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Skills Planning Department

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1 Skills Planning Department
Mandatory Grants (WSP/ATR) Presented by: Sello Khoza March 2015

2 Skills Planning Department
Skills Planning Manager Acting: Sello Khoza Mandatory Grants Coordinator Amandie van der Mescht Mandatory Grants Administrator Racquel Bergman Siphelo Maxayi Skills Reporting Coordinator Johannah Masombuka Data Capturer Stella Mokgoko Shirley Mbiko Intern

3 1% Skills Development Levy
20% NSF and 80% SETA Discretionary Grants 49.5% 80% PIVOTAL 20% NON-PIVOTAL Mandatory Grants 10.5% Administration Administration 10% SETA QCTO 0.5% 1% Skills Development Levy

To claim the Mandatory Grant (20%), an employer must submit a combined ATR and WSP and the relevant supporting document to AgriSETA by 30 APRIL 2015. Annual Training Report (ATR14/15) Report on actual training attended/completed during the previous year (from 01 April 2014 up to 31 March 2015) Workplace Skills Plan (WSP15/16) Planning of training for the upcoming year (from 01 April 2015 up to 31 March 2016)

Submission due date: 30 APRIL 2015 Payout Percentage: 20 % of levies received from 01 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 Requirements: ATR + WSP + Signed Authorization page + Proof of Training completed Formats: (On line) Complete, submit & upload supporting documents via Indicium (This is compulsory for employers employing 50+ employees) (Less than 50 are urged to also make use of Indicium but hard copies will be accepted) (Hard Copy) Less than 50 > available for download from website 50 and more > Special request form available for download form our website – only applicable to Inter Seta Transfers, newly registered organizations, name/SDL change, poor/no internet connection. Bulk Import New function available for large data imports on ATR & WSP Only available on request – download request form from website or Indicium as indicated

Proof of Training Invoices (preferred proof); or Certificates (company name stamp); or Attendance registers; or Summary of training (Less than 50 only) Sample of 5 pages only OFO No change - still make use of OFO version 2013. Upload Upload signed authorization pages, proof of training, banking details on Indicium – no need to /fax Letters/ s All letters and s available on Indicium under CRM (Client Relationship Management) to view/print Manuals & Guidelines Download/print and read the submission information manuals & guidelines from our website. Indicium Best viewed in Google Chrome

7 AgriSETA staff will be available until 17:00
MANDATORY GRANTS: WSP/ATR ATR14/15 & WSP15/16 Submission Due date: THURSDAY, 30 APRIL 2015 @ 24:00 AgriSETA staff will be available until 17:00

WSP/ATR Submissions: Tel: (012) / 5637 / 5619 Fax: (012) or (up to May 2015) (from May 2015 onwards) Post: PO Box 26024, Arcadia,0007 Deliver: AgriSETA House, 529 Belvedere Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0083 For more info on Mandatory Grants please visit our website > Skills Planning > Mandatory Grants

9 INDICIUM Training Session
To follow …… INDICIUM Training Session By Stanley Masete

10 INDICIUM The following will be covered in the training session:
SDF REGISTRATION PROCESS SDF ACCESS FORGOT PASSWORD FUNCTIONALITY INDICIUM OVERVIEW: Org Details; Org Contact: Org Bank Details; Child Organisations; Training Committee; Org CFO Details; Approved SDFs; WSP & ATR Forms; WSP/ATR Document Uploads; Grants and Levies; Client Relationship Management; EMP 201 ATR/WSP Step-by-Step > How to complete each section and submit the ATR/WSP for both Small and Large organizations Incl. new Bulk Import function DOCUMENT UPLOADS CRM

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