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Common intranet system V-SAT In Nepal Annex 9. ESTABLISHMENT PROCESS.

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1 Common intranet system V-SAT In Nepal Annex 9


3 V-SAT VERY SMALL APERTURE TERMINAL Allows high speed data and voice transmission Cost effective Telecommunication Facility Operated through a Satellite System It is generally used in countries with difficult access to internet or with low bandwidth hindering data transmission, and as such, productivity

4 BACKGROUND/RATIONAL FOR IMPLEMENTATION IN NEPAL Earthquakes vs. terrestrial communication system damage Country in conflict, crisis vs infrastructure


6 Initial steps UNICEF and UNDP contracted Telenor - Norway for installation UNDP Technical recommendation for Nepal Co: a minimum of 64k bandwidth UNICEF HQS recommended to opt for the VSAT WAN (to improve and secure their connectivity)

7 UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP/SURF These agencies share the OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT UNDP, UNFPA, and UNDP/SURF share the bandwidth UNICEF has its own separate bandwidth and has a separate indoor equipment (like routers and switches) Participating agencies:

8 V-SAT SERVICES Better internet connectivity Voice over IP (internet protocol) services Free In-net telephone calls to other Telenor VSAT country offices Cost effective off net tel. Calls (originating from Norway) (8 voice cards available for UNDP/UNFPA/SURF 4 voice cards available for UNICEF alone)


10 Obtainment of V-SAT license from the Government HMGs request to go through the local service provider Struggle for the telecom authoritys fees exemption (approx USD 3300) every 5 years. Exemption of the yearly frequency license fee payment Lack of appropriate scale (1 OHM) for grounding PROBLEMS

11 Coordination with PABX and VSAT consultants (to integrate PABX with VSAT) Initial failure in identifying proper lightening system for the V-SAT Government may not permit the use of VOIP (voice over internet protocol, this is country specific issue) PROBLEMS

12 Establishment of V-SAT committee, preparation of MOU Good cooperation from the partners from the beginning Required support from the management and IAAG Savings on telecommunication cost: Telephone and Fax Possible connectivity to other agencies in case of natural disaster Provide information sharing support to the government in case of natural disaster ( incase government telecom infrastructure collapses) POSITIVE ASPECTS

13 IMPROVEMENT FOR THE FUTURE Other UN agencies inclusion in the existing V- SAT pool Video conference facility to UN agencies outside the pool Bandwidth enhancement in an on-going process Provision of backup V-SAT link with UNICEF ROSA

14 IMMIDIATE PRIORITIES AND CURRENT DEVELOPMENT Enhancement of V-SAT connectivity service to be provided to UNDP regional center

15 CONSTRAINTS Maintenance in case of breakdowns of major parts Parts cost as high as USD 18,000 (transreceiver) Identification of the problem and replacement of the parts may take up to 1- 2 weeks. Telenor requested to open a warehouse in the region for speedy maintenance of V- SAT Participating agencies agreed to create flexible budget for maintenance purpose


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