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Fast, Accurate and Reliable Robotic Storage System

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1 Fast, Accurate and Reliable Robotic Storage System
Single or Multiple Gantry

2 Experience – Printing Industry
High Velocity, Safe, Automatic Database Driven Cylinder Storage System

3 Mechanical Configuration Advantage
Efficient simultaneous fast horizontal and vertical motion … rather than limited one axis motion … within the same foot print

4 Safety Is #1 Safe cylinder storage and retrieval
Safe cylinder handling

5 Vertical Lift On Gantry Gantry Horizontal Section Carrying Lift
Redundant motion scheme Lasers sets absolution position before each move. Vertical Lift On Gantry Lasers verifies servo absolute position after each move. Gantry Horizontal Section Carrying Lift Horizontal laser Vertical laser

6 User friendly operator interface

7 System overview and advantages
Reliable and safe cylinder storage and retrieval in both automatic and manual Safely and positively detect a cylinder in a rack position Positively detect that cylinders are properly and thus safely seated Efficient simultaneous high speed vertical and horizontal motion Reliable controls using state of the art hardware, electronics and software Offsite diagnostics and support via secure remote network connection (Secure VPN) All mechanical moving parts are standard high quality purchased items Non-contact absolute laser measuring eliminates homing and provides self-calibration User friendly touch screen with pictorial rack layout and cylinder information Current database technology to track cylinder locations, historical activity and generate reports Optionally link data to DB Server technology Optional RFID cylinder ID

8 Quality Off the Shelf Components
Maintenance free state of the art servo motors and drives provide quick point to point moves Positive mechanical drive provides fast, point to point motion eliminating overshoot, position correction and slow final moves. Automatic lubrication State of the art digital motion controller provides exceptional accuracy and coordinated simultaneous moves. Unique heavy duty guide bearings and rails provides three point low maintenance, long life, smooth and accurate motion.

9 Rack Configuration Options and Expandability
Single Gantry Shafted Cylinder Storage with Gantry Moving Between Multiple Isles

10 Rack Configuration Options and Expandability
Multiple Gantry High Density Shaft-less Rotogravure Cylinder Storage

11 Rack Configuration Options and Expandability
High Density Combined Plate and Sleeve Storage

12 Additional Printing Industry Experience
Co-Inventor and Integrator of Automatic Flexo Plate Mounter/ Proofer using 8 axis of coordinated servo control and vision measuring.

13 Additional Printing Industry Experience
Automatically generated proofing analysis and press setup software development

14 Experience Fabrication

15 Experience Manufacturing Facilities

16 Experience Logistics (Transportation and Warehousing)
Experience in Worldwide Land, Air and Sea Logistics

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