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©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Back on the Road Again.

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2 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Back on the Road Again

3 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Across the Country... hundreds if not thousands of cars languish in garages and lock ups. Classic cars Custom cars Kit cars Hot rods All in various states of completion, renovation or ruin. All neglected and quietly rotting away.

4 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Their owners unable to continue the build because of : ill health changed financial situations changes in legislation an inability to find spare parts lack of suitable skills work or family commitments an under estimation of the project

5 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment But now help is at hand..... Back on the Road Again A new TV programme that is a cross betweenChallenge Aneka, Pimp my Ride, Top Gear and DIY SOS where a team of experts and enthusiasts travel the UK to revitalise car projects that for one reason or another have stalled.

6 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment The Phoenix Motors Team Some skills are transferrable across project types but assuming that specialists would be required for historic accuracy allow for up to 23 people (maximum 9 per project / programme) although help could be enlisted from local enthusiasts / clubs / services. The Job# of PeopleClassicsKit CarsCustomsVansRace Estimators3 a b c c b Mechanics2 a a b b b Electricians2 a a/b Interiors3 a a/b b b Bodyworkers3 a/b a/c a/b/c c Paintworkers3 a/b a/b/c a/b Wheels /Tyres3 a b b b c Legislation1 a a a a a Parts Finders3 a b b b c Total TechniciansUp to 23

7 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Turning wrecks that were once beloved projects into the beloved vehicles that their owners envisaged. The team consists of a variety of skilled enthusiasts selected from the car industry, car clubs and TV presenters, who will either assist the owners or take over completely in reviving a lost dream.

8 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment



11 The show will consist of a major project where the team assess the problems, rectify them and finally present the finished vehicle. This is optionally punctuated with other projects where the solution was cheap and / or quick, providing a collection of ideas and fixes for viewers.

12 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Depending on their circumstances, the outlay of the project, the level to which they allow the team a free hand and the end result, (not to mention the commercial success of the programme) the owner may be asked to contribute to all or part of the cost. Alternatively, owners who would just like to clear their garages could donate / sell the vehicle to the team to restore / finish and then auction, the profit going to a nominated charity or into the funds for future projects.

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