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SITEC Security - all from one source SITEC Security - all from one source.

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1 SITEC Security - all from one source SITEC Security - all from one source

2 Certified Security: burglar-, bullet-, fire- and smoke resistance Security – all from one source! SITEC GmbH Consulting, Engineering, Manufacturing, Programming and Turnkey Installations Customized solutions for Embassies, Consulates Banks, Financial Institutions Industrial and Public Buildings Courts and Prisons … 35 years experience worldwide

3 Product overview Security from one Supplier! From transfer trays, money transfer units to … … personnel access doors for entrance areas …. … biometric, anti-tailgating personnel access doors for bank cash areas … …fully equipped mobile banks

4 Industrial and Public Buildings Zurich Airport, Switzerland Crew entrance from underground car park Y-shaped anti-tailgating unit Anti-tailgating security doors

5 Banks and Financial Institutions Project: Complete retrofit and redesign of bank offices Customer-friendly consulting area 24 hour self-service area and secured cash-room SITECs state of the art security solution: AXXES biometric access door for secure entry by authorised personnel only into cash room, to German UVV-Kassen regulations (up to FB4 and RC3)

6 The Design Self-Service Area: Office closed after business hours but self-service available 24 hrs AXXES Biometric Access Control Door ensures that only authorised persons enter the cash room

7 AXXES Biometric Access Control Door Touchscreen for user- friendly operation Identification by fingerprint-reader Dynamic weighing system

8 Advantages of AXXES Design fully approved by German UVV-Kassen (cash area regulations) - Break-In Resistance RC 3 (with certificate) - Bullet Resistance FB3 or optional FB 4 (certificates) Minimum use of floor space Extremely solid construction Installation onto finished floor Minimum cabling Tamper-proof, integrated weighing system Networking and central storage of data Can be equipped with various options: Additional, external access control system Glass door panels instead of filled panels Integrated pass-through flap so employees do not have to leave the secure area

9 System P 2001 – protects lives – for sure! The supercombi for all areas with high security requirements: FB6 Bullet Resistance RC4 Burglar Resistance EI30 CS200 Fire Resistance Continuous operation test - closing 400,000 times (100 % over standard) Building authority approved *! * All required tests have been successfully carried out. Approval in process.

10 Security can be attractive too: System P 2001 – protecting lives – for sure!

11 Fast-Rising Screens for Banks, Post Offices, etc. Protect Staff Counters within … … 0,4 seconds ! WHY Fast-Rising Screens? Banks, financial institutions, petrol stations, casinos, jewellers shops and public authorities are always at risk of attacks and robberies. The SOLUTION – SITEC Fast-Rising Screens Discreetly integrated into the counter, combining customer-friendliness AND design, with employees need for a high degree of security.

12 Fast-Rising Screens – Advantages Open, customer-friendly atmosphere for consultations Even confidential matters can be discussed over the open counter. This is not possible with fixed security glazing. More effective discussions: forms/contracts can be explained at the counter and easily handed over to the customer to support discussions. The fast-rising screen provides an economic alternative to a cash safe and fixed security glazing. With a fast-rising screen, the customer service area can be separated from the cash room. When closed, a separate service area is created, in which cash points/bank statement printers for 24-hour service can be installed, without the need for an extra, separate room. SITEC fast-rising screens do not affect the design/ architectural style of the bank, as they are - normally – hidden discreetly within the counter. With SITEC fast-rising screens you are always on the safe side!

13 Fast-Rising Screen Type P3001 STEEL Several Fast-Rising Screens can be connected together Width: from 600 - 4000 mm D = 235

14 Fast-Rising Screen Type P 3001 STEEL for Seated Counters With anti-vault strip SECURITY- GLASS D = 235 Width: 1400 - 2500 mm

15 Fast-Rising Screen type P 3300 GLASS Width: 1000 - 2500 mm D = 230

16 Glass Fast-Rising Screen Type P 3300 ADVANTAGE: Screen can be closed as a precaution, but customers can still be served Integrated pass-through for money and document transactions when glazed counter is closed Safe Service

17 Fast-Rising Screens – Trigger Switches Foot Switch Money Clip Indicator Panel for closing the screen slowly and testing it Additional options: push button, or remote switch for triggering the screen from another desk

18 Fast-Rising Screens – Typical Installations Petrol Stations Banks, Financial Institutions

19 Fast-Rising Screens – Installation Examples



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