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Crushing Technology Reaches New Heights in 2009 Introducing the all new L3252 Crawler Jaw.

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1 Crushing Technology Reaches New Heights in 2009 Introducing the all new L3252 Crawler Jaw

2 Finally, a track unit good enough to earn the Lippmann name, with many great features including… – TRC, one of the toughest proven crusher chassis systems in the industry. – TPT, the proven, environmentally-friendly power distribution system that delivers increased power, reduces emissions, and offers greater production. Lippmann L3252 Jaw with forced feeding action, offering greater production than any other jaw in its class. Lippmann – Manufacturers of Quality Crushing Equipment:

3 High production jaw crusher of proven Lippmann design quality. Unmatched in its class, renowned reliability, and maximum capacity. Quick and easy setting adjustment, manual or hydraulic, for varying applications. Lippmann L3252 – Jaw Crusher Product Features and Benefits:

4 Wide belt ensures greater discharge capacity. Tail end is raised for moving and lowered for operation hydraulically. Optional extended conveyor length available on request. Leading belt conveyor components are used. Lippmann L3252 – Main Discharge Conveyor Product Features and Benefits:

5 Tracks are dimensioned to provide well-balanced operation. Oversized track drives provide high mobility on any terrain. Best quality components are used. Lippmann L3252 – Tracks Product Features and Benefits:

6 Field proven gear transmission specially designed for crawler crusher use. Direct crusher drive provides best possible power efficiency. Twin VDP pumps for hydraulic drives. Reduced fuel consumption. Greater system efficiency. Lippmann L3252 – Triple Power Transmission (TPT) Product Features and Benefits:

7 Easy to use information all on one screen. Single button process start. Automatic process control. Built-in fault diagnostics. Remote control up to 300 yards. Override umbilical option for emergency or service use. World class quality components used. Lippmann L3252 – Intelligent Control System (IC700) Product Features and Benefits:

8 All service points are easy to access. The grease points, where necessary, are equipped with grease hoses for easy access. Service platforms are located for easy component access. Lippmann L3252 – Easy to Operate, Easy to Maintain Product Features and Benefits:

9 The system design has been test audited for safety and has been thoroughly proven in the field. Belt drives and conveyor nip points are well protected. Service platforms are designed with operator safety in mind. IC7800 control system incorporates features that protect both operator and machine. Emergency stops are well marked and positioned. Lippmann L3252 – High Operator Safety Product Features and Benefits:

10 Diesel engine fulfills EC Stage IIIA / EPA tier 3 emission regulations. Lowest fuel consumption over rivals in its class per ton produced due to the TPT power match system. Low noise pollution. Leak-free hydraulic system. Collection system for hydraulic maintenance. Lippmann L3252 – Environmentally Friendly Product Features and Benefits:

11 The design has been engineered employing 22 years of experience based on many global applications. Plants, crushers, feeders and conveyors boast Lippmanns world-renowned quality. Only high quality plant components are used. First class application and service support. Excellent spare parts availability. Lippmann L3252 – Excellent Reliability Product Features and Benefits:

12 Lippmann L3252 – Easy Transport Product Features and Benefits:

13 Lippmann L3252 – Easy Transport Product Features and Benefits: Option of transport bogies and inter-dolly and king pin for truck mounting. Lower moving costs. Reduced transport height and weight. Can be transported on low bed trailer (territory sensitive). Minimum amount of dismantling necessary. Hopper walls fold hydraulically.

14 Lippmann is the only crawler chassis manufacturer with its own unique chassis design. The TRC (torsional resistant module chassis) was developed from scratch and is backed by 22 years of operating success. Many modern-day crawler manufacturers lack crawler expertise. They have not dedicated the time required to engineer a chassis designed to be free from catastrophic failure, which is too often prevalent. When copying each others chassis design, each manufacturer tried to reduce the weight in an effort to produce the shortest, lightest and narrowest crawler unit, in order to capture the majority of the aggregate and recycling market. They forgot the fundamentals. A crusher is a wrecking machine not an ornament! At Lippmann,this fact has been preserved and molded around the fundamentals of crushing, incorporating a proven range of Jaw and Impact Crushers in production for the last 22 years. Key Advantages of the Lippmann L3252 Mobile Track Jaw:

