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Atlas Copco Service Product portfolio presentation.

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1 Atlas Copco Service Product portfolio presentation

2 Contents Safety Product areas Replacement parts and kits Rock drills and rotation units Reman solutions Fluid management solutions Service products Custom engineered solutions Upgrades Training products Service tools Telematics 2

3 3 Safety

4 Many reasons to stay safe 4

5 5 Product areas Replacement parts and kits Rock drills and rotation units Reman solutions Fluid management solutions Service products Custom engineered solutions Upgrades Training products Service tools Telematics

6 6 Replacement parts and kits

7 Wear parts Replacement parts Preventative maintenance kits Repair kits 7 Genuine replacement parts are engineered to ensure proper, safe and easy maintenance of your equipment in compliance with the Atlas Copco quality standards. Kits are intelligent combinations of genuine replacement parts packaged to streamline maintenance operations.

8 Replacement parts and kits 8 Ensures safety features are properly functioning Promotes maintenance in the safest way possible Reduces time searching for the right parts Assures parts available at the time of service Benefits Readily available Complies with Atlas Copco quality standards Packaged for safe and efficient transport Features

9 9 Rock drills and rotation units

10 Replacement rock drills and rotation units Preventative maintenance kits Overhaul kits Rock drill service tools 10 Atlas Copco rock drills and rotation units are a core component to your Atlas Copco drilling equipment. To ensure the safest and most efficient operation of your equipment, Atlas Copco offers a full line of support specific to these technologically advanced and developed components.

11 Rock drills and rotation units 11 Restores equipment to original drilling capacity Maximum equipment availability Provides optimal penetration rate Benefits Extensive research and development Continuous improvements and upgrades Readily available rock drills, parts and kits Features

12 12 Reman solutions

13 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Certified quality Rigorously tested on purpose-built test equipment Approved quality with traceability documents 13 Sustainable remanufactured components that ensure optimum, safe and reliable performance and minimal downtime. Atlas Copco Reman solutions are covered by a competitive warranty policy.

14 Reman solutions 14 Maintains optimum performance Quality assured components Minimal downtime Benefits Remanufactured using genuine parts Full manufacturers parts warranty Off the shelf availability Features

15 15 Fluid management solutions

16 16 The selection of fluids provided by Atlas Copco supports superior machine operation while maximizing fluid life and minimizing component wear. As the equipment manufacturer, we put a lot of effort in determining the exact fluid specifications for optimal equipment performance. We offer an extensive range of high quality lubricants and coolants that will provide maximum protection of your assets.

17 Fluid management solutions Lubricants and coolants Fluids storage handling solutions Hoses 17

18 Fluids storage handling solutions 18 Proper maintenance practices, start with the safe handling and storage of fluids. The following solutions provide best practices for storage and identification of fluids. These solutions can be configured to suit your required volumes and workshop layout.

19 Fluid management solutions 19 Optimized equipment performance and extended component life Assurance that you have the best fluid for your equipment in any application The best protection for your investment Benefits Fluids that are specified and tailored for Atlas Copco equipment Developed with focus on safety and environment Meets and exceeds the component requirements Features

20 20 Service products

21 21 RigScan The Atlas Copco RigScan auditing program is designed to provide you with a sophisticated equipment health check that detects if a part is approaching failure. By combining our unrivaled expertise with contemporary measuring technology, Atlas Copco has set a new standard in equipment audits.

22 Service products Increased productivity, giving Atlas Copco equipment the leading edge in reliability maintenance RigScan adapts to your application and environment Early fault detection reduces spare parts delivery costs 22 RigScan

23 Service products 23 RigScan Increased productivity and improved safety through predictability Faster troubleshooting reducing maintenance costs Comprehensive performance analysis lowering operational cost Benefits Fast, convenient, minimally invasive audit technology Combining visual inspections and performance analysis tools Global audit protocols Features

24 Power Crushers Underground loaders Underground trucks Underground drill rigs Surface drilling machines Exploration and core drilling machines Rock drills Service products 24 CARE Agreements – Your security for up time Atlas Copco CARE is a product built to ensure increased productivity of your machines. This product comes with scheduled service, overhaul and inspection protocols to ensure optimized machine performance. Available for different product applications:

25 Service products 25 CARE Agreements – Your security for up time Consistent machine performance Records for service and action needed Protection against unplanned extra cost Benefits Preventive maintenance Scheduled inspections and audits Inspection and overhaul protocols Extended warranty Features

26 26 Custom engineered solutions

27 27 Sets developed specifically in response to meet each customers individual needs. As operational parameters and/or locations change, equipment may also need to evolve to operate in the safest and highest performance output. Custom engineered solutions are the answer to these challenges.

28 Custom engineered solutions Rig specific bolt on replacement components –Cabs –Powerpacks –Towers –Booms, feeds etc. Configuration conversions to change operational parameters –Bolting units –Rod size changes –Automation options –Powerpack conversions etc. 28

29 Custom engineered solutions 29 Lowest environmental impact Machine utilization and speed is optimized Ensures the greatest flexibility and adaptability of Atlas Copco equipment Benefits Designed and assembled to the Atlas Copco quality standard Incorporates the latest product improvements Offers more than standard replacement part while maintaining their practicality Features

30 30 Upgrades

31 31 As technology develops and Atlas Copco engineering advancements are made, upgrade kits are designed so that equipment in operation can obtain the same safety and efficiency improvements. Upgrade kits are off the shelf bolt on kits, that can be ordered and installed. Remote control installations Powerpack Control system upgrades

32 Upgrades 32 Increased machine performance Operational functionality Enhances equipment return on investment Benefits Incorporating latest technology advancements Same safety and performance features of new equipment Common fleet parts and control functionality Features

33 33 Training products

34 34 Now you no longer need to compromise production plans until your operators can achieve the skills they need. We can provide you with training tools that raise your operators skill, increase their ability to master the machine and drilling expertise, right from the start.

35 Training products All simulators built on the engineering drawing Original controls are simulated RCS fully simulated Integrated operator training program 35 Simulators

36 Training products SmartROC D 65 FlexiROC D 50/D 65 Pit Viper 271 RCS Pit Viper 271 EOH Pit Viper Mini sim Boomer E2 C 2.0 Simba E7 C Boomer S1 D Scooptram ST 7/14/18 36 Simulators

37 Training products 37 Training in a safe environment No interference with mine production No fuel or power consumption Benefits Original cab Available in your local language Original controls and control system integrated Features

38 38 Service tools

39 Calibration services Mobile workshops Mechanics tools Trouble shooting tools 39 Tools and support systems designed to provide enhanced and safe service of our mining and rock excavation equipment. Service tool kits are built with durability in mind, and many will last as long as our equipment.

40 Service tools 40 Eliminates hard to service places Ensures safest maintenance practices followed Minimizes machine down time with faster maintenance Benefits High quality, professional grade tools Tool length and sizes developed for ease of service Designed specifically to fit Atlas Copco equipment Features

41 41 Telematics

42 Specially designed for underground equipment Hardware can be fitted in the factory or in the field as a retrofit System gives production figures, operational hours and system alarms 42 A solution that helps to manage and enhance underground equipment with an easy-to-use web based user interface or integrated to your system. This allows to visualize equipment utilization, fleet productivity and enables remote trouble shooting.

43 Telematics 43 Increase safety with behavior monitoring Productivity analysis Optimized equipment utilization Benefits Online 24-7 monitoring Intuitive graphics user interface Fleet overview Features

44 Global presence Atlas Copco Service supplies superior products and service around the world. 44

45 Committed to sustainable productivity 45


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