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IT Networking for HRD Professor Dr. Pyke Tin (Rector)

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1 IT Networking for HRD Professor Dr. Pyke Tin (Rector)
University of Computer Studies Yangon, Union of Myanmar

2 Introduction IT Areas = 676,577 Sq Km Location = South East Asia
Population = 51 million 135 ethnic groups Myanmar IT - A key source of competitiveness in economic and social growth - widely used to enhance human resource development.

3 National Concepts of HRD
As a life long process of all round development of the individual with emphasis on knowledge and skill The key elements for achievement of the goals envisaged in the national objectives.

4 Education, Training and HRD
Basic Education Established multimedia classrooms and computer laboratories in middle & high schools. 455 schools: Multimedia classrooms

5 Universities & Colleges
Higher Education Universities & Colleges 1993/94 1997/98 2002/03 No. of Universities & Colleges 42 51 151 No. of Students (000s) 474 381 730

6 Development of IT Education (MOST)
1971 Universities’ Computer Centre (under the Yangon University) 1988 Institute of Computer Science and Technology 1996 University of Computer Studies Yangon 1997 University of Computer Studies Mandalay 2000 19 Government Computer Colleges 2003 24 Government Computer Colleges

7 Development of Students in IT Education
(under MOST)

8 GCCs ( ) Total = 13967

9 IT Networking in Myanmar
Current Status MPT the sole provider of telecommunication services MICT Park Bagan Teleport IT Services E mail ( January 2000) Internet Access E education and Distance learning Telemedicine Banking Networks Video Conferencing and etc.

10 SOI-Asia Japan ASEAN Exchange Project
Benefits Enjoying many lectures concerning high quality University level education the distribution of live lectures of Professors from Japan Universities Interactive discussion between Professors and participants Exchanging knowledge with other participants from ASEAN countries Learning many archived lectures at anytime Enhancing research capacity

11 Thank You

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