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Economist Intelligence Unit

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1 Economist Intelligence Unit
word Economist Intelligence Unit Country Reports Industry Trends Viewswire Sezen Tan EIU TÜRKİYE TEMSİLCİSİ EIU 9

2 The world leader in global business analysis
word The world leader in global business analysis Country analysis and forecasting Industry trends and market analysis Risk assessment Management strategies March 2008 9

3 Who we are 9

4 A brand that business leaders trust
The Economist Intelligence Unit is a full-service global research and advisory firm. For more than 60 years, we have delivered vital business intelligence to influential decision-makers around the world. Our extensive global reach and unfettered independence make us the most trusted and valuable resource for international companies, financial institutions and government agencies.

5 We provide executives with business intelligence to make informed global decisions
Country analysis on 203 markets Industry trends in seven key sectors Financial and operational risk assessment Management strategies and best practice

6 Our history Founded in 1946 as a research division to serve The Economist, the Economist Intelligence Unit is now a global organisation with offices in over 40 locations. 1958 1989 1996 2008

7 We are the business-to-business arm of The Economist Group

8 Our kinship to The Economist
Trusted Global Objective Accurate Relevant Influential Outspoken

9 High-tech High-touch We deliver… Electronic services and publications
Custom research and briefings Executive programmes Meetings and roundtables High-tech High-touch

10 What sets us apart Unparalleled reputation for quality Objectivity and independence Comprehensive country coverage Proven forecasting track record Consistent and timely analysis Global network of analysts Global access to senior executives

11 Our products and services

12 We offer full service decision-support and practicefor your business
Benchmark strategies Track developments Get in touch with governments Electronic services and publications Analyse future trends Executive meetings Client Discuss issues with our analysts Custom research and briefings Executive programmes Assess risks Network with executives Develop plans

13 We provide full decision support for global executives
Electronic services and publications Country Report, Country Profile, Country Forecast, Country Commerce, Country Finance ViewsWire, FT News, Business newsletters Risk Briefing, Country Risk Service, Risk Models Industry Briefing, Industry Forecasts, World Commodity Forecasts Executive Briefing, White Papers CountryData, Market Indicators & Forecasts, WorldData, CityData, Worldwide Cost of Living, World Investment Service Analyse world markets Track latest developments Assess business risks Understand industry trends Benchmark best practice Conduct data and trend analysis

14 A road map to our custom research and presentation capabilities
Country analysis Political and economic analysis, and cross-country benchmarking. Risk assessment Sovereign and operational risk management. Market entry and sizing Market entry strategies, market research, sizing and forecasting. Strategic industry analysis Industry benchmarking, pricing and trend analysis. Economic modelling and forecasting Data customisation and econometric analysis. Presentations Independent and objective input for your in-house plannning sessions and strategy meetings Custom research and briefings

15 We offer global networking and peer interchange
Regional peer groups Asia-Pacific Central and East Europe Middle East and Africa South East Asia Country peer groups China Japan Russia Turkey Executive programmes

16 Develop government contacts and network with functional and industry peers
Established in 1956, Economist Conferences is a leading provider of meetings for senior executives seeking insights into today’s most important business issues. Meetings and roundtables Government Roundtables 1–2-day events Executive summits with government leaders Business Roundtables 1–2-day events Conferences on industries, functions, regions and management issues Executive Forums 2 – 3 hours Intimate moderated discussions

17 Full service decision-support in practice
For example, if you are a consumer goods company looking to expand in China China manufacturing and investment roundtables China Country Report, Business China, China Hand, China Forecasting Service Meetings and roundtables Electronic services and publications Client Custom research and briefings Executive programmes Bespoke project on the size of the market for appliances in China Beijing/Shanghai Corporate Network

18 Our people and resources

19 We are headquartered in London with offices in more than 40 cities

20 We have an outstanding team of experts
130 full-time country specialists and economists Three quarters have advanced degrees Expertise in politics, economics, risk and industry Deep understanding of management issues Speak 25 languages

21 Middle East and North Africa 30 Latin America and Caribbean 54
We have a network of 650 full-time and contributing analysts, covering more than 200 countries UK 258 Western Europe 81 Eastern Europe 63 North America 47 Middle East and North Africa 30 Asia and Australasia 85 Latin America and Caribbean 54 Sub-Saharan Africa 82

22 How we think ahead of the curve
Brainstorming with The Economist editorial team Polling our customers worldwide Interviewing top executives and leading thinkers Interaction with executives at meetings Thorough desk research Economic modelling In-country research with government offices, banks, and law firms Access to global public and private- sector databases

23 How we work together with The Economist
Daniel Franklin, executive editor of The Economist and editor- in-chief of, was formerly the editorial director of the Economist Intelligence Unit. The Economist’s editors speak at Economist Conference events. Editors and contributors from The Economist also work on Economist Intelligence Unit research. The Economist uses Economist Intelligence Unit databases.

