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Neighborhood Watch John E. Williams, CPS Certified Crime Prevention Specialist Beavercreek Police Department.

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2 Neighborhood Watch John E. Williams, CPS Certified Crime Prevention Specialist Beavercreek Police Department

3 Neighborhood Watch In order for Crime to occur, three elements must be present. These elements of crime are usually depicted in a triangle.

4 Neighborhood Watch Desire How bad does the criminal want to do the crime? Ability How good is the criminal at committing the crime? Opportunity How easy have you made it for the crime to occur?

5 Criminal Victimization Attitudinal Factors “DAC = CAD” D - Denial A - Apathy C - Complacent D - DEATH C - Criminal Victimization A –Affliction

6 What is Neighborhood Watch? A program involving the joint efforts of the police, the community, designed to enhance neighborhood security, heighten the community’s power of observation, and to encourage mutual assistance and concern among neighbors.

7 Neighborhood Watch Crime Prevention is enhanced when citizens care for the welfare of their neighbors, as well as their own. Knowledge is a powerful tool… * Know who your neighbors are! *Know what cars they drive! *Know when they are away!

8 Neighborhood Watch is quite similar to a team. On any team There is a: *Coordinator *Block Captains *Team Members

9 Neighborhood Watch Coordinator The Coordinator’s job is crucial to the success of the program. This may be just the right job for association presidents or other individuals who has extra time at home. This person’s responsibilities may include: Expanding the program and maintain a current list of participants and neighborhood residents, including names, address, home and work telephone numbers, and vehicle descriptions Acting as liaison between WATCH members, law enforcement officers, civic groups, and block captains; Arranging neighborhood crime prevention training programs; Obtaining and distributing crime prevention materials, such as news letters and signs.

10 Block Captain The Block Captain is the primary link in the neighborhood watch chain of command. There should be no more than 10-15 homes per Block captain. The duties include the following tasks: Meet each resident in your assigned area and encourage them to become a member of your team. Maintain an emergency phone e-mail list of all your team members. Be available to pass on information to your team members.

11 Team Members You are the most important part of the program! Observe and report suspicious activities to you’re your team leader Assist the team leader if needed Attend the group meetings

12 Requirements A.Monthly Meetings (Quarterly Required) B.Maintain a Current Phone / E-mail Listing C.Annual Community Event Block Party, Cookout, Swim Party, etc. Have Fun !!!

13 Identifying / Reporting Suspicious Activity 1.Anyone with a weapon! 2.Somebody running from a home or vehicle 3.Someone screaming 4.Anyone who just doesn’t fit – Trust Your Feelings 5.Stranger carrying a TV, stereo…pillowcase 6.Person looking into cars 7.Someone ringing doorbells..No Soliciting 8.Someone on side/rear of neighbors home 9.Subject driving with no lights or speeding

14 Neighborhood Watch In the event of an emergency call 911

15 Philosophy of Crime Prevention The Four D’s Deny: Deny entry or opportunity Delay: Utilize Security devices…locks or other security hardware Detect: Discover entry… alarms, neighbors, police, etc. Displacement: Make “them” look elsewhere

16 Residence Security Survey Three Major Objectives: Assess Current Security Status Identify Security Deficiencies Suggest Improvements

17 Residence Security Survey Three Critical Elements: Physical Security Assessment Family Security Assessment Information Security Assessment

18 Residence Security Survey (Physical Security) CPTED Doors Windows Locks Lighting Fencing Alarm Intrusion Systems Fire Protections Access Control Residence Location Parking Communication Resources Landscaping

19 Residence Security Survey (Information Security) Identity Theft Verbal, Fax & Data Computer System & Network Security Records, Documents, Correspondence Family Plans Destruction of Confidential Documents Family Emergency Plans Security Awareness Training for Family Members

20 Remember Crime Prevention is Everyone’s Responsibility This Is Your Community The Beavercreek Police Dept. Is Here To Assist You … Build A Safer Tomorrow Today

21 Recieve Crime Prevention Training

22 Identity Theft “The Crime of the Millennium” John E. Williams John E. Williams Crime Prevention Specialist Beavercreek Police Department

23 “Skimming” Always be aware of your credit card. Its’ info can be easily stolen.

24 “TAP” Terrorist Awareness & Prevention

25 Teen & Youth Internet Safety How do you want them to think?!!

26 Other trainings available to NW members Personal Safety Stranger Danger Workplace Violence Many More….

27 YOU ARE THE PREVENTION ! Neighbors watching over neighbors

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