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Kindergarten Mrs. Moore Mrs. Riley Mrs. Miller Mrs. Herron Mrs. Hawkins Mrs. Lairsen.

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1 Kindergarten Mrs. Moore Mrs. Riley Mrs. Miller Mrs. Herron Mrs. Hawkins Mrs. Lairsen

2 Good Morning Purefoy

3 Calendar Time Calendar Activities: Calendar Grid – Days of the Week, Months of the Year, patterning, shapes, counting, ordinal numbers and directionality Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Number Line – patterning, skip counting Tally Marks – counting, grouping of multiples of 5s and 10s Odd/Even – number identification, patterning and concept of odd and even Place Value – counting, grouping numbers by 1s, 10s, 100s. Weather Graph – graphing, temperature, seasons and weather conditions Piggy Bank – counting, number sense, coin recognition, money 100 Chart – patterning, number sense, multiple numbers, skip counting Clock – counting by 1s and 5s, number sense, and time Problem Solving – mental math to solve story problems. Subitizing - knowing a number without counting.

4 I and E time Time (8:05-8:35) What does it look like??? *15 minute teacher led small groups working on reteaching of reading and math concepts. Kindergarten will keep their groups small (6 or less.)

5 Word Work King/Queen Of The Day Morning Message Whole Group Phonics Lessons

6 Shared Reading We teach concepts of print using big books. Day 1 – Comprehension Day 2 – Phonemic Awareness Activities Day 3 – Vocabulary/Word Study Day 4 - Conventions/Mechanics Day 5 – Fluency and Responding to Text

7 Literacy centers Literacy Centers –Word Work –ABC center –Write the Room –Poetry –Listening Center –Pocket Chart –Book Center –Story Retelling/Library Center –Computers Guided Reading –Students will read 2 new books each week that our on their instructional level. –Students will take 2 new books home each week to read for fluency.

8 Handwriting Your child will be using the Letters and Numbers for Me workbook to print letters and numbers, words, and simple sentences. The workbook includes lessons using large arm movements, air tracing, letter sizes and places exercises, and more. These strategies invite active participation and address diverse learning styles so that all children achieve their highest potential and develop a love of learning. Lessons present new concepts in order from the easiest to the most challenging so that children master skills one step at a time to develop ease and confidence. To learn more about this model, please visit to watch how-to videos that will show you what your child will be

9 Social Studies Whole Group Lessons Integrated in Literacy Centers The “BIG” Ideas –1 st Nine Weeks – My School and Me –2 nd Nine Weeks – Culture and Tradition –3 rd Nine Weeks – My Community –4 th Nine Weeks – Patriotic Symbols and Figures

10 Recess & Lunch

11 Writer’s Workshop Mini Lesson (Using Lucy Calkins Lessons) Independent Writing Time Share Time 6 Traits of Writing *Ideas *Organization *Word Choice *Sentence Fluency *Voice *Conventions

12 Math & Science Whole Group Math & Science Stations(math literacy, math games, tubs, blocks & computers, science) Math Journal

13 Specials Art P.E. (2 days) Music Computers Library Days – Tuesday: Riley & Miller Wednesday: Moore & Herron Thursday: Lairsen & Hawkins

14 SCIENCE Experiments Science Center Science Journal

15 Snack Developmental Centers Teacher – Assessments, Student Conference (academic or social), parent communication (folder, etc.) pulling small groups for reading or math, monitoring students. Student – Choice Time: writing, reading, blocks, painting, crafts, puppets, dramatic play, library, games, writing, science exploration, games, etc. Every center will provide reading and writing opportunities. Stack and Pack

16 Purefoy Promise Our Purefoy promise is to choose the me I want to be, by being SAFE everyday. I will: Show Respect, Act Resposibly, Focus on Learning Expect the Best *What is an OOPS slip?

17 Newsletters will be emailed and posted on our website. Please log on to our website for kindergarten information, or look at photos of our learning!

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