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Module 1 For Barrick Goldstrike Mines Incorporated

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1 Module 1 For Barrick Goldstrike Mines Incorporated
BOLTEC MC TRAINING Module 1 For Barrick Goldstrike Mines Incorporated

2 Trainers Introduction
Matt Roemmich AC Elko Dan Gravelle AC Elko Ben Lupercio BGMI Elko Paul Smith BGMI Elko Jaaron Johnson AC Denver

3 Introduction Orientation

4 Introduction Safety Share!

5 Atlas Copco Background
Introduction Atlas Copco Background

6 Atlas Copco Background
Introduction Atlas Copco Background

7 Construction & Mining Technique
Introduction Construction & Mining Technique U/G Rock Excavation Surface Drilling Equip. Rocktec Secoroc & BHMT Construction Tools Craelius Drilling Solutions Dynapac Compressor Technique Airtec Portable Air Industrial Air Oil-free Air Gas and Process Industrial Technique Milwaukee Electric Tool Atlas Copco Electric Tools Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Chicago Pneumatic Atlas Copco Stockholm, Sweden

8 Construction & Mining Technique
Underground Drilling Equipment Underground Drilling Equipment Underground drill rigs are commonly used for blast hole drilling in the construction and mining industry. With a wide range from handheld pneumatic pusher leg drills, to fully automated tunnelling and mining drill rigs, Atlas Copco is the leading supplier of rock drilling equipment. Face drilling rigs are used for tunnelling and drifting. Long hole production drilling is used in underground mining. Raise drills are used for boring big diameter holes, up to 6 m, for shafts in mining and waterpower projects. The Rocket Boomer 2- and 3-boom face drilling rigs as well as  the new Simba M&L production rigs and Boltec M&L bolting rigs are setting new standards in ergonomics, serviceability, productivity and total economy. Interactive diagnostic system gives quicker fault location. Robust electronic components set a new industry standard with increased reliability and stability. Additionally, for rock support in underground excavations, the division offers a range of ground support systems with the unique, patented Swellex rockbolts and the Atlas Copco MAI Systems Self Drilling Anchors.

9 Construction & Mining Technique
Underground Loaders and Trucks 28. Front End Loaders and Mine Trucks Atlas Copco's Load-Haul-Dumps (LHDs) and haulage trucks are well known in the mining industry. To meet the productivity demands of underground mine operators around the world, Atlas Copco trucks and LHDs are built to high standards of quality, performance, and reliability. An ever-increasing number of contractors and civil engineering companies are discovering the efficiency, maneuverability, and advantages of Atlas Copco products in tunneling, hydropower, and other types of underground construction and excavation operations.

10 Construction & Mining Technique
Rock Drilling Tools Rock Drilling Tools The specialized Atlas Copco Secoroc division develops, manufactures and markets an extensive range of top-quality rock drilling tools. One of the latest additions to the product offer is the new (patent pending) MAGNUM SR drifting system. The new rods and bits offer straighter holes, longer service life and higher productivity in drifting and tunneling applications. In addition, following the increased trend of customers evaluating suppliers according to the value they can add to the customer's processes, the sales and service organization is developing their service offer, e.g. product service, maintenance and training as well as logistics and warehousing services. By developing products, services and know-how, and by working actively and closely with our customers, we see our customers become more successful and create win-win relationships.

11 Construction & Mining Technique
Surface Drilling Equipment Surface Drilling Equipment Surface crawler rigs are used for blast hole drilling in construction work and quarrying. The tough conditions in a quarry make it difficult to drill straight, and there is always a risk of getting stuck. Atlas Copco has introduced the new F- D- and L-series of rigs, which is a major step forward in ergonomics, hole quality, availability, and total drilling economy. The rigs are available for three different drilling methods: top-hammer, down-the-hole (DTH) hammer and the unique patented COPROD system, which combines the high top-hammer performance with the hole straightness of the DTH method. The new generation is based on a modular design to simplify adaptation to customer requirements and efficient flow-production. 

12 Construction & Mining Technique
Construction Tools Construction Tools Construction tools include a wide range of high quality construction and demolition equipment, from rig-mounted hydraulic breakers, crushers and pulverizers to pneumatic, electric or petrol driven breakers, picks, chipping hammers and rock drills. The equipment is used by construction contractors and quarry operators to crush boulders during excavation work. Building contractors use it for demolishing buildings and for modernizing and repairing bridges, railways and roads. Demolition equipment is also used in the mining industry.