15 By combining the TRC chassis system, the TPT, and the powerful Lippmann Jaw, the revolutionary Lippmann Mobile Track Jaw Crushing system was born. What sets this system apart from any other on the market is the sheer size and weight of the Lippmann 32x52 Jaw in a totally mobile crawler chassis system! The size of the jaw necessitates little or no preparation of the material prior to crushing. The unique Lippmann Jaw is an overhead eccentric type jaw crusher that does not rely upon gravity alone to move material through the chamber. Instead, it provides a forced-feeding action, which results from the inward and downward eccentric movement of the swing jaw. Longer jaw dies, a larger eccentric, and a non-choking design also mean a reduction in nip angle, resulting in a more positive bite and an ability to devour material unlike any rival jaws in its class. The TRC chassis system is unique to Lippmann and was the first and only system of its kind.

16 1.Unique features of the chassis include fabrication from carbon steel which is hot rolled square (not rectangle). This square hollow section withstands symmetrical loading and is equally strong through the vertical and horizontal plane of its structure, unlike other structures such as I beams, which can only take maximum load on the vertical. 2.All beams are fabricated ensuring the verticals and the horizontals are equal in dimension at the point of the weld penetration. At every 90 degree joint we include an additional haunch of equal proportion to the vertical and horizontal. This joint ensures maximum gradual load dispersal. 3.The chassis is comprised of two mirror image side frames, tied together with a total of 9+ cross members. This ensures complete rigidity in the chassis structure, eliminating horizontal and lateral movement during (a) tracking and (b) processing, doing away with fatigue caused by excess movement and vibration. This forms a rigid structure upon which to mount the jaw itself, without inflicting further stress throughout the jaws structure. Our competition mainly uses the jaw box as the tie-brace between the chassis frames. Lippmann does not, as this causes excess vibration through the main frame bearing housing of the jaw,

17 potentially leading to bearing failure, jaw box fatigue resulting in catastrophic main frame failure, or damage under the feeder area of the main chassis. This common failure, in many chassis designs, only weakens with repeat repair, eventually rendering the chassis useless. 4.Finally, Lippmann ties the gearbox housing of the track frames to the chassis module. This eliminates the desire of the frames to go their separate ways when they are used to sprag (change direction) during travel, unlike excavators that can use their boom and arm to manipulate directional change. A track-mounted crusher must resemble the characteristics of a bulldozer, which must change direction under severe load in the boggiest of conditions. Notice that the final drive housings in a bulldozer are also locked into the superstructure of the dozer, a few simple yet critical design practices adhered to by Lippmann in its chassis design. In addition,our TPT (Triple Power Match system) has also been designed through foresight! Where others have taken the economical shortcut by sacrificing and reducing the output of jaw crushers, as predominantly found in crawler jaw plants which are hydraulically driven, Lippmann has not!

18 Historically and currently, our wheel-mounted portable crushing plants are mechanically driven through electric motors, or in the case of diesel direct drives, through clutch drives. With the emergence of track-mounted units, this presents difficulties for any manufacturer who wishes to develop a crawler system, as a diesel engine has only one rear takeoff capable of delivering 100% of power output. Lippmann developed the TPT, which allows 100% of the engine power from two rear output points. 100% power to the hydraulic pumps in open loop circuit to power the tracks in travel, yielding grade ability up to 11 degrees. Also, this allows long periods of travel without fatigue. In process mode, this unit allows 75% of the power to drive the jaw, and the remainder to power the hydraulics, infinitely variable in speed of function. So the feeder can be varied without disturbing the crushing or conveying functions. This is achieved through radio control from up to 300 yards, or manually, in case of emergency or for maintenance.

19 To conclude, there are numerous features which make the Lippmann Mobile Track Jaw crushing plant destined for extraordinary success. But the fore mentioned points are the main and key advantages which can be customized to meet specific needs, while maintaining commonality of parts. Our philosophy is, Original thinking outside the box. Thank you for taking the time to study this presentation. Sincerely, Lippmann-Milwaukee, Inc.

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