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Full Day Kindergarten at Grain Valley R-V School District Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 1 of 23.

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1 Full Day Kindergarten at Grain Valley R-V School District Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 1 of 23

2 Full Day Kindergarten The Grain Valley R-V School District is pleased to provide full-day Kindergarten. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 2 of 23

3 Nurturing Environment The Grain Valley Kindergarten program challenges students to reach their fullest potential in a nurturing environment where students feel safe to take risks. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 3 of 23

4 A Day in the Life This presentation is designed to help students and their parents catch a glimpse of a typical school day in Kindergarten. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 4 of 23

5 Arrival Students may begin entering the building at 8:25. Staff members greet students as they exit the bus and as they make their way to the building entrance. Once inside, more adults greet them before meeting their classroom teacher at their classroom door. The school day begins at 8:40. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 5 of 23

6 The First Day Please talk with your child about what the good-bye hugs and kisses will look like for the first day of school. We devote extra caring hands in the fall to assist new students and parents with their transition to school. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 6 of 23

7 Morning Routine Our day begins with a morning routine that sets a positive tone for the day. This time is used to introduce many skills that are very important for a Kindergarten child to acquire throughout the year. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 7 of 23

8 Reading Much of our day is devoted to reading and writing instruction. Our reading curriculum is set up to teach word calling and reading comprehension skills through instruction of the whole class, with small groups of students through direct teacher interaction, and one-on-one time between each child and their teacher. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 8 of 23

9 Writing Our writing instruction helps students become comfortable using writing to tell stories. In the beginning of the school year, many students writing resembles squiggles and isolated letters. As students become more fluent writers they will write multiple sentences. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 9 of 23

10 Recess Students have outdoor recess to gain fresh air and exercise. Recess also provides children important opportunities to practice socialization skills and problem solving. Students should dress appropriately for outdoor recess each day. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 10 of 23

11 Lunch Procedures Students are supervised by teachers as they eat their lunch in our cafeteria. They sit at a table with their classmates and are taught to raise their hand if they need help. Extra adults are on-hand to assist students as they learn the lunchroom routines in the fall. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 11 of 23

12 Parents at Lunch Parents are invited to join their child for lunch any time. Please call our office or send a note in the morning to let the classroom teacher know you are coming so we can have a meal prepared for you. We ask that visitors refrain from bringing in food from restaurants. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 12 of 23

13 Sack Lunch If your child will be bringing a sack lunch to school, please send food in containers your child can open on their own. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 13 of 23

14 Specials Classes Specials classes include art, music, library, computer lab, and physical education. These classes occur on a rotation schedule that will be communicated to parents so children can be dressed appropriately for specials activities. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 14 of 23

15 Rest Time Our day also includes time for rest. The children lay down, providing them quiet time to recharge and prepare for afternoon activities. In order to create comfort for each child, we ask that they bring in a towel. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 15 of 23

16 Math Our math program focuses on hands-on activities using a variety of manipulatives. Through the math curriculum, the children are introduced to number sense, addition and subtraction, measurement, basic shapes, graphing, and telling time. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 16 of 23

17 Dismissal Our school day ends at 3:40. Most of our students are bus riders. Kindergarten students are loaded onto the buses in single-file lines and are the first students loaded onto the buses. The drivers quickly learn the students by name and typically seat the younger students in the front seats of the bus. Car riders are loaded by staff members into their vehicle. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 17 of 23

18 School Safety We are committed to providing a safe environment for our students and many steps are taken to ensure safety. Students and staff practice fire, tornado, and lock down drills. Each school has staff members with CPR, AED, and First Aid certification, and each school has a staff crisis team trained to respond to many crisis situations. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 18 of 23

19 Visitor Access To insure the safety of our students, all exterior doors remain locked during school hours. A push button intercom outside the main entrance allows the office staff to communicate with visitors before entering the building. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 19 of 23

20 Visitor Check-in All visitors to our schools are directed to report to the office upon arrival where they sign in and wear a visitor badge. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 20 of 23

21 Meet the Teacher Night Meet the Teacher Night provides students and their parents the opportunity to meet the teachers and visit the classroom prior to the first day of school. Meet the Teacher Night is scheduled for Monday, August 13 from 5:00-6:30 PM for all elementary students and their families. Teacher assignments will be posted on the front doors of the elementary schools by 4:00 pm on August 10 th. Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 21 of 23

22 Finally We welcome you, as Kindergarten families, to our school community. We have highlighted the major elements of a Kindergarten students day. We work to create a safe environment, with sound instruction and a caring staff, and have a lot of fun helping our students excel! Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 22 of 23

23 Contact Us Please the principal of your childs school with any questions you have about the upcoming school year. Matthews Elementary: Mr. Nick Gooch - Prairie Branch Elementary: Mr. James Pinney - Sni-A-Bar Elementary: Mrs. Carrie Reich - Stony Point Elementary: Mr. Scott Schmitt – Grain Valley Kindergarten - Slide 23 of 23

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