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Mandatory Grants (WSP/ATR) Presented by: Sello KhozaMarch 2015 Skills Planning Department.

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1 Mandatory Grants (WSP/ATR) Presented by: Sello KhozaMarch 2015 Skills Planning Department

2 Skills Planning Manager Acting: Sello Khoza Mandatory Grants Coordinator Amandie van der Mescht Mandatory Grants Administrator Racquel Bergman Mandatory Grants Administrator Siphelo Maxayi Skills Reporting Coordinator Johannah Masombuka Data Capturer Stella Mokgoko Data Capturer Shirley Mbiko Intern Skills Planning Department

3 20% NSF and 80% SETA 49.5% Discretionary Grants 80% PIVOTAL 20% NON-PIVOTAL 20% Mandatory Grants 10.5% Administration 10% SETA Administration 0.5% QCTO 1% Skills Development Levy

4 30 APRIL 2015 To claim the Mandatory Grant (20%), an employer must submit a combined ATR and WSP and the relevant supporting document to AgriSETA by 30 APRIL 2015. Annual Training Report (ATR14/15) (from 01 April 2014 up to 31 March 2015) Report on actual training attended/completed during the previous year (from 01 April 2014 up to 31 March 2015) Workplace Skills Plan (WSP15/16) Planning of training for the upcoming year (from 01 April 2015 up to 31 March 2016)

5 Submission due date: 30 APRIL 2015 PayoutPercentage: 20 % of levies received from 01 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 Requirements:ATR + WSP + Signed Authorization page + Proof of Training completed Formats: (On line) Complete, submit & upload supporting documents via Indicium ( This is compulsory for employers employing 50+ employees) (Less than 50 are urged to also make use of Indicium but hard copies will be accepted) Formats: (Hard Copy) Less than 50 > available for download from website 50 and more > Special request form available for download form our website – only applicable to Inter Seta Transfers, newly registered organizations, name/SDL change, poor/no internet connection. Bulk Import New function available for large data imports on ATR & WSP Only available on request – download request form from website or Indicium as indicated

6 Proof of Training  Invoices (preferred proof); or  Certificates (company name stamp); or  Attendance registers; or  Summary of training (Less than 50 only) Sample of 5 pages onlyOFONo change - still make use of OFO version 2013. UploadUpload signed authorization pages, proof of training, banking details on Indicium – no need to email/fax Letters/emailsAll letters and emails available on Indicium under CRM (Client Relationship Management) to view/print Manuals & Guidelines Download/print and read the submission information manuals & guidelines from our website. Indicium Google Best viewed in Google Chrome

7 ATR14/15 & WSP15/16 Submission Due date: THURSDAY, 30 APRIL 2015 @ 24:00 AgriSETA staff will be available until 17:00

8 WSP/ATR Submissions: Tel: (012) 301 5604 / 5637 / 5619 Fax: (012) 325 5845 or 086 532 7041 E-mail: (up to May 2015) (from May 2015 onwards) Post:PO Box 26024, Arcadia,0007 Deliver: AgriSETA House, 529 Belvedere Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0083 For more info on Mandatory Grants please visit our website > Skills Planning > Mandatory Grants

9 To follow …… INDICIUM Training Session By Stanley Masete

10 SDF REGISTRATION PROCESS SDF ACCESS FORGOT PASSWORD FUNCTIONALITY INDICIUM OVERVIEW: Org Details; Org Contact: Org Bank Details; Child Organisations; Training Committee; Org CFO Details; Approved SDFs; WSP & ATR Forms; WSP/ATR Document Uploads; Grants and Levies; Client Relationship Management; EMP 201 ATR/WSP Step-by-Step > How to complete each section and submit the ATR/WSP for both Small and Large organizations Incl. new Bulk Import function DOCUMENT UPLOADS CRM

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