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Abrasive Blast Systems LLC 1-866-666-9309 Blast Room Overview February 22, 2004 Abrasive Blast Systems LLC.

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1 Abrasive Blast Systems LLC 1-866-666-9309 Blast Room Overview February 22, 2004 Abrasive Blast Systems LLC

2 Who Is ABS Blast? The Premiere Manufacturer of Blast Room Equipment Provider of “Right Sized” Blast Room Solutions Customer Satisfaction is Our Focus Our Management Team has over 50 Years of designing, manufacturing and installing Blast Room Equipment worldwide Our Economical and Environment Friendly Solutions Include:  Custom Designed Blast Room Facilities for Aircraft Rail Cars Ships Barges Military Vehicles Trailers Containers Dumpsters Fashion Clothing  Upgrade and Retrofit Existing Blast Room Facilities  Portable Blasting Equipment “The job isn’t finished until our customer is 100% satisfied!”

3 ABS Blast Provides Turn-Key Abrasive Blast System Design Blast Room Abrasive Reclaim System Material Handling Dust Collector

4 Blast Room Design Our approach matches your production needs with a cost efficient design Production NeedDesign Parameter Dimensions of Blast Room Size of Largest Work Piece Material Handling Wt of Heaviest Work Piece Abrasive Selection Required Finish Room Configuration Production Workflow Reclaim Capacity Production Volume

5 Blast Room Design CFM = width x height x Ventilation Rate The bigger the room the more the dust collector will cost Blast room dimensions dictate system air handling capacity requirements

6 Blast Room Design Optimal Room size accommodates largest work piece plus work space for workers Optimal Room Size

7 Blast Room Design ABS abrasive reclaim system Reclaim Floor Abrasive Transport Separator Storage Hopper

8 ABS Quality – Built to Blast 3/8”helical steel flighting on 2/3 pitch return screws 10 gauge steel metering shed plates on all partial reclaim systems

9 ABS Quality – Built to Blast High Selectivity airwash+rotary drum abrasive separator/classifier Heavy duty abrasive elevator assembly Free Standing abrasive storage hopper w/ caged ladder

10 ABS Quality – Built to Blast T-8 electronic ballast light fixtures improves visibility during blasting LED exit lights w/battery back-up emergency lights illuminate blast room during power failure A Well Lit Blast Room Improves Work Efficiency and Quality

11 Room Configuration Overview Partial Reclaim Floor Single Screw H-shaped U-shaped Full Reclaim Floor Production work flow considerations drive room configuration

12 Room Configuration Single Cross Screw Drive In & Out Room Single Cross Screw Reclaim Floor

13 Room Configuration H Shaped Drive Thru Room H-Shaped Reclaim Floor

14 Room Configuration U Shaped Drive In&Out Room U-Shaped Reclaim Floor

15 Room Configuration Full Reclaim Rail Car Drive Thru Room Full Reclaim Floor

16 Material Handling Options Overview In Out With Partial Brush Seal Flow Thru With Split Brush Seal Flow Thru With A Frame Support

17 Monorail Option 1 In Out Monorail Over Room Partial Split Roof Brush Seal

18 Monorail Option 2 Flow Thru Monorail Over Room Split Roof Brush Seal

19 Overhead Bridge Crane Flow Thru Bridge Crane Over Room Full Roof Brush Seal and A-Frame Supported Roof

20 Ventilation Option 1 Side Mounted External Plenums Side Mounted Exhaust Plenums

21 Ventilation Option 2 Door Mounted External Inlet Plenums Central Mounted Exhaust Plenum

22 Ventilation Option 3 Front Mounted External Inlet Plenums Rear Mounted External Exhaust Plenums

23 Ventilation Option 4 Side Mounted Internal Inlet Plenums Side Mounted Internal Exhaust Plenums

24 ABS Blast Installs Custom Blast Equipment That Meet Your Needs Turn Key Custom Design Retrofit Existing Blast, Reclaim and Dust Collector Equipment Configuration and Installation Service Portable Equipment ABS Blast Rooms are –Economic –Safe –Environment Friendly –Reliable –Built to Blast

25 ABS Custom Installation Turnkey Blast Room Installation

26 ABS Custom Installation Full Reclaim Floor Installation

27 ABS Custom Installation ABS Cartridge Type Dust Collector

28 ABS Custom Installation ABS Cartridge Type Dust Collector

29 ABS Custom Installation Separator With Two Pot Hopper

30 ABS Custom Installation Drive Through Full Reclaim Floor

31 ABS Custom Installation Flow Thru Room Full Reclaim Floor

32 ABS Standard Reclaimable Modules RAM – 18 (storage hopper capacity = 18 cu ft) RAM – 36 (storage hopper capacity = 36 cu ft) RAM – 50 (storage hopper capacity = 50 cu ft) RAM -18

33 Recyclable Abrasive ROI Calculator Current Blast Abrasive Price:$ Per Monthly Abrasive Usage / month Disposal Cost $ Per Compare Recyclable Abrasive $/lb = Recycle Factor Economic Impact Monthly Savings Abrasive Disposal Total Estimated Equipment Cost Cost of Money (APR) Estimated Time to Break Even on Equipment Investment ROI Payback Calculation Calculate Monthly Savings of Recycling Abrasives Abrasive Cost Disposal Cost Calculate ROI For Abrasive Recycling Equipment Begin By Pressing The Reset Button % months Click Here to Create ROI Document

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