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Page 1 Manual Finished Goods Receiving By MIS Department.

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1 Page 1 Manual Finished Goods Receiving By MIS Department

2 Page 2 What is Manual F/G Receiving? Manual F/G Receiving is used when Finished Goods are produced by a Factory but Radio Frequency (RF) guns are not available to scan and receive the units Examples of such situations are Drop Shipments and receiving to non-RF Warehouses (such as JRA Yucatan for GAP) The Manual Receiving adds the units to inventory. Without inventory the units cannot be put on a manifest and shipped to the customer. (Skip to the Main Menu)

3 Page 3 Enter your User ID and Password here Note: User ID and Password are initially assigned by MIS. You will be prompted to change it the first time you login. The password field IS case-sensitive. Sign On Press the Enter key to proceed

4 Page 4 Welcome Press Enter to proceed

5 Page 5 Enter the Company number RLM Main Menu Enter the number for F/G Purchase Order in the menu (position # may vary) Press Enter to proceed

6 Page 6 F/G Purchase Order Menu Type 1 for Entry functions and press Enter or Field Exit

7 Page 7 FG Purchase Order Entry Menu Type 3 for PO Receivings and press Enter

8 Page 8 Type the Division number here and press Enter Select Division (may appear after next screen)

9 Page 9 Finished Goods Receivings Selection Type your Name/User ID Update the date received (if necessary) Press F8 to search Type 1 here Type the shipment number

10 Page 10 Search Results Enter S on all lines being received You may search again using the search field and listed function keys

11 Page 11 Receiving Detail Entry (00A) Enter total quantity received Update the quantity by size (for PPK there will be only one PP field for the total quantity) Press Enter

12 Page 12 Enter Stock Locator Location If the plant has a stock locator, type the receiving location here and press Enter to locate the units Note: Most situations requiring manual receivings do NOT use Stock Locator warehouses.

13 Page 13 Receiving Complete The screen returns to the search results. F3 or F2 to exit

14 Page 14 What Happens Next Once the inventory has been received, the goods may be allocated, put on a manifest and shipped to the customer Depending on where in the process the receiving is created, the units may need to be picked as well. If Force Pick Ticket was done, move straight to Manifesting or Close Manifest.Force Pick TicketManifesting

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