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CELL-tainer® Single use Bioreactor

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1 CELL-tainer® Single use Bioreactor
November 2013 CellD 20bis, rue du Chapitre F ROQUEMAURE Tel : +33 (0) Fax : +33 (0)

2 CELL-tainer® A new single-use bioreactor with two-dimensional movement that offers superior mass transfer rates and short mixing times with low shear for high density cell culture and microbial fermentation

3 Features MASS-transfer & mixing
Two dimensional rocking improves mixing and oxygen transfer Proper and accurate temperature control Heating by convection (incubator) Direct cooling (heat exchanger under the bag) Short mixing times => no gradients EASY handling & real single use Bags flexible in volume Robust design (stackable) In-line measurements non-invasive, fully disposable (pH, DO,), bottom mounted, others (glucose/lactate) Scaleable Same process performance at different scales

4 Features Complete system Incubator chamber
Integrated process controls with HMI touchscreen 21 CFR part 11 compliant PLC controller for rpm, pH, DO, Temp 3 x Gas flow meters Pressure gauges 2 x Addition pumps Heavy duty motor Removable bag tray 4

5 Specifications 5

6 CELL-tainer® single-use bag
Microbial bag 6

7 Benefits Pre-sterilized and disposable Reduce handling Plug and play operation Quick change over Expansion in a single bag = Minimize contamination risk Reduce variability Save time and labor Cycle time reduction Cost effective

8 2-dimensional movement

9 kla-value at different rocking speeds
The kla-value determined with the dynamic gassing in/out method including the off-gas analysis. At the 20 L CELL-tainer, optimal filling volumes are above 8L, rocking speeds above 25 rpm. At the 200 L CELL-tainer, the optimal filling volume ranges between 90 and 130L. At rocking speeds between 15 and 25 rpm, highest kla-values of 400 h-1 are obtained.

10 Cultivation results 12 L 120 L Cultivation of E. coli (Fed-batch):
Final cell dry mass concentration of 45 gL-1 (OD=140) obtained in 35 h. (Junne et al, ChemieIngenieurTechnik Vol )


12 Batch and Fed-batch E.coli

13 CELL-tainer® scale up 20L CELL-tainer® CONFIDENTIAL

14 200L CELL-tainer®

15 CELL-tainer® 200L single-use bag
Mammalian: 5L – 200L working volume Microbial: 5L – 120L working volume CONFIDENTIAL 15

16 Service Support 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Covers mechanical and electronic parts not subject to wear and tear (excluding labor and travel) Service support 24 hour response with phone/ support to troubleshoot and diagnose problem If issue is not resolved, an engineer will schedule on-site visit for servicing Anton Tromper - Ruben Engelhart - Lexan Lhu – Spare parts Stocked at Charter Medical and available to ship FedEx next day Optional add-on services / products Maintenance contract - Site Acceptance Test (at customer site) - one day for CT20 and 2 days for CT200, excluding travel Operational training (at customer site) - one day for CT20 and 2 days for CT200, excluding travel CELL-tainer DACS software for one CELL-tainer including 1 Modbus license Modbus license for connecting additional CELL-tainer (up to 8) HMI license for connecting additional CELL-tainer (up to 8) CONFIDENTIAL

17 THANK YOU For More Information:
Contact Info: Dominique Ghozlan CellD 20bis, rue du Chapitre F ROQUEMAURE Tel : +33 (0) Fax : +33 (0)

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