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Automated Validation Tester II

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1 Automated Validation Tester II
Decker Technology, Inc


3 Introduction The AVT-II is an automated validation tester for any type gaslift valve. A computer directs the AVT-II to test opening and closing pressure, effective stem travel, loadrate, port leak rate, and R ratio. A Pass/Fail indicator shows the status of all tests.

4 AVT-II Capabilities Test any valve at pressures to 3000 psig
Save, print, or post test results to network Can test 3 valves simultaneously Uses very little nitrogen Select any convenient units of measure Requires very little training Much more accurate and consistent than manual testing

5 AVT-II Software Features
Perpetual software license with purchase Stations can be run individually or simultaneously Once valve is loaded, performs a complete set of tests in less than 20 seconds. Calibration routine for each test station Stores data from each test in spreadsheet format Test screen shows real time pressure trace of each station as test is conducted User inputs Pass/Fail criteria

6 AVT-II Main Screen

7 AVT-II Hardware Features
Components are highest quality… Sensotec transducers +/-.1% accuracy High reliability solenoids Data Acquisition system by National Instruments All stainless steel fittings and manifold Rated to 3000 psig working pressure

8 AVT-II Hardware Features
Small desktop footprint (15x18 inches) Changing valves is quick and easy. About 2 minutes. Run over 3000 tests on a single bottle of nitrogen (New nitrogen bottle at 2500 psig and valve set at Pvct = 1275 psig) Change valves in one station while other stations continue to test.

9 Business Justification
Use the AVT-II to qualify valves during setup in the gaslift workshop Use the AVT-II to test valves returned from the field. Build a data base of valve use. Testing is consistent and more accurate than analog gauges Safe and easy to use. Does not require an experienced gaslift shop technician

10 Business Justification
Print a certificate showing… Ptro, Pvct, R ratio, Port leak rate, Stem travel, and loadrate Date of test, Valve type, and serial number Reliable Field Proven Much more thorough testing of valve than current gaslift shop practices

11 Business Justification
Reduce the number of wireline re-entries due to failed or under performing valves (field proven in Oman!) Maintain a database of the number of times a valve has been re-used Added assurance that the valves sent to the field will perform as engineer anticipates. Better gaslift performance and less wireline work.

12 AVT-II Warranty Parts warranted for 1 year from date of implementing.
Labor free of charge if repair required Travel expenses at cost Software maintenance free for first year Software upgrade to new operating system available at cost. Telephone support available free for first year of service.

13 AVT-II Availability 1, 2, or 3 station AVT-II available 15 weeks from receipt of order Spare parts kit available User manual included

14 Contact Information Decker Technology, Inc 2238 McCurdy Road Stone Mountain, GA Telephone Fax -

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