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Machine Monitoring Software

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1 Machine Monitoring Software
eNETDNC CNC File Management & Machine Monitoring Software

2 eNETDNC Manufacturing professionals
Dedicated to the success of our customers Providing computer based tools to improve overall productivity Over 20 years of documented success supplying machine networking and DNC solutions

3 eNETDNC Valued Customers

4 Why Purchase eNETDNC ? Protect valuable asset (CNC Files)
No lost files, never overwrite files, always save current data, network storage and back-up Establish automated revision control of CNC files (Create ISO\QS compliance) Provide shop floor feedback channel encouraging continuous improvement Reduce scrap Free up key personnel Increase machine utilization

5 Improve Overall shop floor efficiency
Why Purchase eNETDNC ? Improve Overall shop floor efficiency

6 eNETDNC Provides Reliable, Secure, Flexible and Cost Effective CNC file management using any existing Ethernet network.

7 eNETDNC is Reliable Industrial grade hardware provides dependable system performance and data quality preservation System configuration eliminates dependence on any specific PC Built-in surge protection for serial ports

8 eNETDNC is Reliable The software can be launched from any workstation on the network Runs on any Windows platform via an existing Ethernet network Uses standard Cat-5 cabling Uses standard Windows format for TCP/IP settings

9 eNETDNC is Secure Original CNC files cannot be overwritten or deleted by shop floor personnel eHubs provide for secure network access to only the specified directories All operator generated programming suggestions are stored for review Network access allows for back-up of all CNC files to the server

10 eNETDNC is Secure Smart compare feature reviews uploaded programs for any changes Modified files stored under .new extension eNET set-up allows for multiple notification methods Revision log can be reviewed to monitor changes Changes can print to specified location notification

11 eNETDNC is Flexible Readily connects to any existing network
Supports all CNC machine control types including the proprietary Mazatrol format The system can be expanded to support an unlimited number of machines

12 eNETDNC is Flexible Able to drip \ spoon feed multiple CNC machines simultaneously Able to connect most NC tape machines using additional hardware Configuration options allow user input thru set-up preferences

13 eNETDNC is Flexible eHUB configuration screens provide easy to follow set- up options Copy and Paste common set-up configurations

14 eNETDNC is Flexible

15 eNETDNC is Flexible

16 eNETDNC is Cost Effective
Operators can upload and download CNC programs without leaving their machine or calling for support Enhances shop productivity by reducing machine downtime System design requires minimal hardware investment User friendly software reduces the cost of system administration and support

17 eNETDNC Editor Features
Interactive 2D and 3D back plotting allows for review of manual edits Editing Tools Mass Modify Rotate Cycle Time Smart Compare

18 eNETDNC Wireless Option
Based on the standard wireless Ethernet Can be configured to work with an existing wireless network or as a stand-alone system. It can be installed to include all of the CNC machines or used in combination with a wired installation.

19 eNETDNC Wireless Option
No more moving wires when machines move No issues with shop floor interference Encrypted for security Built in verification to insure data integrity

20 Cost savings with eNETDNC
Company A is a contract machining job shop with 37 CNC machines running two full shifts. Each machine was set-up an average of 10 times per week and each time the operator needed a program it took and average of ten minutes per transaction. In addition a manufacturing engineer spent 25-30% of every day supporting and trouble-shooting the DNC system. eNETDNC allows programs to be accessed directly from the machine control. What previously took minutes now takes seconds. The eNETDNC system was able to service all machine control types and the previous system problems were eliminated. As a result the amount of support time was quickly reduced to zero. Based on the significant reduction in downloading time and the reduced support cost Company A was able to document a payback period of less than 3 months.

21 Why Purchase eNETDNC Machine Monitoring?
Improve overall shop floor efficiency

22 eNETDNC Why Machine Monitoring Better Data Better Decisions

23 eNETDNC Machine Monitoring
Collect real time production data directly from machine control Creates accountability in labor reporting Can be configured to monitor cycle times, set-up times, maintenance and other requested data Graphical display allows for easy data viewing Data can be exported to Excel or Access for further analysis.

24 eNETDNC Machine Monitoring
Uses the eNETDNC connection to record data from the machine control. An eNETDNC monitoring board is installed into the machine The system uses machine generated signals to identify status (On \ Off) If the machine is not running operators are required to report “Why?”

25 eNETDNC Machine Monitoring Board

26 eNETDNC Machine Monitoring
Delivers Data Via Multiple Channels and Paging Notification Options Configured to alert appropriate parties Machine Monitoring Dashboard Allows for monitoring from desktop Weekly\Monthly Reporting Business metrics for steering the organization Detailed Reporting Information for analysis and problem solving

27 eNETDNC Machine Monitoring
System notifies management of unscheduled downtime via cell phone, pager or Cycle start disable feature allows mandatory reporting of causes codes for machine down-time. Machines will not restart without code Operators can call for engineering, quality, programming or other support functions without leaving the work station System creates company wide accountability for machine downtime

28 eNETDNC Monitoring Reports
The Machine Monitoring Dashboard displays real-time machine status throughout your organization

29 eNETDNC Monitoring Reports
The system calculates and graphs machine utilization information without manual data input

30 eNETDNC Monitoring Reports
eNETDNC Machine Monitoring allows management to identify data trends and base decisions upon facts rather than assumptions

31 Known Manufacturing Problems
Your department (engineering, quality, programming, etc.) is holding up production! Machine is down waiting for maintenance and nobody knows. Production data \ labor reporting does not add up. Too many manufacturing decisions are made without “facts\data”.

32 eNETDNC Monitoring Reports
By identifying and quantifying the causes of machine downtime management can focus on the major issues first

33 eNETDNC Monitoring Advantages
The Machine Monitoring system allows companies to identify and quantify machine downtime By identifying the problems companies can focus on the root cause and develop a permanent solution The Machine Monitoring system provides follow-up data to determine if the solution was effective

34 eNETDNC Monitoring Tracks
Spindle up time Accurate part cycle time Accurate part cycle counts Material status Set-up time Machine downtime due to quality or engineering issues Preventative maintenance log Tool changes \ breakage Unscheduled maintenance time

35 eNETDNC Machine Monitoring Better Data Better Decisions

36 Cost savings with eNETDNC
All functions performed at the machine Revision management for CNC Programs Secure back-up of all CNC files Changes to CNC files can easily be saved No overwriting of existing programs Reduced administration cost

37 eNETDNC Purchase with Confidence
Tools from professionals with shop floor experience Proven track record with the manufacturing community Industry leading products Documented Bottom Line Results

38 The eNETDNC Promise We are committed to providing the highest level of customer support while supplying our customers with tools and systems that improve their overall productivity.

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