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Brilliant Beginnings Michelle Berkshire Kristine Davi Jennie Hossack Janifer Haddock Jen Mellow.

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1 Brilliant Beginnings Michelle Berkshire Kristine Davi Jennie Hossack Janifer Haddock Jen Mellow

2 Adopted Curriculum Materials Includes: Big Books Story Books Vocabulary Cards Visual Aides Sing-a-longs Math manipulatives

3 Splash Themes: Each last 4 weeks My School and Me My Family and Friends Giants Choices Stories and Rhymes I Build! I Create! Things that Move Animals Changes

4 Letter and Word Knowledge Letter names and sounds Identify letters in words Written Expression Copy letters Write name Draw pictures o Fluency Speak with proper tone Listen to fluent reading Literacy and Language Phonological Awareness Syllables Rhyming Same/different Words Identify sounds in words Comprehension Compare and contrast Connection to text Identify and retell information Predict Discuss/retell a story Oral Language/ Vocabulary Follow directions Name objects Interpret illustrations Develop vocabulary Book/Print Awareness Count words in a sentence Directionality of print Roles of author and illustrator

5 Math Concepts Geometry and Spatial Sense Shapes Positional words Patterns Measurement Compare Numbers and Operations Compare sets Count to 20 or higher Count objects and sets Identify numerals 1-10 1-1 correspondence Problem Solving Data Collection Sorting by attribute(s)

6 Social Studies Habitats Communities Families Cultures

7 Science Science Process Building Observing Investigating Science concepts Patterns in nature Growing up Sun, moon, and stars Animals Plants Matter Senses

8 Physical Development Gross motor Awareness of body parts Follow sequence of movements Coordination and balance Fine motor Cutting with scissors Gripping pencil/crayons correctly Eye hand coordination

9 Dramatic Play We will be changing our dramatic play approximately every 4 weeks to follow the theme We will need your help in borrowing theme related materials

10 Fine Arts and music Draw pictures Create artwork Clap patterns Explore rhythm Singing songs

11 Not all concepts will be taught to mastery We use the early Learning standards set forth by Arizona Dept. of Education

12 Social/Emotional Development Discuss emotions Express opinions Cooperate with others Care for classroom Respect and share with others

13 Conscious discipline Community of learners Focuses on social/emotional development Promotes positive behaviors Teaches various strategies Parent classes offered once a month

14 Parent Helpers If interested in volunteering in class or help with parties, please fill out a volunteer packet. Stephanie has packets in the office. Siblings under 18 cannot come to volunteer.

15 Newsletters and communication Newsletters are sent home weekly via email. Email is the best way to reach us! Parent boards outside each classroom to give updates.

16 CBDM: Testing Online assessments done to monitor progress of skills Baseline assessments done at beginning of year on letter identification

17 Conferences and Progress We will meet for parent/teacher conferences twice: October and March We will be sharing data with you via portfolios, data sheets, and checklists at these times.

18 Pick up Please be prompt in picking children up. This time is our prep/lunch time.

19 Forms Please fill out and return: Yellow Emergency card Student code of conduct form **See classroom teacher if you need new ones

20 Questions?

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