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CURRENT SITUATION OF E-HEALTH IN MYANMAR Nang Kham Oo Leik Central Womens Hospital

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1 CURRENT SITUATION OF E-HEALTH IN MYANMAR Nang Kham Oo Leik Central Womens Hospital

2 Country Profile 2NKOL 4.2.2013.

3 Ministry of Health Department of Health Department of Medical Science Department of Health Planning Department of Traditional Medicine Department of Medical Research 3NKOL 4.2.2013.

4 National Health Plan (2011-2016) To provide valid and complete health information to end users using modern information and communication technologies 4NKOL 4.2.2013.

5 Department of Health Planning E-Health Health Information Planning Administration Research and Development 5NKOL 4.2.2013.

6 E-Health Division Division of Department of Health Planning E-Health data centre --- implementation of health services by using information and communication technology 6NKOL 4.2.2013.

7 Current Situation 7NKOL 4.2.2013. Medical Resource Centre IMCEIT Telemedicine Project Currently Planning Projects

8 Medical Resource Centre Established in 2001 Studio / e-Library / Medical Museum Production of teaching & learning materials ICT development NKOL 4.2.2013.8

9 9

10 10NKOL 4.2.2013.

11 11NKOL 4.2.2013.

12 12

13 IMCEIT NKOL 4.2.2013.13 Established IMCEIT in Ygn in 2006 Procurement of hardware & IT infrastructure Establishment of Internet Installation of telemedicine application & medical equipment Training staff

14 Telemedicine Project To promote teaching capabilities To develop & disseminate teaching & learning materials To enhance Dx, Tx & referral system from rural areas using ICT in health care system People from geographically distant areas to get more health care options NKOL 4.2.2013.14

15 Experiences of E-Health in Myanmar Telemedicine project ( A pilot study ) successful during Sep-Dec 2008 Using satellite link with Bharti-Airtel from India (10) communication centres successfully tested After Dec 2008 – link was disconnected NKOL 4.2.2013.15

16 Currently Planning Projects 1. Telebroadcasting Live broadcast of the produced videos over the established networks 2. File sharing servers Share e-books effectively to medical students over the networks NKOL 4.2.2013.16

17 E-Health Needs in Myanmar Care management protocols by consensus Available staff of experts Data base capacity for ongoing data collection Motivated patients & caregivers Motivated providers NKOL 4.2.2013.17

18 Conclusion Resource constraints as a developing country but trying to make substantial achievements in raising the health status Partnership development nationally, regionally & globally NKOL 4.2.2013.18

19 Recommendation Need resources Effective collaboration & co-ordination of the related departments & organizations NKOL 4.2.2013.19

20 THANK YOU NKOL 4.2.2013.20

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