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2 Who is Avaya Financial Services AFS is the world’s largest telecom lessor –Over $3 Billion in Assets –Annual funding volumes in excess of $700 million Avaya’s funding partner. AFS offers it’s customers the ability to acquire equipment through seemless integration with Avaya sales and services AFS has in-depth knowledge of Avaya products and offers industry leading funding solutions to it’s customers

3 The BIG Questions I want to take advantage of the latest technology today, but how am I going to budget for this or pay for it? I have a limited IT budget, I would like to upgrade my equipment, but how am I going to get everything I want on my limited budget? The equipment is more expensive than I have budgeted for; therefore do I cut other IT expenses to acquire this equipment, or delay the acquisition until the funds are budgeted, or buy less than what I really need? My budget this year does not allow for any equipment upgrades, so how do I acquire the technology today and pay for it next year?

4 AFS Offers AFS can work with you to structure a funding solution that fits within your budgetary limitations –Payments can be deferred until budget monies become available –90 days/120 days “Same as Cash” offers which allow you to acquire the equipment today, have no payments for 90 or 120 days then pay for the equipment for same as cash price –Step payment structures which allow you to pay what your budget allows for today, then increase your payments as more budgetary funds become available

5 AFS Offers AFS structures it’s funding solutions in the form of a lease. Leases can be either; –Capital Lease – customer owns equipment at the end –Operating Lease – equipment is owned by AFS with an option to renew, return or purchase at the end

6 AFS Offers AFS offers short term funding solutions –90/120 day same as cash (no interest) –18/24/36 month capital or operating leases –3 semi-annual payments and title transfers to the customer –Interest free 18 or 24 month funding solutions for qualified customers AFS offers long term funding solutions –36, 48, 60 month terms –Payments can be deferred upfront to accommodate budgetary constraints –Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual depending on your needs –Interest free funding solutions for qualified customers.

7 What all can I fund through AFS? New equipment & equipment upgrades Avaya Services Avaya Maintenance Wire & Cable Software Installation

8 Why Lease? Overcomes budget limitations –Addresses the question “how am I going to pay for it?” Technology Refresh –Keeps your business abreast of current technology Upgrade and Product Migration Programs –Continuous investment in state of the art technology Lifecycle Investment Protection –Hedges against obsolescence No upfront costs or heavy down payments –Financial solutions that complement technology solutions “One stop shopping” advantage

9 Leasing’s Financial Implications Improves Cash Flow Balance Sheet Management Manages Obsolescence Tax Positions Helps with Asset Management 100% Financing Fast Convenient

10 AFS Funding Solutions Create “Buying Power” EXAMPLE: Customer’s lease today is $8000 per month. No additional budgetary monies are available, however, customer wants to refresh their technology. How can this be done? Solution: The existing lease is collapsed and refinanced thus creating “buying power”. If the refinance payment equals $2500 per month, then the “buying power” would be $5500 per month or $183,000 over a new 3 year term. The payment stays the same at $8000 per month, the customer acquires $183,000 in new equipment.

11 AFS Funding Solutions Create “Buying Power” Example: Customer is currently paying networking charges of $9000 per month today. Customer would like to replace or upgrade their equipment to the latest technology, however the funds are not available. Solution: By improving or refreshing the technology and networking the telecommunications equipment, network charges may decrease dramatically. If network charges were to decrease to $2500 per month in this case, this creates buying power of $6500 per month or $367,000 of “buying power”. Cash outflow per month remains at $9000 per month ($2500 toward networking charges and $6500 to AFS to fund the new equipment).

12 HOW CAN A FUNDING SOLUTION ASSIST YOU? Allows you to acquire new technology today All risk of obsolescence is transferred to AFS AFS manages the disposal of outdated equipment Flexible payment options Keeps you abreast of current technology Allows you to conserve cash for other projects Preserves credit lines and working capital in the business Allows you to pay for the equipment as it generates income for the business (“pay as you go”)

13 Questions? Avaya Financial Services Cindy Grimes Tel: 1-877-584-1503 Email:

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