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Kennewick Police Department Sex Offender Notification.

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1 Kennewick Police Department Sex Offender Notification


3 Officer Knox has been a Patrol Officer and a Detective for the department for 24years. He requested the assignment of Sex Offender Notification Officer in 2006. A typical day for Officer Knox is monitoring of sex offenders living in Kennewick by doing periodic checks in their homes (30-40 monthly), notifying community members through media and mail notification of sex offender status, assisting Department of Corrections with SO’s on probation and community education presentations.


5  RCW 4.24.550 In 1990, Washington State developed this legislation to allow law enforcement agencies to notify the community about sex offenders living in our communities. Provide sex offender’s information to include the crime of conviction, and the hundred block of their address. (Officer Knox mails notification to residents within the hundred block when an SO moves into the neighborhood)

6  Level I (Lowest) - Low risk to re-offend  Level II - Moderate risk to re-offend  Level III - High risk to re-offend

7  RCW 9A.44.130 Any individual convicted of any sex or kidnapping offense or an individual who has been found not guilty by reason of insanity of committing a sex or kidnapping offense is required to register with the county sheriff’s office.

8  Report to Community Corrections Officer  Work at DOC approved activities  Not possess/consume illicit substances  Pay supervision fees  Remain within DOC approved area  Show compliance with DOC monitoring  Submit to urine testing.  Participate in a sex offender treatment program.  No contact with children under 18 years old  Cannot possess pornographic materials

9 Victims under 12 years old

10  Officer Knox firmly believes that being a part of your children’s life keeps you informed and aware of what is going on in their world.  His tips for keeping kids safe are: -Keep open communication with kids -Talk to them about any inappropriate touching - Assure them that it is not their fault - Explain to them they will never be in trouble for talking.

11 Community Resources and Education

12  Other topics we covered were:  Megan’s Law  End of Sentencing Review Boards ( How SO levels are determined.

13 Officer Allan Knox (585-4470) will host a public information meeting at the library. This is the monthly meeting that is held the second Wednesday of each month at this location. The meetings typically last around an hour.  Topics include:  What is a Registered Sex Offender?  How long must they remain listed as a Registered Sex Offender?  Where are they allowed to live?  Can they be around children?  What should I do if there is a Registered Sex Offender in my neighborhood?  Also present to help answer questions will be representatives from the Washington Department of Corrections (DOC).  The Sexual Assault Response Center (SARC) will also be present to share information on the various services that they have to offer. This includes victim assistance, talking to children about stranger danger, etc.

14   This link provides all the sexual assault programs in WA state

15  City of Kennewick  Benton County  Franklin County  Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs  National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

16  He responded with two ways:  Get victims the help they need to be able to effectively address what has happened to them  Treat everyone involved with respect, including the perpetrator.  He feels if he has done these two things then he can move forward and know he has done everything he can to help prevent further assault.

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