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Two Tees ~ No Sugar Crazy Golf Championship Crazy Golf ChampionshipCrazy Golf Championship.

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1 Two Tees ~ No Sugar Crazy Golf Championship Crazy Golf ChampionshipCrazy Golf Championship

2 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment What is Crazy Golf ? A game for all ages where the player has to putt a standard golf ball via various comic obstacles. What is a Championship ? Individual players competing head to head to eliminate the opposition and win the prize. Two Tees ~ No Sugar

3 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Rules NO handicaps NO golf shoes NO caddies NO golf bags NO buggies NO umbrellas NO waterproofs NO age limit NO cheating NO professionals NO swearing Two Tees ~ No Sugar

4 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Equipment 1 Approved Putter 1 Approved Golf Ball 1 Approved Pencil (2 nd pencil optional) 1 Approved Scorecard Teeing Off time is set 10 minutes apart Each hole to take a maximum time of 10 Minutes If any hole is uncompleted in the time then a score of 20 Strokes is entered onto the scorecard. Scorecard to be checked at the beginning and end of the round. Two Tees ~ No Sugar

5 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Venues 5 different Crazy Golf Course over 5 weeks With the top 12 taking part in the Final Week. Contestants 60 people in groups of 12 at 5 different venues over 5 weeks The players commit to 6 weeks (one day per week) of Crazy Golf at the beginning. Each player may nominate a charity or an approved local community project to: 1.use the tournament as a vehicle to raise sponsorship. 2.receive the good cause prize in the event of a win. Two Tees ~ No Sugar

6 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Keeping Score Three rounds per Golf Course (weeks 1 to 5). The first round is a practice round. Last two rounds are scoring rounds and are logged on the scorecard. On the sixth week, the highest scoring eight contestants play in the final. Scores, penalties and time taken to complete each round are recorded and used in the event of tied scores to enable selection of the top players. Two Tees ~ No Sugar

7 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Benefits to the Crazy Golf Course Owners Free advertising for each crazy golf course. Promoting the town where the course is situated. Increased interest in the game. Benefits to the Competitors National recognition of their talents. Potential prizes for each leg of the tournament. Prize money towards their nominated good cause. Six weeks playing crazy golf. Two Tees ~ No Sugar

8 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Group A Group CGroup B Group C Group D Group E Course 1 Course 5 Course 4 Course 3 Course 2 Week 1Week 3Week 2Week 4Week 5 Over the first five weeks, each group will experience five locations Two Tees ~ No Sugar

9 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment Week 6 - The Grand Final The highest scoring eight competitors of the previous five weeks will compete in a seeded knockout elimination. Two Tees ~ No Sugar Qtr. Final Winner 1 Player 1 Player 8 Player 5 Semi-final Winner 1 Qtr. Final Winner 2 Player 2 Player 6 Qtr. Final Winner 3 Player 3 Player 4 Qtr. Final Winner 4 Player 7 Quarter FinalFinalSemi Final Semi-final Winner 2

10 ©2014 BuzzmarK Entertainment The Prizes Week 1-5 1 st 2 nd and 3 rd prize medals at each location. 1 pro lesson for most entertaining clip across all locations. Week 6 Cash prize for all semi-finalists nominated good cause. Small cash prize and trophy for overall winner. Cash prize for best course. Trophy for most entertaining shot of the tournament. Two Tees ~ No Sugar

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