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Howard D. McMillan Middle School Crisis Management.

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1 Howard D. McMillan Middle School Crisis Management

2 Code Red/ Code Yellow EMERGENCY PROCEDURES FOR CODE RED AND CODE YELLOW ARE AS FOLLOWS: In the case of emergency, CODE RED or CODE YELLOW will be announced via the PA system. A Code Red will only be used if there is imminent danger INSIDE our building. A Code Yellow will only be used if there is imminent danger OUTSIDE our building in the community.

3 Code Red/Yellow Procedures The procedures for both codes are almost identical with only a few variations. When you hear either one of these messages you are to carry out the following procedures: Teachers are to lock all exit doors to their rooms, and teachers with windows in the Annex or portables are to close all windows and close exterior shutters. Teachers are to keep ALL their students in the classroom. For a Code Red, move students to a safe area away from windows and doors; for a Code Yellow, students can remain at their desk.

4 Procedures Once this announcement has been made: DO NOT CHANGE CLASSES. All bells MUST be ignored including the fire alarm. Shutdown all computers except for the teachers station. Teachers computer should have e-mail open to facilitate communication between staff and administration ONLY! All TVs and radios must be turned off. All student cell phones must be off. PE teachers are to reassemble all their classes and go to: *Code Red = the covered shed at McMillan Park and await instructions. KEEP 2-WAY RADIO TURNED ON AND WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. *Code Yellow = report to the auditorium.

5 Personnel Assignments Security will be assigned to lock ALL exit doors. No one enters the building without approval from the administration. Stairway #1 – Security on 1 st Floor (Allow PE classes to re-enter for Code Yellow.) Stairway #2 – Carmen Ghani Stairway #3 –Security at Sign-in Desk Stairway #4 – Security on 2 nd Floor Main Annex Stairway near Elevator – Security (Annex ) Annex Stairway near PE Covered Area – Walter Kellam Security from 2 nd floor (main) will clear hall ways, and bring any students they have found to the main office. Security from 1 st floor will report to main office once doors are secure, bringing any students they have found. Cafeteria Manager will secure loading dock doors, lower the garage doors leading to the kitchen and lock cafeteria doors. Custodial crew will check and secure all restrooms. They will bring all students they find with them to the main office. Mr. Russ = 2 nd floor restrooms Ms. Alvarez = 1 st floor restrooms and faculty lounge exit door Zone Mechanic and teachers not scheduled for classes will report to the main office to assist where needed. In the event this situation occurs during lunch, those students in the lunchroom will remain there. Their teachers will immediately report to the lunchroom to assist with supervision.

6 DRILL CONCLUSION: Once the situation has cleared, an administrator will again come over the public address system/walkie-talkies and say: The Code Red (Code Yellow) situation is all clear, At this time, and only after this announcement, the bells will go back on and we will continue with the rest of the day, or special instructions will be given.

7 Critical Incident Plans If there is an incident in which the Principal determines that a planned reunification occurs for our students with their parents or guardians, the following procedures will take place: Portable No. 14 will be the Command Center Mr. Florez will bring his walkie-talkie radio to portable 14 The Main Office will provide the following information: Student Locators Emergency Contact Cards Crisis Management Kit DECON RADIO Reunification will occur with parents coming from the field School Personnel will ensure the proper release of students to AUTHORIZED PERSONS ONLY. Administration will contact all necessary departments via the online reporting system.

8 CRISIS Team Assignments School Based Critical Incident Response Team: Administrator: David LoughlinParent: A. Porzio Cafeteria Manager: Robin BergerP.E. Instructor: Z. Nicholson Office Manager: M. PinoSchool Nurse: A. Wilson-Roman, ARNP/ L. Rosa, PCT Student Service Chairperson: E. FriedbergHead Custodian: J. Russ Security Monitor: L. KnoepfflerSSW/ School Psychologist: TBA and A. Fajardo Teacher: K. Adamson

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