 3.Educational capacity, 4.Few school facilities, and 5.Shortage of text books and materials. Internet Education will cover those problems.

9 What is the ICT Education A personal computer Key type training Mouse control Word processing software Table calculations software Computer Networking E-mail Communication w.w.w. information retrieval Science and mathematics educations Education material (virtual science laboratory)

10 Prodelin 3.8m Les Jcsat-3 PSK Digital Satellite Modem HUB 3600 Mail Proxy www proxy SW-HUB radius Max km Internet Backbone HAWAI TIMEBRS C Band SATLLITE SYSTEM PROVIDER SYSTEM ACCESS SYSTEM IEEE-802.11b A school B school C school D school C school Communication System Plan 512kbps Leas line

11 About the System A Satellite system and server system will be installed in Kabul University, Satellite circuit cost – $80,000usd/year, All schools of Kabul city can be connected. Afghanistan Government (ACAA) recommend High school to our project Low cost? BHN examined the more efficient system

12 High School Network in Afghanistan router Max 20 Pc Web-sat 64kbps share link Educational contents sever Electric Power Supply System High school ICT room Local internet

13 The Characteristics of the System. High schools in city and rural area are covered, The area where power supply is unstable is also covered, Web-sat is diversion to another school when the local Internet is connected, and Use of the Internet is limited only to e-mail. (due to narrow band)

14 Implementation Cost of Each High School System US$ Hard wearer21PC21,000 Web-sat4,300 Network equipment2,000 Power equipment10,000 Inst cost5,000 Soft wearerlicense10,000 total52,300 Running cost US$ $6,000/year Teacher's and technician's training cost is not include.

15 To Ensure the System, The training of young technicians Construction of Web-sat and Network Test operating at Kabul

16 The Expansion of the Project ICT Education is helpful for the war widow as well Support women for economic independence The equipment at the high school is shared with widows holiday school

17 The end BHN hopes that Afghan peace goes on by the diffusion of ICT. AACA BHN UNDP

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