24 Our methodology 9

25 How we create reliable analysis and forecasts
Ensure quality Review of analysis by country experts Automated checks Final approval by regional heads Qualitative and quantitative approach Apply global assumptions Use a variety of models Provide qualitative insight Gather dependable information Use in-country analysts Select most timely, reliable data Conduct primary research

26 Why we are better than other forecasters
650 analysts, each covering several countries A quantitative and qualitative approach Reliable sources of local data in 203 countries Sensitivity to geopolitical dynamics Independent view Ongoing assessment of global trends and events Over 60 years of experience

27 Economist Intelligence Unit
The Economist Intelligence Unit was more accurate than all other forecasters for Eastern Europe in (average) Competition Economist Intelligence Unit Our advantage Global Insight IMF EBRD Dun & Bradstreet UN William Davidson Institute Vienna Institute Kopint-Datorg Institute for Economic Research European Commission CSFB JP Morgan OECD Goldman Sachs ING Commerzbank Analysis based on mean absolute error for all countries that are forecast. Data sources: EBRD and Consensus Economics. Analysis by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

28 Successful geopolitical forecasts
As far back as December 2005, we drew attention to the possibility of clashes between China’s president, Hu Jintao, and the powerful Communist Party Secretary for Shanghai, Chen Liangyu. By the end of 2006, Mr Chen had been removed; the highest ranking politician to be dismissed for a decade. Throughout 2006, Segolene Royal enjoyed a consistent lead in the opinion polls for the French presidential election over her main rival on the right, Nicolas Sarkozy. As a result, many commentators thought that France was set to elect its first female president. We were more sceptical and, in October 2006, argued that Mr Sarkozy was better placed to win the contest. In 2007 Mr Sarkozy was duly elected president. While other analysts regarded the Bolivian president, Evo Morales, as an unrestrained radical, we accurately predicted the restraints on his room for manoeuvre. These included the difficulty he would face in nationalising the gas industry and in forcing through constitutional changes.

29 Our clients 9

30 Our client profile Like The Economist, the Economist Intelligence Unit reaches an audience of decision-makers and opinion leaders.

31 Our client profile Even Homer Simpson reads The Economist

32 We reach over one million decision-makers around the world
33% Europe 32% North America 22% Asia 7% South/Central America 6% Africa/Middle East Source: Stingray Research, 2005 Data for EIU and EC combined

33 Our clients come from a cross-section of global organisations
31% Industrial 22% Financial 20% Government 17% Education 10% Professional Source: Stingray Research, 2005 Data for EIU and EC combined

34 We provide analysis to senior executives and their staffs
Seniority Function Finance and risk management Strategy and R&D Economics and research Marketing and sales General and international management Knowledge management Technology and operations Legal, HR, administration 20% 16% 14% 8% 6% C-level 24% Business manager 34% Analyst 42% Source: Stingray Research, 2005 Data for EIU and EC combined

35 Our customers are leaders in their fields
ABN AMRO Accenture AIG AT&T Avaya Bain & Company Bank of America Barclays Bank Bayer BearingPoint BMW Boeing Boston Consulting Group British American Tobacco Cadbury-Schweppes Canon Citigroup Coca-Cola Colgate Palmolive Credit Suisse First Boston Daimler Chrysler Daimler Chrysler Danone Deloitte Deutsche Bank Ernst & Young European Parliament Federal Express General Electric GlaxoSmithkline Harvard Business School Hewlett Packard HSBC IBM Insead Intel Johnson & Johnson KPMG Linklaters London School of Economics McKinsey & Company Merrill Lynch Michelin Microsoft Nestle Nokia Nortel Oracle Pfizer Pirelli PricewaterhouseCoopers Procter & Gamble SAB Miller Samsung Shell Sony Toyota Unilever Visa Vodafone Volkswagen Walt Disney Xerox

36 What our clients say about the Economist Intelligence Unit
“The Economist Intelligence Unit provides faculty and students at NYU with an authoritative source of country information.” Mary Jane Pavelcek, International Business Library, New York University “Our partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit has given us a strong return on investment particularly in difficult economic times.” Alfonso di Ianni, Senior Vice President, Oracle “A constant feature in our business resources has been Country Reports. We find their research essential for forward planning.” Charlotte Thell, Senior Economist, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank “Express delivery of relevant information has facilitated our decision-making.” Bengt Westergren, Senior Representative and President, AIG

37 The world leader in global business analysis

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