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Chapter 1 I. Mr. Lockwood (initial narrator) in 1801

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1 Chapter 1 I. Mr. Lockwood (initial narrator) in 1801
A. renting Thrushcross Grange B. visits landlord Mr. Heathcliff at Wuthering Heights 1. Heathcliff is reserved, unfriendly, irritated with Lockwood C. meets Joseph, old servant at Wuthering Heights 1. assists with Lockwood’s horse and indoor service Per. 5 This is set up as if Lockwood is giving these events in a journal format. I.A. Thrushcross Grange is manor house in a valley in Yorkshire, Northern England. This property is owned by Heathcliff. I.B. Wuthering Heights is a 300-year-old manor house on a hill four miles north of Thrushcross Grange. Lockwood describes it as built with heavy stone and deep-set windows to withstand the tremendous winds and harsh weather. He notes the name and date “Hareton Earnshaw 1500” above the entrance door. I.B.1. Heathcliff comes across as a misanthrope – one who hates and distrusts people; He is described as being dressed like a gentleman (a rich man) yet is dark-haired and dark-skinned like a gypsy. I.C.1. Joseph is really old, but seems in good health. Lockwood notes that there must be very few servants at W.H. since Joseph is serving in multiple capacities.

2 D. Lockwood likes Heathcliff
1. thinks himself a “misanthrope” like Heathcliff 2. wants to be away from city life 3. recalls an unfulfilled encounter with a girl he met back home E. Lockwood is left alone while Heathcliff helps Joseph retrieve wine 1. teases nasty looking dogs in parlor and is attacked 2. housekeeper Zillah saves Lockwood I.D.1. Lockwood thinks that he is like Heathcliff, yet unlike Heathcliff, Lockwood seems to want the company of others I.D.3. As Lockwood is waiting for Heathcliff, he reminisces about this girl, how he liked her, how she noticed, she began to flirt with him, but for some odd reason, he became very cold and distant toward her which scared her off. I.E.1. Lockwood notices that the room is filled with a bunch of growling dogs, and soon realizes that the dogs are as unwelcoming as Heathcliff and Joseph I.E.2. She comes out yelling at the dogs, swinging a kitchen pan at them. Heathcliff remarks that the dogs don’t trust strangers either.

3 Chapter 2 F. Heathcliff and Lockwood sit and talk
1. Lockwood is intrigued with Heathcliff 2. decides to return, against Heathcliff’s wishes Chapter 2 II. Next day Lockwood plans to visit Wuthering Heights A. asks for later dinner from his servants and departs on foot I.F.2. Although Heathcliff is renting Thrushcross Grange to Lockwood, he is rather blunt about how he does not want Lockwood coming to Wuthering Heights. Like an idiot, Lockwood does not get it.

4 B. arrives at Wuthering Heights 1. main gate and front door locked
2. Joseph refuses to help or greet Lockwood 3. Hareton lets Lockwood in through the back of the house C. encounters Catherine Heathcliff in parlor 1. admires her beauty and youth 2. attempt idle conversation 3. she is rude and inhospitable 4. sees Hareton as gruff and uncivilized yet proud II.B. Lockwood arrives at Wuthering Heights after a four-mile walk and it is beginning to snow. II.B.1. He finds it strange that the main gate is locked and no one is there to greet him, even after he told Heathcliff he would be visiting again. II.B.2. Joseph wants nothing to do with Lockwood, tells him that the girl Lockwood sees through the window will not open the door for him and that Heathcliff is not inside. II.B.3. Another servant, Hareton, leads Lockwood around the house an through the back II.C.1. Lockwood notes how beautiful Mrs. Heathcliff is, admiring her beautiful face and blonde hair. II.C She does not say anything to him, he attempts to talk with her about the dogs and the weather, but she ignores him rudely. II.C.4. Although he is dressed like a servant, is dirty, speaks rudely, Lockwood senses that Hareton carries himself in a pompous fashion.

