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Drug Eviction Education

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1 Drug Eviction Education
P.S. Kelly Raker Cincinnati Police Central Vice Control Section

2 Working Together The most effective way to address illegal activity on rental property is a coordinated effort between police, landlords & neighbors.

3 The High Price of Drug Dealers
Declines in property value Property damage Toxic Contamination Civil penalties Damage due to police drug raids Loss of rent due to eviction & repair Fear & Frustration

4 Criteria Necessary For Drug Eviction
Felony Drug Activity Search or Consent to Search Controlled Purchases Spirit of the Law vs. Letter of the Law

5 Drug Eviction Notices Certified Letters sent to the owners/property mgt. companies. Return response to Police Department.

6 Responsibilities of the Owner/Property Mgt. Companies
Begin the eviction process The Hamilton County Clerk of Courts website

7 Active Management Benefits
Stable, more satisfied tenant base Increased demand for rental units Lower maintenance & repair costs Improved property value Improved personal safety for tenants & landlords Appreciative neighbors

8 Signs of Drug Activity Easy Access to the Building

9 Signs of Drug Activity Littered grounds.

10 Signs of Drug Activity

11 Signs of Drug Activity

12 Signs of Drug Activity Constant Traffic (Vehicular and Pedestrian)
Numerous Calls/Responses by the Police Dept. Non-resident loiterers. Odor of Drugs Shoes thrown over utility wires.

13 Crack-Cocaine Ready for Sale

14 Crack Pipe

15 Bindles of Heroin

16 Tools of the Trade

17 Mid-Level Drugs & Proceeds

18 Concealment Tools

19 Concealment Tools

20 Concealment Tools

21 Concealment Tools

22 Living Quarters of a Drug Dealer

23 Marijuana Grow Operation

24 Marijuana Grow Operation

25 Marijuana Grow Operation

26 Your Property After a Police Raid

27 Natural Surveillance Crime is less likely to occur if criminals believe they are being observed

28 Active Control Crime is less likely to occur if criminals believe that entry to property is difficult or that escape routes are blocked Locked doors Deadbolt locks Security pins in windows & sliding glass doors

29 Territoriality Make a psychological impression that someone cares about the property & will engage in it’s defense Maintain general cleanliness Encourage tenants to report strangers Clean graffiti off property quickly ** a clean wall sends a message**

30 Solutions Be visible at your properties.
Include a “No Tolerance” drug policy in the lease. Document problem tenants. Know who is living in your building Guests of tenants

31 Solutions Report drug activity to Street Corner Unit.
Assist the Police by allowing investigators full legal access. Background checks on tenants. Post large “No Trespassing” signs.

32 Solutions

33 Keeping the Criminals Out
Use Lighting to it’s best advantage Trim bushes & trees Make sure fences do not obstruct views Control Traffic flow & access do not let the dealers run a “drive-through”

34 Applicant Screening BE CONSISTENT!!!!!
The key lies in a FAIR screening process Do not directly or indirectly discriminate based on any of the federally protected classes

35 Applicant Screening Guidelines
Ask for a photo id Present the same document to all applicants regarding rules of the property Refuse to rent to anyone that lies or presents false information on the application BACKGROUND CHECK!!!!!

36 Drug Eviction Education
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