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Memorial School Welcome back!. Memorial School : A Community of Learners.

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1 Memorial School Welcome back!

2 Memorial School : A Community of Learners

3 Adults in our school… Mrs. Laverne OBoyle, principal Mrs. Gina Boisits, teacher in charge Mrs. Linda DeBenedetto, school secretary Mrs. Anna Tormey and Mrs. Ann Battaglia, part-time office assistants 17 classroom teachers 10 special area teachers Full time nurse, Mrs. Certosimo Day time custodian, Mr. Sean OHare


5 Adults in our school… Child study team members: Mrs. Sheree Levison, Dr. Nansie Ross and Ms. Lindsay Abramowitz (at Memorial School part time) Many instructional aides and lunch aides Countless parent volunteers helping in every imaginable way Student teachers and practicum teachers from a variety of universities, learning the art and science of teaching from the best


7 Coming and Going…. The safety of the children is our top priority. Please read the following very carefully and adhere to the rules. Doing so will help us run safe and orderly arrivals and dismissals throughout the year.


9 Coming and Going… ARRIVAL Children should exit/enter cars on the sidewalk side to insure safety. Children should be dropped off no earlier than 8:45 A.M. Doors will be open between 8:45 and 9:00. You are welcome to walk your child to the door AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR IN THE DROP OFF AREA. Each door is supervised by a caring adult. Teachers supervise students exiting busses daily.

10 Books & Beyond Dive Into Reading

11 Reading in the E.L.C.

12 Coming and Going… ARRIVAL Please try to get your child to school ON TIME. Tardiness is disruptive to your child AND his classmates. Please keep your child home if he is sick. A child should be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to school.


14 Coming and Going… DISMISSAL Please be on time picking your child up from school. Please limit dismissal changes. Please do not email any changes for your childs dismissal. If there is a change in dismissal, please send a note with your child in the morning.

15 Kindergarten Fathers Day Breakfast

16 Coming and Going….. DISMISSAL BUS RIDERS Teachers supervise students boarding the busses daily. Fourth grade student safeties are assigned to help in many ways during dismissal. Adults ride each bus during the first few days of school to ensure students get home safely. Please expect the busses to take some extra time in the beginning of the year.

17 West Brook Students Visit ESL

18 Coming and Going….. DISMISSAL WALKERS Kindergarten walkers will be dismissed through Mrs. Duffys classroom door on Washington Place. Look for the sign. Grades one through four walkers will be dismissed at main door on Washington Place. We strongly discourage picking children up at the main doors on Midland Avenue.

19 3 rd Grade Studies Native Americans

20 Coming and Going Please… Let your child know how he/she will be dismissed (bus, walk, etc.) to lessen his anxiety. Assure your child that he will never be left alone if you have an emergency and are going to be late. Notify the office as soon as possible if you know you will be late.

21 Coming and Going….. Unless there is an emergency, please REFRAIN from calling the office at the last minute to change your childs dismissal procedure. This is VERY disruptive to maintaining a smooth and safe dismissal process for all of our students. The safety of your child is our TOP priority. We have 340 students to dismiss each day and take our responsibility very seriously.

22 Author/Illustrator Visits

23 Lunchtime Students will have twenty minutes to eat. Please send in a nutritious lunch. Please refrain from dropping lunch off during the school day. This is very disruptive to your child and his classmates. We believe in playing! Students will go outside whenever possible. Please dress your child appropriately.

24 Chinese New Year

25 School Safety… All doors will be locked at 9:00. Use the buzzer at the main entrance and come into the office to sign in when visiting. If you are visiting a classroom, you will need a guest badge generated by our Visitor Management System. The first time you register in the Visitor Management System, you will need to show us your drivers license.

26 Author/Illustrator Laurie Kellers Visit

27 Honeywell Instant Alert We use the Honeywell Instant Alert System as one communication tool. Alerts are used to remind parents of special events, contact them in case of weather related closings, and contact them in case of an emergency. Alerts can be sent via text message, phone call and/or email. Please use the directions given to register all important phone numbers. Please remember to update this information when necessary.

28 Titanic Research

29 Specials Each week your child will have… Physical education two times with Mr. Kukla. Please dress accordingly! Art with Ms. Zadigian. Music with Mrs. Hart. The media center with Mrs. Creste.

30 Art lesson with a visiting author/illustrator

31 Please join us…. VOLUNTEER Join the PTA and come to meetings Help at the Fun Fair, the Halloween Party, Walk- a-thon, or any of the other school wide events Help at the Book Fairs Help Mrs. Creste in the library Help with the Books and Beyond bulletin board Help in our Environmental Learning Center Ask your childs teacher what you can do to help! WE APPRECIATE OUR DEDICATED PARENT VOLUNTEERS!


33 We are here to help…. Please feel free to email your childs teacher or the principal with any questions you may have. All email addresses are the first initial and full last name followed by For example…if you want to contact the principal:


35 School Website Keep up to date with school events and PTA meetings by visiting our website. Go to : http://www.param http://www.param Or just google, paramus schools

36 Principal for a Day!

37 Lets Have a Great Year!

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