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Welcome to Curriculum Night Chaparral Kindergarten 2015-2016.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night Chaparral Kindergarten 2015-2016

2 What do you remember about Kindergarten?

3 Past vs. Present Kindergarten now is not like your kindergarten. Using scissors, shapes, colors, writing name, knowing some numbers and some letters are things we consider “preschool” skills. Reinforcement at home is SO important!!! We are a partnership- we need to work together to help your child be successful!

4 Daily Routine/Schedule 8:10-8:30 a.m. Warm Up 8:30-9:30 a.m. Math 9:30-9:45 a.m. Snack/Recess 9:45-10:40 a.m. Writing/Phonics 10:45-11:15 a.m. Lunch/Recess 11:15-11:45 Rest/Read Aloud 11:45-1:00 p.m. Language Arts 1:00-1:15 p.m. Snack/Recess 1:30-2:15 p.m. Specials 2:15-2:40 p.m. Class Wrap Up 2:40-2:50 p.m. Clean Up 2:55 p.m. Dismissal

5 Playground Snack- children are expected to sit down and eat their snack first and then they can go and play. All students are to go down the slide on their bottom. No rough play. Keep our hands to ourselves. No pretending or playing of guns. Not allowed to walk in the dirt around the tree. Let’s keep our playground clean! – Please reinforce the need to throw trash away into the trash can.

6 Behavior System Clip Chart Advantages: Students are acknowledged for positive behavior choices. Students feel a sense of accomplishment when they make good behavior choices and move their clip up. Students who have had to move their clip down always have the opportunity to improve and clip up later in the day, thus they continue to stay motivated to make positive behavior choices.

7 Language and Math Standards National Standards that almost all states have adopted Common ground for all kindergarten students in the country Common Core Standards

8 Math Language Arts Operations and Algebraic Thinking Geometry Numbers in Base Ten Counting and Cardinality Mathematical Practices Measurement and Data Reading Informational Text Language and Grammar Writing Reading Literary Text Speaking and Listening Foundational Skills

9 Journey to Reading Print concepts Phonemic awareness Phonics Vocabulary Comprehension Small groups will be implemented daily for personalized instruction at your child’s reading level.

10 Guided Reading Phonics review Sight Word review Introduce a focus skill – Phonics skill, decoding skill, comprehension skill Read a leveled reader – Skill focus each day Students will take home the book to read at home – It’s okay to read a book more than once! – Find words or letters within a book – Check for concepts of print- letters, words, sentences – Notice punctuation and spaces. Beginning in 2 nd Quarter, expect a new book every 2 days at the beginning, once a week later in the year

11 Writing Mini-lesson – Focuses on a specific skill/idea that the children are encouraged to try out during writing time. Writing time – Students are encouraged to draw & write about self-selected topics. – I conference with students during this time to discuss their writing. Sharing – A time where we share our drawing/pictures and celebrate the wonderful work we are doing. Write From the Beginning – Thinking Maps – Rubrics 5 Star Sentences – Capitals, spaces, punctuation, neatness, sound/spelling

12 Kindergarten Math Addition/ Subtraction Through 10 Patterns Non-Standard Measurement Counting 2-D and 3-D Shapes By 1s By 10s By 5s Comparing

13 Kindergarten Science Rocks & Soil Plants and Animals 5 Senses Push and Pull Weather & Seasons

14 Kindergarten Social Studies American Symbols Presidents & Important Americans Maps & Globes National Holidays Jobs and Community

15 Parent Resources There are many resources available to help your child this year. – ABC, blends, and digraphs chants – Class Website – Scholastic book orders Sent home monthly and have a lot of great books for your child to develop skills and practice reading fluently. – is a great site for reading games, online books and comprehension.

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