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Welcome to Curriculum Night! Mrs. Halloran & Mrs. Powell Mrs. Halloran & Mrs. Powell 2015- 2016.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night! Mrs. Halloran & Mrs. Powell Mrs. Halloran & Mrs. Powell 2015- 2016

2 School Information Box Tops * Earn money for our school Fundraiser * Yankee Candles PTA Support our school Join tonight

3 Boston Blast * E-mailed from Mrs. Moss on Fridays * Information about what is happening at BES Classroom Distribution/Newsletter * Sent from Mrs. Halloran * Weekly Newsletters * Upcoming classroom events Pink Communication Folder * brought to school and home everyday * agenda in left pocket (lunch/transportation) * Homework and any returned work Communication

4 Color Coded Clip Chart * helps to easily see daily behavior We believe in giving positive reinforcement and redirection in order to avoid your child having to move his/her clothespin. We want them to succeed in all areas of Kindergarten, including behavior. B.E.A.R. Brag Tickets Given to students who are B eneficial E xtraordinary A wesome R esponsible * Students save and earn rewards.

5 7:30-8:00 Morning Work & Attendance 8:00-8:40 Social Studies/Literacy Centers 8:40-9:10 Reading 9:10-9:30 Recess 9:30-10:15Science/Writing 10:32-11:02 Lunch 11:15-11:45 Phonics 11:45-12:30Specials (Art, Music, PE) 12:30-12:50Snack 12:50-1:20Math 1:20 - 1:50Math Centers Daily Schedule

6 * Common Core * Reading Literature * Reading Informational Text * Reading Foundational Skills * Writing * Speaking & Listening * Language Reading Street by Pearson/Scott Foresman Concentrates on five skills Phonemic Awareness Phonics Fluency Vocabulary Comprehension Raz- Kids * Read a book, take a test * Earn prizes for points earned Sight Words * 100 Sight Words Practice and send back to be tested * Learn at own pace English Language Arts Phonics We will be using the Wilson Phonics Program this year.

7 Common Core * Geometry * Operations & Algebraic Thinking * Number & Operations in Base Ten * Measurement and Data Math Plane shapes and solid shapes Positions and patterns Sorting Represent and read numbers 0-30 Comparing sets (greater/less than, equal) Data and graphing Count to 100 by 1s and 10s Count forward from a given number Measurement Length, weight and capacity Addition and Subtraction

8 Social Studies Topics: Holidays (Labor Day, Constitution Day, Columbus Day…) Patriotic Symbols Communities Scarcity (needs vs. wants) Maps and Globes Rules

9  Physical Properties of Matter  Gravity and Motion  Day and Night Sky  Living and Non-Living Things  Animals  Plants  Rocks and Soils

10 Classroom work is checked weekly and sent home. * A star means you did your best!!! * A smiley face means you did a good job. * A check mark means you can do better. I do keep some samples to include in their portfolios or save for conferences. * GKIDS ( Kindergarten Report Card) every quarter * Each child is tested individually * Please sign and return report card folders Grading

11 * Homework packet each Monday * Consists of math, reading and language arts * Due to school Friday morning * Try not to do it all on Monday! * Daily reading expected for 10-20 minutes * Sight word practice booklets Nightly Homework

12 Resources Boston Elementary website Mrs. Halloran’s website Parent Link to Standarhttps://www.geor parents.aspxds Room Parents Roxanne Foster Britton Maynard

13 G ENERAL I NFORMATION Please help your child learn his/her ID#. Label anything that your child can take off or leave at school. Please keep all phone numbers and change of addresses up-to-date. Remember to send in a written excuse when your child is absent. Please use envelopes for any money coming to school…remember to write your child’s name on it. Please help your child learn how to tie his/her shoes.


15 P ARENT C ONFERENCES Conferences are held twice during the year: A fall conference in October. A spring conference in March (upon request). However, I am available throughout the year to discuss your child’s progress or concerns you may have. Times: 7:00 am – 7:30 am 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm May accommodate later times upon request *Phone conference, if needed.



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