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Institute of Applied Technology Project PPT 3 February 22, 2011.

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1 Institute of Applied Technology Project PPT 3 February 22, 2011

2 1- Logo and Mission ( 10 marks) 2- Customer Needs Analysis ( 10 marks) 3- Flow Chart ( 10 marks)

3 What’s next?

4 Customer Needs Analysis Confirming The Users Needs – (Analysis) You are a self employed I.T. consultant and systems designer. You have received a letter from the Sea View Hotel Managers asking if you could help them update their manual system and computerise some of the jobs they do. The hotel is based in Ras Al Khiamah. A new couple, Mr and Mrs C. Side have arrived at the Hotel and have asked you to consider the job. They have asked you because he has heard that you do a good job and provide excellent value for money.

5 Your task is to carefully read the letter that you have received and reply to it. 1.Write a proper letter back to Mrs and Mrs C. Side. Put into your own words what you think is being asked for (analyse the letter) 2.Once you have written your reply letter, attach it to an email and send it to your teacher at the email address given to you (your teacher will act the part of Mr and Mrs C. Side at the Sea View Hotel). 3.Wait for a reply from your teacher (you will receive an email back or discuss your letter in class time). 4.If you are asked to clarify any points, make sure you do this and record them. 5.Once you have both agreed what needs to be done, copy the title below into your project:

6 Confirming The Users Needs (My explanation of what system I am going to build) 6.Now copy the letter from Mr and Mrs C. Side and your reply, together with any changes, into your project. By now, you and Mr and Mrs C. Side should fully understand what is expected to be done and you should both agree on the work to be completed.

7 Flow Chart

8 Task 1B: Create a flow chart of your proposal plan. (3 points) Steps: 1. Collect your team’s notes and ideas for improvement and make a numbered list of what you need to do in which order (organize and synthesize). 2. Go to to create your flow 3. Save your team’s flow chart and print it to add to your file. Hand it in for points when your teacher asks for it. 4. Use the flow chart in your planning during the project. Make sure you focus on all areas the customer wants as you plan.

9 HardwareLocation What it will be used for ComputerReception Booking rooms for customers. Checking bookings for customers. Email to customers and other members of staff. Getting onto the internet to check various travel information. PrinterReception Printing out various documents and bills for customers. ComputerThe Office To do various administration tasks such as letters, bills and brochures etc. Printer (s)The Office Printing out various documents such as high quality letters and coloured information sheets. Flowcharting Task For The Sea View Hotel ICT System Using a flowcharting application, design a network showing how the computers may be set-up. Below is a list of the hardware that you will recommend. Explain why it would be better to network the hardware rather than having all the computers separate from each other.

10 Printer (s)The Office Printing out various documents such as high quality letters and coloured information sheets. ScannerThe office The hotel will use this instead of a photocopier. ComputerHotel Lounge For hotel guests to access the internet and use email. A switch boxThe office To connect all the computers together.

11 ICT in the Travel and leisure Industry – System Flowchart Task

12 Start Finish Design Logo & Mission Statement Customers needs Analysis Letter to the Owners Evaluation ?? Cut out the flowchart shapes shown below. Arrange them into the correct order on a piece of plain A4 paper. Stick the flowchart shapes onto the plain paper leaving enough space to draw connecting lines between them. Draw the connecting lines to show the flow of events in your system Organise the mixed-up flowchart symbols into a flow diagram of your system.

13 Organize all your work into a presentation that will be presented the week of March 13-17 Groups present in 15 minute time blocks Imagine you are presenting to the owners Now, is the time to ensure all members contribute to the process.

14 Questions on what you need to do?

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