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Presented For: MoanaCo February 15, 2013 NaluHou.

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2 Presented For: MoanaCo February 15, 2013 NaluHou

3 Product Overviews Defining Cloud Computing Microsoft Office 2010 vs. Google Apps Applications Features Benefits Cost NaluHou

4 Cloud Computing Anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet Offers moving data online Able to have access from any internet-connected computer or device any where in the world Everything is stored in the cloud NaluHou

5 Microsoft Office 2010 Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook Access OneNote NaluHou

6 Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Cons Able to work offline Widely used by many users When you computer crashes you loose all information Need to reload software Pay to upgrade NaluHou

7 Microsoft Office 2010 Estimated Price $189.99 per/computer

8 Google Apps Doc Spread Sheet Slides Google Chrome Gmail Google Drive Google Calendar Google maps NaluHou

9 Google Apps Pro Cons Able to access any place/any device Auto save frequently Auto updates Shared capabilities with more than one user Need internet to have access Don’t need to reload software NaluHou

10 Google Apps Estimated Price and Features $5/user/month or $50/user/per year

11 NaluHou Recommendations: Google Apps Free Trial for 30 days 24/7 help Access from any device/anywhere Cost efficient

12 NaluHou Thank you for your time Presented by: Team 4

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