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Kabelo Masilo Maki Modipane Mandatory Grants Process.

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1 Kabelo Masilo Maki Modipane Mandatory Grants Process

2 To claim mandatory grants, a levy paying employer must submit o the Annual Training Report for 2009-2010 and o a Workplace Skills Plan for 2010-2011 The submission must be made o using the prescribed SASSETA template o on or before 30 June 2010 o within 6 months of registration (first time registrations)

3 Excel template obtainable from the SASSETA website Use guidelines as contained in the SASSETA SDF Guide Ensure that the Authorisation Page has all the required signatures Applications can be emailed, faxed, hand delivered or posted. In the event of emailing, fax only the authorisation page to SASSETA

4 Incomplete or Incorrect forms delay the process If any part of the document is incomplete, the SASSETA will inform the SDF The sooner we receive the resubmission, the sooner the application will be processed

5 Mandatory Grants are disbursed quarterly Payments are made during the last week of the quarter SDFs and employers will be notified by letter or e-mail

6 Employers will be required to submit proof of training, namely: oCopies of invoices oCopies of attendance registers oCopies of certificates oSummary of training on company letterhead for in-house training

7 Evaluation OK/NOT OK Approval WSP Receipt Payment

8 Remember to submit by 30 June 2010. Do not bank on there being an extension Send the application only once. Dont post, e- mail and fax. Keep a copy of the submitted WSP/ATR as well as proof of submission


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