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Edmonton Police Service Report a Drug House

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1 Edmonton Police Service Report a Drug House
Keeping Drug Dealers on the Run: A Quality of Life Initiative

2 Background Large geographic area; diverse community with lowest police to citizen ratio. 300,000 pop. / 120 patrol members Not typical drug neighborhoods Increase in hard drugs in these areas and a rise in property crime and disorder. Booming economy/population shift

3 Scan Awareness of problem through Target Hardening and tasked Drug House work Crime existed but unreported (apathy) Typical law enforcement ineffective/triage Perception by Community that Dealers operating with impunity/good people moving (not acceptable)

4 Analysis ‘Report a Drug House’ in Sept a forum for the public to report drug houses. The key to success; community involvement. Direct connection to property crime and disorder as reports flowed in (analysis)

5 Analysis Ritchie area (20 sq. blocks) 35% drop in these crimes immediately and current “cut my teeth” on notorious Drug Houses in this Community Utilizing these new methods, these 3 neighboring houses were closed A temporary spike with 2 other Houses in the area, they were shut down and the drop in crime still stands

6 Analysis Definition of a Drug House;
“Any residence with drug activity that attracts the attention of the community and negatively impacts quality of life in the community.” 3 Levels of Drug Houses: High-level (fortified and/or labs) Mid-level (dial-a-dopers, property for drugs, high traffic) Low-level (minor drug activity, party houses)

7 Response Decision to target drug houses to disrupt criminal activity and improve quality of life for neighbors. Media blitz and Drug House pamphlet (5000) in public places with phone line.

8 Response

9 Response Community Stations and Patrol Officers to report citizen complaints of drug houses. All S. Div. Crime Stopper tips on drug houses. 48 drug houses reported in one week; 186 reported from Sept to June 2006. Centralized data collection. Ongoing analysis.

10 Response Physical look at house Identify tenants/owners (plates, mail)
Information gathering (community) Gather all intelligence on address and names (CPIC {NCIC} and internal data) Initial “recce” of the property Physical look at house Identify tenants/owners (plates, mail) Talk to neighbors/”knock and talk” Analyze data received from “recce”

11 Response 1st visit to tenants and warning Partnership action
Letters to neighbors Eviction if needed

12 Partnerships Community Landlords Intra-Agency Municipal Departments
Provincial (State) Agencies Federal (Drug Court)

Good Day, I am Cst. BRODEUR of the South Division, Report a Drug House Initiative, are you the owner of (House)? I have received anonymous information in regards to criminal activity at this address. What can you tell me about this? I’m sorry sir, due to privacy concerns I cannot divulge personal information in regards to the tenants in this house, however, I am involved in an ongoing investigation pertaining to this address. As a Landlord I believe you should know what is happening at your house; there is a lot of vehicle traffic, short visits in nature where someone from your house comes out to the vehicle quickly and delivers a package of some kind. there is a venting system coming from the house I have received reports of strange odors coming from the house horrible condition of the house and yard, lots of garbage windows are blacked out Police have attended this address before, though I cannot divulge this information to you, under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, you can write to the Correspondence Unit at Police Headquarters and request our files pertaining to your address. Again, is there anything you can tell me about this? Have a good day and please call me if you need any assistance. (phones and address)

14 Assessment 186 addresses reported Problems-Solutions
162 cleared (111 concluded, 51 inactive) 88% clearance rate 80% rate that fit the 3 levels of drug houses Problems-Solutions Sped up Court process (no longer need for lawyers and bailiffs) Internal Affairs (pro-active communication)

15 Assessment Displacement Commitment Current working model and expanding
Expanding program through the city Neighboring jurisdictions seeking assistance Re-establishment never as large or overt Commitment Current working model and expanding Other jurisdictions seeking template

16 Assessment Benefits Cost effective Utilization of volunteers/students
Intelligence network (#1 citywide) Increase in rate of Police satisfaction Decrease in property crime >35% Disorder no longer an issue Nexus removed and property crime in Ritchie have remained down(25-35%)

17 Contact Information South Division #104 Youville Dr. E. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6L-7H6 Constable Maurice Brodeur (Reg. #1848 ) Community Programs Ph: (780) or Fax: (780)

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