13 Construction & Mining Technique
Geotechnical Drilling Equipment Geotechnical Drilling Equipment Geotechnical drilling equipment is used in exploration drilling and ground engineering applications. The BOYLES and DIAMEC exploration drilling rigs are used to recover core samples from different rock formations; the BOYLES rigs in surface applications and the DIAMEC rigs underground. Many of the rigs are equipped with a computerized control panel, which makes the drilling quicker and safer for the operator. By pre-setting the drilling parameters the rig automatically monitors and adjusts these criteria to the prevailing rock conditions. In ground engineering applications the DIAMECs are used for drilling of grout holes in hydroelectric power dam constructions as well as for probe drilling and grout hole drilling for tunnels in soft and broken formations. For the grouting operation we are supplying UNIGROUT platforms including mixers, agitators, pumps and recorders. The multi purpose MUSTANG rigs are used for all types of civil engineering applications, e.g. micro piling, under pinning, anchoring and geotechnical surveys.

14 Compressor Technique Compressor Technique Business Area
The Compressor Technique business area is headquartered in Belgium. Here it develops and manages strategies and programs to ensure Atlas Copco’s position as the world’s leading provider of compressed air equipment and generators. The business area develops, manufactures, and markets top quality products for customers who demand a high level of operating reliability and productivity in their operations. Each division is responsible for the development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of its own products. Manufacturing and assembly are concentrated in Belgium, the United States, Germany, France, Italy, India, Brazil and China.

15 Industrial Technique Industrial Technique Business Area
Industrial Technique develops, manufactures and markets industrial and professional pneumatic and electric power tools, as well as assembly systems. Main customer groups are the automotive industry, engineering industry, construction industry and residential building industry. The business area operates plants in Sweden, France, Great Britain, Germany, and the United States.

16 Introduction Partners of the Future

17 Introduction Rock Race

18 Module 1


20 Introduction Learning Objectives Objective 1: Introduction
Learners will see some of Atlas Copco’s products, history, meet the trainers and see the Boltec MC. Objective 2: Barrick Presentation Learners will review the contract obligations, responsibilities, pay items and discuss the spirit of the contract. Learners will see how to open a work order, hear about AMP, data management and the overall BGMI CMMS (EAM). Objective 3: Machine Familiarization Learners will see some of Atlas Copco’s terminology, signs, symbols and locations / definitions of Boltec MC components.

21 Learning Objectives (continued)
Introduction Learning Objectives (continued) Objective 4: Rig Controls Learners will be able to identify the Boltec MC levers, buttons, switches and emergency features. Objective 5: Rig Operation Learners will see the fundamentals of rig startup, operating on diesel, operating on electric power, tramming and boom positioning. Objective 6: Manuals Learners will see how Atlas Copco organizes Boltec MC manuals as Operators Instructions, and Spare Parts Catalogs. Each section will be shown on the paper manuals and ActiView manuals will be shown.

22 Learning Objectives (continued)
Introduction Learning Objectives (continued) Objective 7: RCS Overview Learners will see an introduction to the rig control system and be able to identify the system components. Objective 8: Hydraulic System Learners will be introduced to the components used in a Boltec MC hydraulic system including valves, sensors, pumps, filters and the corresponding schematic symbols. Objective 9: Preventive Maintenance Learners will be shown how to do regularly scheduled maintenance on the machine and the basic safety procedures to safely carry out the prescribed maintenance. Learners will be able to identify “critical task” actions. Objective 10: CLAIR Learners will be shown how to do daily washing, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, inspection and repair (CLAIR bay).

23 Learning Objectives (continued)
Introduction Learning Objectives (continued) Objective 11: Electrical System Learners will be introduced to the components used in a Boltec MC electric system including the RCS interface, 24 Volt system and 480 Volt system. Objective 12: Basic Rig Movements Learners will be shown how the controls of the rig correspond to movements for tramming and boom positioning. Learners will see how to do a brake test. Objective 13: Practical Rig Operation Learners will have hands on practice operating the boom, tramming the rig and reviewing test material. Objective 14: MSHA and Testing Learners will be field tested on boom positioning, tramming, and a written exam.


25 Boltec MC Introduction
Safe Rock

26 Scaling in the tunnel cycle

27 Boltec MC

28 Boltec MC Michelin X-Mine D2 12 x 20 Tires
Outer Turning Radius: 6250mm Inner Turning Radius: 3800mm Height 3010mm

29 Boltec MC Coverage Area

30 Boltec MC Hydraulic rock drill COP 1532 For tunnel height 3.0 -12 m
For bolt length m Magazine 10 bolts Weight of rig ton

31 Boltec MC RCS System Simple Design Easy operator interface
Assisted troubleshooting Advanced rockdrill control Distributed computer power. A number of computers control its own part of the process. Computers connected over a data communication network The technique is called Controller Area Network


33 Boltec MC BOLTEC MC

34 Boltec MC

35 Questions?

36 Break!

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