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2 D EVIN D EHNERT School Phone Number: 484-927-5450 Email Address: Please call, email, or write a note if you have any questions, concerns, or comments! Confidential information cannot be discussed over email.

3 O FF TO A W ONDERFUL START !! A good nights sleep and breakfast or lunch are essential! Please remember to send your child in with their backpack and folder. Check your childs schoolbag and folder every evening! Call the office when: Your child is sick. Also, send in a note when they return. Your address, phone number, work number, or any other emergency information has changed Be sure your child arrives to school on time: 8:30 AM 12:30 PM

4 SWPBS School-Wide Positive Behavior System 1, 2, 3 Magic Clip chart CUBS Rules CUBS tickets/Paw prints

5 K INDERGARTEN CUBS RULES C Care for all property U Use whole body listening B Be responsible S Show respect for all

6 A K INDERGARTEN D AY Opening Exercises Language Arts Reading (RtII) Bathroom/Snack Math Phonics Content Read Aloud Integrated Science, Social Studies, Technology

7 L ANGUAGE A RTS Harcourt Storytown reading series to introduce and develop skills and strategies for reading Comprehension Robust Vocabulary Fundations for focus on specific early literacy skills for reading and writing: Phonological Awareness Phonics High Frequency Words/ Trick Words Comprehension Fluency Handwriting

8 R ESPONSE TO I NSTRUCTION AND I NTERVENTION (R T II)- T EAM T IME Universal assessment using DIBELS Data meetings to determine levels of support Tiered interventions to provide challenge and support for students Junior Great Books – critical thinking skills Text Types – comprehension skills Language Experience Approach and reinforcement of Fundations– vocabulary, phonics and comprehension skills

9 K ID W RITING Students are introduced to the writing process through shared and independent writing activities. Students progress from representing sounds in words they know to eventually writing phrases and sentences.

10 M ATH I S F UN !! Introduce and develop math skills Emphasize Number Sense through hands-on learning using a wide variety of manipulatives: Patterns Graphing/Sorting Addition/Subtraction Time and money Problem solving steps are used to promote higher order thinking skills

11 S OCIAL S TUDIES /S CIENCE Science Themes: Seasons/Weather The 5 Senses Plants Insects Animals Social Studies Themes: Basic Map Skills Citizenship Community Services Holidays Famous Americans

12 T ECHNOLOGY Student Computers Promethean Board Introduction to using the computer as a tool for learning and communication. Software compliments curriculum and provide practice of concepts/skills in subject areas.

13 C ENTER A CTIVITIES Center activities give students the opportunity for practice and application of skills taught during instruction time. Encourages socialization, teamwork, cooperation, and one-on-one time with the teacher.

14 H OMEWORK The purpose of homework in Kindergarten is to reinforce concepts taught in school and foster student responsibility. Be sure your child has an appropriate place at home to do his/her homework. Homework should be done in pencil if written and crayon if colored or drawn.

15 R EPORT C ARDS AND C ONFERENCES Progress Reports 1st and 3rd Marking Periods Summarize progress in reading and math Report Cards 2 nd and 4 th Marking Periods Parent Conferences November February

16 H ELPFUL H INTS Snack and lunch Teddy Bear folder Personal belongings Volunteering Celebrate successes READ TO YOUR CHILD EVERY NIGHT!!!

17 T HANK Y OU F OR C OMING !!! Any Questions?

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