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DANA Energy Service Co. 20 th World Petroleum Congress December 2011, Doha, Qatar to be

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1 DANA Energy Service Co. 20 th World Petroleum Congress December 2011, Doha, Qatar to be shown @

2 DANA Energy Service Co. (DESCO) Dana Energy Service Company (DESCO) is one of the subsidiaries of Dana Energy holding company that was registered in 2010. We based our mission on Energy Efficiency, reduction of consumption of different energy carriers, utilizing renewable energies and sustainable development. Our companys activities are based on ESCO approach and on Energy Performance Contracts. We believe that the Energy Efficiency projects can equate to new and vast energy resources in the current century. In this manner we can consider DESCO activities consistent with other Dana group companies in serving security in supply of energy (especially oil and gas).

3 DANA Energy Service Co. (DESCO) The Most Important Activities of ESCo. (Seven Steps) Monitoring & Verification (M&V) Training & Education Maintenance & Operation System Implementation Investment & Financial Management Engineering & Design Audit 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Measurement, Monitoring & Verification Maintenance Financing Energy Audit Design & Detail Engineering Installation & Implementation The Committed Energy Saving

4 Energy Cost Reduction Income of ESCo. The Client Benefits Energy Cost Performance Guarantee 1. Before ESCO Project 2. After ESCO & in Contract Period (up to 10 or 15 years) 3. After Contract Validation DANA Energy Service Co. (DESCO) Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

5 DANA Energy Service Co. (DESCO) Energy Policy Energy Planning Implementation and Operation Checking Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis Nonconformities, Correction, Corrective and Preventative Action Internal Audits of the EnMS Management Review Energy Management System Model for ISO 50001 Continual Improvement

6 DANA Energy Service Co. (DESCO) By signing Energy Performance Contracts (EPC), these types of companies prevent imposing extra cost to the owners.EPC contracts result in improvement in energy economics and are beneficial in two ways: First, reduction in energy expenses ( including expense of energy carriers caused by decrease in consumption, decrease in consumption in peak time of demand, transferring consumption period to cheaper periods and also by consuming cheaper fuels, independent or combined production of energy (CHP), decrease in water consumption and other energy consuming products.) Second, economizing in expenses related to energy (due to decrease in operation & maintenance, man power costs, spare parts, unpredicted repairs, replacement of equipments and installations wear). According to the nature and objectives of the energy services companies, their function can be classified in sustainable development class and the owner may profit his projects results in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

7 DANA Energy Service Co. (DESCO) There are numerous buildings, offices and industries in which energy efficiency improvements could preserve environment and energy resources. Gas & Oil Industries Pipelines, gas compressor stations, pressure reducing stations in cities, power plants and industries, oil and other products pumps, petrochemical plants, gas & oil refineries, oil platforms, oil storages and etc. Energy Consuming Industries Steel, aluminum, cement, ceramics, mining industries, casting, brick, glass Small Industries Processing, metallic, road construction, electrical, automotive parts, non-industrial casting, etc Buildings Office, residential, educational, medical, airport, military, warehouses, cold stores, sport, business, entertainment, etc Food & Agriculture Industries Aviculture, animal husbandry, industrial fields, edible oils,sugar, cane,etc

8 DANA Energy Service Co. (DESCO) Our Current projects We are currently involved in the Energy Efficiency ESCO projects in form of EPC contracts in the following companies, most of them are automotive part manufacturers with different technologies: 1. Piston Iran Company,Tabriz 2. Farakolun Company,Baharestan Industrial Zone- Alborz Province 3. Mojdeh Vasl Shiraz, Fars Province 4. Mojdeh Vasl Shiraz- Abyek site 5. Paya Khodro Novin, Shamsabad, Teheran 6. Faravari va Sakht,Rasht- Guilan province 7. Taha Manufacturing and Logistics, Shamsabad, Teheran Province 8. Valaghateh Manufacturing Company, Eshtehard Industrial zone, Alborz Province 9. Pouya Khodro Shargh, Ghods, Alborz Province 10. Estam Sanaat, Baharestan Industrial Zone- Alborz Province 11. Sazeh Pouyesh- Eshtehard Industrial zone, Alborz Province 12. Paya zob- Oshtorjan Industrial Zone- Isfahan 13. Paya Clutch= Rasht Industrial Zone- Guilan Province 14. Shegerf Abzar- Shiraz- Fars Province 15. Tara Zob- Eshtehard Industrial zone, Alborz Province

9 DANA Energy Service Co. (DESCO) Contact Us Send e-mail to: Tel: +98 21 82107700 Fax: +98 21 88577897 Address: 3 rd floor, No 8.1,Aieen Zendegi Complex, Arabshahi St, opposite to Tirajeh Shopping Center, Ashrafi Esfehani Highway – Tehran - Iran

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