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Welcome to: Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair Course.

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1 Welcome to: Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair Course

2 Agenda Your Roles and Responsibilities in Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair. Air Conditioning Safety. Tools & Equipment for Air Conditioning Repairs. Refrigerants & Their Special Properties. The Air Conditioning System. Simple Fixes. Refrigerant System Repairs. Electrical System Repairs. Air Distribution System Repairs. Key Takeaways, Action Plan, and Wrap-Up.

3 Before We Start This is a two day course, with two 15 minute breaks and a one-hour lunch each day. Your full participation is greatly appreciated! You will be using your Resource Guide Watching in-class demonstrations & videos Having group discussions Completing a few hands-on activities Completing the online course The Future of Air Conditioning in the Apartment Industry.

4 Other Housekeeping Items Locations of Restrooms. Emergency Exits. Kitchen and/or Break Area. Vending Machines. Registration. Smoking Area. Turn pagers and cell phones off. Get comfortable. Be open minded and have fun!

5 Your Roles and Responsibilities in Air Conditioning

6 Air Conditioning Safety Rules: 1. Turn Power Off 2.Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 3.Follow Lock- Out/Tag-Out Procedures

7 Air Conditioning Safety Rules: 4.Handle Refrigerants Correctly. 5.Use Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS Sheets). 6.Keep Tools & Equipment in Good Working Order.

8 Key Tools for Air Conditioning Repairs Basic Hand Tools Specialty Air Conditioning Repair Tools

9 Refrigerants and their Special Properties

10 The Air Conditioning System

11 Refrigeration Cycle in an Air Conditioning System

12 Key Parts of an Air Conditioning System

13 Cleaning the Condenser

14 Replacing a Filter

15 Cleaning the Evaporator Pan and Drain Line

16 Tightening Loose Fan Blades

17 The Super Heat Method

18 The Sub-cooling Method

19 Recovering Refrigerant

20 Evacuating and Dehydrating the System

21 Group Discussion on the Refrigeration System

22 Electrical System Repairs Power Sources Input Power Distribution Circuits Control Circuits Load Circuits

23 Measure the Input Voltage

24 Test Fuses and Circuit Breakers

25 Check the Thermostat Operation

26 Check the Compressor Motor Start Relay

27 Check the Start and Run Capacitors

28 Test the Compressor for Open or Shorted Windings

29 Test the Compressor Motor for Grounded Windings

30 Identify Unmarked Compressor Terminals

31 Check the Fan Motor Run Capacitor

32 Test Fan Motor for Open, Shorted, or Grounded Windings

33 Two Types of Blowers

34 Add Pictures from Instructors Resource Guide Page #58

35 Test a Blower Motor

36 Replace a Blower Motor

37 Unit Replacement

38 Air Conditioners with SEER 13 Ratings

39 Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions

40 Supplemental Online Training Dont Forget… Take the Online Training for this CAMT Course!! To continue your education. To acquire more knowledge and skills for CAMT Designation test and for work. Takes approximately 45 minutes. You can take it from any computer with access to the Internet. Go to the following web site: Type the ID and password your received here.

41 Thank you for being a part of todays Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Course!!

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