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Introduction to Vocational Rehabilitation for Medical Providers.

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1 Introduction to Vocational Rehabilitation for Medical Providers

2 THIS PRESENTATION WILL EXPLAIN What is Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) How to become a vendor Fees and services Payment process Eligibility criteria to receive services Order of Selection and Waiting List Examples of VR services How to apply for services

3 VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION IS a federal-state program that works with people who have physical or mental disabilities to help them prepare for, gain or retain employment. VR is committed to helping people with disabilities find meaningful careers.

4 HOW TO BECOME A VENDOR 1.Register with MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) statewide electronic procurement system at: This online registration system is designed to streamline interactions between vendors and state government agencies. Registering with MFMP is an important step, because this system is essential in processing payments to vendors for their commodities or services.

5 HOW TO BECOME A VENDOR This online registration must take place prior to VR’s Vendor Application process being initiated. If you experience problems completing your MFMP registration, please contact the MFMP Customer Service Help Desk at 1-866-352-3776. *** Vendors providing direct services to eligible customers are exempt from the 1% fee that MFMP usually charges, even though vendors must agree that they will accept the fee. There will be a disclaimer on all VR authorizations that ensures that VR vendors providing direct consumer services are not subject to this fee.

6 HOW TO BECOME A VENDOR 2.Submit the electronic w-9 to the Department of Financial Services: MyFloridaMarketplace registration and w-9 submission must take place prior to VR's application process being initiated.

7 HOW TO BECOME A VENDOR 3.Apply for Vocational Rehabilitation Registration: To become a registered vendor with VR, you must complete and sign the appropriate vendor application. The application may be found on VR’s website, on the “Vendors” page. This is not an electronic application; it cannot be submitted online. Therefore, please print the application, complete the information required, and be sure to include an authorized signature on the application.

8 HOW TO BECOME A VENDOR 4.Locate Your Profession in the Vendor Qualification Manual In order to process your application, you must attach professional credentials. The required documents are outlined in the Vendor Qualification Manual located on VR’s website,, on the “Vendors” page. For any additional forms, click on the link for your specialty.

9 Group Medical Providers A group of two or more health care providers licensed by the Department of Health legally organized as a partnership, professional corporation, or similar association Requires notarized attestation that all health care providers will maintain appropriate credentials Time length of registration – 5 years

10 HOW TO BECOME A VENDOR 5.Mail or Fax the Completed VR Standard Application with Supporting Documents to: Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor Registration Unit 4070 Esplanade Way Tallahassee, FL 32399-7016 Fax (850) 245-3394 Processing may take up to two weeks. VR will send a letter confirming registration after the application and supporting documents have been processed and approved. Refer all questions to the Vendor Registration Unit. You may reach the unit via email at or call 1-800-451-4327.

11 FEES AND SERVICES Fees are based on the current (date of service) MEDICARE Part B fee schedule. All services MUST be pre-approved by VR prior to the service date. If additional procedures (e.g. labs, x-rays, etc.) are needed at the time of the service, approval must be obtained prior to the procedure. Telephone approval can be given. Failure to obtain approval may result in denial of payment for the additional procedures. Services (labs, x-rays, surgery) MUST be scheduled and performed in a facility and by a provider that has been approved by VR. This includes assistant surgeons and any hospitalist or specialist called in.

12 HOW IS PAYMENT RENDERED? PRIOR to the service being performed, you (the vendor) will receive a 2-page Authorization and Billing Invoice. Without this invoice no service should be performed. This invoice will include the vendor name, customer name, and invoice number. Also included will be an itemized explanation of service, fee code, date of service, authorized amount and total. At the bottom will be the VR Counselor’s signature and a place for the “Signature of Vendor” (your signature).



15 HOW IS PAYMENT RENDERED? This Authorization and Billing Invoice must be signed and returned, with a report (diagnosis, treatment plan, referrals, tests, etc.), in order to be processed for payment. The vendor copy should be kept for your records. Payment will be made within 3 to 4 weeks of receipt of both the invoice and report by the area VR office. Failure to sign or include a report will delay payment until resolution. A subsequent authorization will be issued for any approved additional procedures done on the date of service.

16 TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR VR The individual must have a goal to become employed, and Their physical or mental disability interferes with their ability to become employed, and VR’s help is necessary for them to prepare for, gain, or retain employment

17 WHAT IS ORDER OF SELECTION? Under Order of Selection, all eligible individuals may be placed on a prioritized waiting list based on the significance of their disability. Federal law requires that individuals with the most significant disabilities be served first. Movement on the waiting list depends on funds available and significance of disability.

18 EXAMPLES OF VR SERVICES Medical and Psychological Assessment Vocational Evaluation and Planning Career Counseling and Guidance Training and Education After High School Job-Site Assessment and Accommodations Job Placement Job Coaching On-the-Job Training Supported Employment Assistive Technology and Devices Time-limited Medical and/or Psychological Treatment

19 HOW TO APPLY FOR SERVICES Everyone has the right to apply. Interested individuals should contact the nearest VR office (address can be found on for more information. Those individuals will be invited to the local office for a preliminary assessment with a VR representative.

20 ACCESSING SERVICES 1.A counselor will gather: a.Diagnostics to document a disability b.Information about work history, education, abilities, interests, rehabilitation needs, and possible career goals will be gathered 2.Financial Participation will be determined and may be required 3.Order of Selection will be determined 4.The individual may be placed on the waiting list

21 REMEMBER THE OBJECTIVE! ALL services VR provides MUST Lead to a goal of EMPLOYMENT

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