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HSI PrisecTM Crushers Help to Sell.

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1 HSI PrisecTM Crushers Help to Sell

2 Safety first Safety is our top priority Protective Equipment
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3 HSI PrisecTM Crushers Advantages – Help to Sell
Narrator :-The Sandvik HSI Prisec range of crushers are an all new patented design of Horizontal Shaft Impact (HSI), that offer real advantages over existing HSI crusher designs. The name Prisec comes from the words Primary and Secondary (Prisec) and the fact that these are the only HSI crushers on the market that can be configured into Primary or Secondary crushers, offering our customers huge advantages in operational flexibility. All of the many patents awarded to Sandvik’s Prisec crushers have real measurable advantages over our competitors crushers, resulting in many great benefits to our customers. There are three basic model ranges Prisec 1 (small), Prisec 2 (medium) and Prisec 3 (large).This gives a maximum feed size in Primary setting from 600mm for Prisec 1 to 1,000mm for Prisec 3, with tonneages of up to 700 Tonnes per Hour. Advantages – Help to Sell

4 Electrically operated hydraulic system
Narrator :- The electrically operated hydraulic system is fitted as standard scope of supply with all stationary crushers. This system permits safe and easy opening of the Pivot Frame and also the adjustment of both first and second curtains. No motor power is required during operation, saving 2.2kW of power, every hour!! A great saving over our competitors crushers which helps the customer to lower his overall Carbon footprint.

5 Two Crushers in One Narrator :-
Prisec crushers give the customer the flexibility to convert from Primary to Secondary (or vice versa) operation, this allows the customer to cope with future changing requirements in production.

6 Curtain Setting Narrator :-
The two crusher curtains are both set independently of each other, resulting in greater control of production size requirements. The curtains are held with a friction brake system. This keeps the curtain in the set position during normal operation, but will move if un-crushable objects go into the crushing chamber, thus protecting the rotor and crusher. It also ensures that the curtains are securely held parallel to the rotor for maximum crushing efficiency.

7 Curtain Position Indicator
Narrator:- On each curtain cross beam is a Curtain Position Indicator. Each gradation relates to a specific curtain movement (detailed in the manual), to assist in the positioning of the correct curtain setting. It can also be used as an indicator or guide, as to when the hammers require changing. This is a great advantage when planning maintenance procedures and or ordering of replacement hammers.

8 Cross Beam Compression Plate
Narrator:- The Cross Beam Compression Plate function. allows blockages to be cleared from the crusher, whilst the crusher is still running. Switch on the electrical hydraulic system, lower the relevant curtain adjustment cylinder piston until it connects with the crusher roof, then slowly keep the pressure on, which will result in lifting the curtains by approx. 75mm. When the blockage has been cleared, retract the piston, switch off the electrical hydraulic power pack and the curtain automatically returns to it’s previously set position. No stopping the crusher and no operator intervention inside the crusher. A huge health & safety benefit also resulting in less downtime of the crusher.

9 Safety Interlock System
Narrator:- The Safety Interlock System is a unique 4 key timed delayed system. It ensures that the rotor has stopped rotating before the pivot frame and or inspection doors can be opened. Every crusher has it’s own individual unique key code of locks, thus ensuring safety integrity where multiple crushers are installed in one plant. This is another big health & safety benefit for maintenance personnel.

10 Hammers Narrator:- The Banana shaped hammers ensure consistent production during the complete life cycle. A consistent “point” on the leading edge is maintained, which imparts greater energy to a single point, which in turn shears the rock giving improved reduction. Hammers can be removed vertically from the crusher. This allows for installation in relatively tight spaces. A lot of competitors have to remove hammers sideways from the crusher, which requires more space around the crusher for periodic maintenance.

11 Rotor Narrator:- The heavy duty rotor ensures maximum inertia combined with mass, which gives greater reduction, reduced vibration and consistent power draw. This gives extended life to the drive system (wedge belts and pulleys) and the crusher bearings. The same rotor used in primary setting, is also used in our secondary crushers. A lot of competitors fit a lighter weight rotor in their secondary crushers. Replaceable hardened steel hammer locating strips (1) locate the hammer and prevent sideways movement of the hammer due to solid abutment in the hammer rear. When worn, these can be replaced easily (two cap head screws in each), which negates the need for costly rotor refurbishment (welding and machining). 1

12 Bearings and seals Narrator:-
The bearings and seals for Prisec 1 and 2 models are the same (oversized on 1). This means Sandvik can buy the same bearings in greater volume, thus reducing stockholding, delivery lead times and price. This is also an advantage for our customers as their stockholding requirements and cost are further reduced. Bearing housings locate on a machined surface on the crusher base. This negates the need for shimming of the bearing housing and ensures perfect alignment in all planes, resulting in extended bearing life. The fact that the bearing housing and crusher base mating faces are machined, is also an advantage when future on site maintenance is required, resulting in easier alignment and reduced total downtime.

13 Wear parts Narrator:- Hammers (1) are available in two variations of metallurgy – Chrome Steel and Chrome Ceramic. Both are unique Sandvik developed hammers and have proven to outlast our major competitors equivalents. Curtain liners (2) and frame liners (3) are of modularised design and fit all Prisec crushers. Again reducing the need for high volume stockholding for the customer. The second curtain (4) can be adjusted to fine setting, even in Primary setting, to enable single stage crushing resulting in optimum product sizes for our customers. 3 2 1 4

14 External Pivot Frame and Side Inspection Door fittings
Narrator:- On the fixed and pivot frame of the crusher, the stainless steel swing bolts ensure years of trouble free operation. On the side inspection door, stainless steel nuts allow the door to be opened easily with a “push- pull” mechanism. Again trouble free operation and easier maintenance.

15 Feed Hopper Narrator:-
The unique modular design of the feed hopper, allows the same basic hopper to be configured into either primary or secondary operation. An optional return feed chute is available for operating the Primary crusher in closed circuit. This is of great advantage as it allows for single stage crushing. Chains and rubber dust sealing strips are easily replaced via the lift out / drop in system.

16 Patents Narrator:- 7 patents have been granted to Sandvik for the Prisec range of crushers. Patents are only awarded, when significant improvements to existing designs can be proven. These design benefits put Sandvik at the forefront of Impactor crusher development. The net result for our customers concerning the patents and improvements, are easier maintenance, lower stockholding, greater reduction ratios and reduced power consumption.


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