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Public Relations, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling

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1 Public Relations, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling

2 Public Relations Attempts to influence the attitudes and perceptions of consumers, stockholders, and other stakeholders toward companies, brands, politicians, celebrities, not-for-profit organizations Do something good, then talk about it

3 Objectives of Public Relations
Introducing new products to manufacturers Introducing new products to consumers Influencing government legislation Enhancing the image of a city, region, or country Calling attention to a firm’s involvement with the community

4 Execute the PR Campaign
Planning a PR Campaign Develop Objectives Execute the PR Campaign Evaluate the Campaign

5 PR Campaign Strategy Statement of objectives Situation analysis
Specification of target audiences, messages to be communicated, specific program elements to be used Timetable and budget Discussion of how the program will be evaluated

6 Press Release Types Timely topics Research project stories
Consumer information

7 Sponsorships PR activities through which companies provide financial support to help fund an event in return for publicized recognition of the company’s contribution Examples: Olympics NASCAR

8 Measuring Effectiveness of PR Efforts
In-house assessment Awareness and Preference Studies Counting of press clippings Impression counts

9 Sales Promotion Programs that marketers design to build interest in or encourage purchase of a product or service during a specified time period

10 Sales Promotions by Target
Consumers (pull) Coupons Samples Contests Bonus packs Premiums Rebates Frequency programs Brand placement Trade (push) Trade shows Incentive programs POP displays Push money Promotional products Cooperative promotions

11 Brand Placements Practice of integrating specific products and brands into filmed entertainment name brand product is used as a prop or set in TV show or movie increase brand awareness and image 3 types of brand placements visual - brand can be observed on set verbal - actor mentions brand by name hands-on - actor uses or interacts with product

12 Sales promotion alternatives

13 Personal Selling Occurs when a company representative contacts a prospect directly regarding a product Critical for many push strategies, B2B products, products that are complex and expensive, and product requiring a “personal touch”

14 Types of Salespeople Order takers Technical specialists
Missionary salespeople Team selling Order getters

15 How outside order-getting salespeople spend their time each week

16 Approaches to Personal Selling
Transactional Marketing: The Hard Sell Relationship Selling Winning customers Keeping customers Developing customers

17 The Selling Process

18 Stages and objectives of the personal selling process

19 U.S. salesforce composition and change

20 Sales Management Process of planning, implementing, and controlling the personal selling function Setting Sales Force Objectives Creating a Sales Force Strategy Recruiting, Training, Rewarding Salespeople Evaluating the Sales Force

21 The Sales Force Management Process

22 Organizing the sales force by customer

23 Organizing the sales force by product

24 Organizing the sales force by geography

25 Sales Force Compensation
Straight commission plan Commission-with-draw plan* Straight salary compensation plan Quota-bonus plan * Commission draws may or may not be recoverable

26 Sales Compensation Examples

27 Sales Compensation by Industry

28 Sales Incentives Leisure trips/ travel Merchandise/ gifts
Recognition dinners Plaques/ awards Cash Cars, memberships, expense treatment

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