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Welcome to the ISETT SETA Business Development Skills Development Projects Learnerships Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) 1 1 2 3 4 5 623456.

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1 Welcome to the ISETT SETA Business Development Skills Development Projects Learnerships Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) 1 1 2 3 4 5 623456 77 8 9 108910 1111 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 221213141516171819202122 2323 24 25 26 27 28 29242526272829

2 Business Development Wynand Van der Merwe Senior Manager: Business Development 27 th March 2003 Cape Town

3 Sector Skills Planning (SSP) & Research Marketing & Communication Approximately 8000 companies in the ISETT sector Approximately 4000 are currently paying Skills Levies Business Development 1 Back

4 SSP Statistics Total No of WSP's Received:883 No. of WSP's Approved:677 No. of Pending WSP's:206 Total no. of Registered SDF's:415 No. of SDF's employed by companies:344 No. of ISDF's: 28 No of companies represented by ISDF's:493 2 Back

5 The Sector Skills Plan The SSP compiled by SETA’s must address 4 key aspects: –The environment in which the SETA operates, which includes National Policies, International Trends, and Research into opportunities for growth. –The sector in which it operates, e.g. number of employers, profile of employees, skills shortages, SMME opportunities, etc. –Demand for skills on all levels. –Current supply of skills. 3 Back

6 The Sector Skills Plan (Cont.) The SSP document is backed by: –Co-operative and independent research projects, both Nationally and Internationally. –Workplace Skills Plans prepared and submitted by employers. –Training Implementation Reports from employers. 4 Back

7 Grant Participation F/Y 1, 2 and 3 5 Back

8 Highlights New WSP and ATR Templates New incentives for Increased Participation Increased number of Research Projects Improved turnaround time for Approvals Higher Visibility and Responsiveness 6 Back

9 THANK YOU!! Back to home page Back to home page Email Address:

10 Skills Development Projects Teboho Mokoena Manager: Special Projects

11 Skills Programmes ISETT SETA is currently funding 32 Skills Programmes impacting on a total number of 5830 learners, nationwide. To date an amount of R38,10 million has been committed to support these initiatives. 7 Back

12 Skills Programmes (Cont.) ProvincesTotalPercentages Eastern Cape14% Free State28% Gauteng727% KwaZulu Natal28% Limpopo14% Nationally935% Western Cape28% Western Cape/Gauteng14% Western Cape/KwaZulu Natal 14% Projects Geographical: 8 Back

13 Skills Programmes (cont.) These are programmes addressing the following SSP/NSDS targets: SSP Requirements /NSDS targetsNumberPercentages High level Technological Skill1014.1% Computer Literacy1014.1% Job Creation1419.7% Management Skills68.5% SME Training & Support57.0% Rural/semi-urban57.0% Career Pathing1622.5% Maths & Science79.8% ABET11.4% Customer Service11.4% 9 Back

14 Skills Programmes (cont.) Projects Future Plans : Develop and align current skills programmes into Units Standards to progress into Learnerships – Structured Learning Continue to develop skills programme addressing skills gaps within ISETT Sector For transparency and operational purposes, skills programmes will be treated within legal and skill development framework, i.e. ISETT SETA Procurement Procedures and PFMA 10 Back

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16 Lihle Dlamini Manager: Learnership and ETQA Learnerships

17 What is a Learnership? Work based education and training programme. A route to a qualification registered on the NQF. –A minimum of 120 credits. –Comprises of fundamental, core and elective components. Relates to an occupation. Combines theory and workplace experience. 11 Back

18 Why Learnership? To fast track the development of current employees. To offer current employees opportunities to acquire a qualification. To serve as an entry point for young people into the industry. 12 Back

19 Benefits of Learnership Learner –Provides learner with a nationally recognised qualification –Recognizes and formalizes current employee`s experience and knowledge gained through many years of experience. –Provides a route to employment or self- employment. –Provides learners with theoretical/institutional and practical/on-the-job experience. 13 Back

20 Benefits of Learnership Employer –Provides qualified learners who have relevant work experience by the end of the Learnership. –Is a good way of acknowledging and affirming skills of existing employees. Qualifies for a tax rebate calculated as follows: 18.1 Learner = R 42 500.00 18.2 Learner = R 50 000.00 14 Back

21 Registered Learnership Each of these Learnership will take a minimum of 12 months to complete 15 Back

22 Parties to the Learnership Agreement Learner Training Provider Employer ISETT SETA 16 Back

23 Learnership Agreement PART A: Terms and Conditions of Agreement Declaration of the Parties Rights of Learners, Employer, registered Training providers Duties of Learners, Employers, registered Training providers Conditions for Terminating the Agreement Handling Dispute PART B: Details of parties to the Agreement Learnership details Learner details –Parents or Guardian details –Training provider details –Terms and conditions of Employment (pre- and unemployed Learners) –Signatures 17 Back

24 ISETT SETA Procedures Submission of letter of intent Completion and signing of Learnership Agreement Registration of Learnership Agreement Implementation of Learnership 18 Back

25 ISETT SETA Procedures (Cont.) Unemployed and Pre-employed –An allowance is paid to the learner by the employer –A contract of employment must be entered into with learner –Conditions of service as spelled out in the Learnership Determination Regulations apply 19 Back

26 Eligibility for Participation The following conditions apply for organisations to be able to participate in Learnership –Organisation will be registered levy paying constituent of ISETT SETA –The 18.2 learners entering the programme, preference to be given to the previously disadvantaged as reflected by NSDS –Willingness to provide workplace/experiential learning 20 Back

27 Guide to Implementing a Learnership Manage, Support and Administer the Learnership Prepare the Organization Develop an implementation Plan Implement the Learnership Evaluate the Programme Establish the need 21 Back

28 Process for registration of Agreement The SETA decide whether or not to register a Learnership agreement within two weeks of receiving the Learnership agreement Employer, Learner and Provider completes Agreement Employer sends a copy of agreement to ISETT SETA ISETT SETA Verifies information, records and registers each Agreement (Signed and dated) ISETT SETA sends one copy of each registered Agreement to Employer END 22 Back

29 ISETT SETA Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) Back to home page Back to home page

30 ETQA Functions Key responsibilities: 1. Accredit constituent providers 2. Monitor and audit providers 3. Register constituent assessors 4. Evaluate assessments and facilitate moderations among constituent providers 5. Quality assure US and Qualifications 6. Take responsibility for the certifications of learners 23 Back

31 Accreditation of Training Providers 24 Back

32 Accreditation RequirementsPlatform Programme Practitioner Learner Support 25 Back

33 Platform: Organization Learning Programme Learning Environment Quality Management System 26 Back

34 Programme Requirements Unit Standard Alignment Learner Support 27 Back

35 ETD Staff 28 Back

36 ETQA Process Flow Submit application/ Intention to get accredited Complete self Assessment Questionnaire Work on your Policies, Procedures, Systems and Processes ISETT SETA to conduct a site visit Submit Final Documentation ISETT SETA to notify of Accreditation Status Accreditation and Listing on the ISETT SETA’s Website 29 Back

37 THANK YOU!! Email Address: Please visit our website: Back to home page Back to home page

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