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Wuthering Heights Techniques focus

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1 Wuthering Heights Techniques focus
Characterization: the act of creating and developing a character

2 Wuthering Heights Techniques focus
Direct characterization: the writer tells / states what a character’s traits are.

3 Indirect characterization: the writer reveals indirectly what a character’s traits are:
* through what a character says, thinks, or does * through a description of the character’s appearance * through a character’s statements, thoughts, or actions * through other others’ statements, thoughts, or actions relating to the character

4 Imagery: descriptive language used in literature to create sensory experiences (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch). Imagery enriches writing by making it more vivid, setting a tone, suggesting emotions, and guiding readers’ reactions.

5 Symbolism and motifs in Wuthering Heights

6 The moors play an important part in establishing the mood of
Wuthering Heights. .

7 wet, wild, and relatively
Moors are open areas, wet, wild, and relatively infertile. The Moors

8 As the novel opens, Lockwood fears walking through the moors at night.

9 Catherine and Heathcliff spend much of their childhood
escaping to and rambling on the moors, symbolizing their wild inclinations.

10 Catherine and Heathcliff are buried on the moors because
0f their fondness for the wildness they represent.

11 The Moors also represent danger.

12 Nelly and Catherine are feared to have drowned in the moors.
Just as the moors represent danger and are difficult to navigate, the love between Catherine and Heathcliff endangers everyone associated with them through their recklessness and becomes difficult to figure out.

13 G H O S T

14 Lockwood is awakened by Catherine’s ghost
as he slumbers at Wuthering Heights.

15 Heathc Heathcliff yearns for the past and longs for the ghost of
Catherine to haunt him. Heathcliff craves the past And longs for the ghost Of Catherine to haunt him.

16 At the end of the novel, rumors persist that Catherine and Heathcliff roam the moors at night.


18 The extreme wind prevalent at Wuthering Heights symbolizes the hardness of its inhabitants

19 Wind and rain or sleet are present
when old Mr. Earnshaw dies, when Heathcliff leaves, when Catherine is buried, and when Heathcliff dies.

20 Windows and Doors Wuthering Heights characters are often
impeded by locked windows and doors.

21 LoLLoc Lockwood finds Wuthering Heights locked as he arrives.

22 Nelly and Catherine are locked in rooms at Wuthering Heights with windows too small to escape through.


24 Heathcliff is locked outside Wuthering Heights and can’t get in through the locked door or narrow window.

25 At other times windows are intentionally left open

26 Heathcliff opens a window to let Catherine’s ghost enter. He

27 Nelly opens a window to let Heathcliff enter Catherine’s room at Thrushcross Grange.

28 Catherine’s Locket Catherine’s Locket
Catherine has on her neck a locket containing a lock of Edgar's hair. After seeing the dead Catherine, Heathcliff removes it, throws it on the ground, and replaces it with his own hair. His act symbolizes his desire to supplant Edgar and his belief that Catherine is rightfully his. Nelly takes Edgar's lock of hair, intertwines it with Heathcliff's lock of hair, and puts it into the locket, symbolizing how the two nemesis' lives intertwine.

29 Books and Education



32 Works Cited Lorcher, Trent. "Symbolism in Wuthering Heights." Bright Hub. Web. 12 Mar “The Reader’s Guide to Emily Jane Bronte’s ‘Wuthering Heights.’” Web. 30 Mar

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