5 F. Assumes Heathcliff and Catherine are married
D. Heathcliff is not happy to see Lockwood E. Lockwood joins them for a meal F. Assumes Heathcliff and Catherine are married G. Assumes Hareton is Heathcliff’s son and is married to Catherine H. Joseph enters and Catherine threatens him II.E. Although Lockwood was not invited, Heathcliff has him sit with them for a meal. II.F. Stupidly, Lockwood refers to Catherine as Heathcliff’s wife. Heathcliff tells Lockwood that his wife is dead and that Catherine is his daughter-in-law. Lockwood sheepishly notes that Heathcliff is around the age of 40 and Catherine is could not be older than 17. II.G. Lockwood makes this further blunder, which angers Hareton. Heathcliff informs Lockwood that Catherine’s husband, his son, is dead. Hareton proudly states that he is Hareton Earnshaw, not Heathcliff’s son. II.H. When the meal is over, Joseph comes in to feed the dogs and he and Catherine argue, Catherine threatens Joseph with her skills in the “Black Art,” Joseph says that she will end up in hell

6 III. Snowstorm hinders Lockwood’s return home
A. Heathcliff says there are no accommodations for Lockwood B. Everyone refuses to help Lockwood return to Thrushcross Grange C. Lockwood storms out 1. Joseph sets the dogs to attack Heathcliff and Hareton laugh 3. Lockwood gets bloody nose 4. assisted back into house by Zillah Lockwood asks Heathcliff to spare a someone to help him find his way back to Thrushcross Grange through the snowstorm. III.A. He says there are only five people living at Wuthering Heights and he cannot spare to send anyone with Lockwood. He says that Lockwood will have to sleep in Joseph’s or Hareton’s room if he is going to stay. III.B. Lockwood becomes angry with everyone’s inhospitality. III.C. As he walks away from the house, Lockwood grabs a lantern from Joseph and heads for the main gate. C.1. Joseph says that Lockwood is stealing the lantern and sicks the dogs Gnasher and Wolf on Lockwood. The dogs knock him down and frighten him. C.2. Heathcliff and Hareton both laugh at Lockwood’s misery and that his anger gave him a bloody nose.

7 Chapter 3 IV. Lockwood stays the night at Wuthering Heights
A. Zillah takes Lockwood to private room B. sees the names carved in the windowsill 1. Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Heathcliff, Catherine Linton C. looks through the old books, opens Bible D. reads “diary entries” written in the margins 1. tells of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff when they were kids IV.A.1. the room to which Zillah takes Lockwood is like a large oak closet, a room within a room built to give its former resident some privacy. Lockwood traces the names over and over to bore himself to sleep. The books are musty and mildewed, although they look as if they were well-used long ago. describes Joseph teaching them catechism and preaching to them and how horrible it was listening to him for hours, Catherine tells how she and Heathcliff angered Joseph by kicking and throwing their bibles, she also describes how her older brother Hindley and his wife Frances cuddled by the fire and how Hindley abused Heathcliff mercilessly.

8 V. Lockwood has two nightmares
E. sees article in Bible V. Lockwood has two nightmares A. first nightmare about Jabes Branderham B. second nightmare 1. ghost of Catherine Linton is outside the window C. Lockwood awakes screaming D. Heathcliff enters in anger, fear and sorrow E. Heathcliff yells out the window for ghost to return V.A. Lockwood’s first nightmare was that he and Joseph were going to the local chapel to hear Jabes Branderham preach his sermon about the text “Seventy times Seven” from the bible. After sitting for hours listening to this sermon, Lockwood accuses Jabes Branderham of committing the unforgivable sin, but then Branderham accuses Lockwood of it and everyone begins to attack Lockwood. Lockwood awakes to the sound of a tree branch tapping on the windowpane. V.B.1. In Lockwood’s second nightmare, he drifts into dreaming that he is still in bed in the oak closet room and hears the branch hitting the window. He breaks one of the windowpanes to break the branch and instead a little hand grabs his arm. He freaks out and the voice of a little girl says that she is Catherine Linton and she has been waiting out there to come in for 20 years. Lockwood tries to free himself, and in panic, drags the little arm back and forth across the broken glass to get it to let go of him. He screams at all the blood pouring onto the bed. Heathcliff comes rushing into the room in fear because of Lockwood’s hysterical screaming, then becomes angry when Lockwood speaks disparagingly about the ghost of Catherine Linton haunting the house. Lockwood is outside the room hearing Heathcliff call out the window for Cathy to return, then Heathcliff begins to sob violently when nothing happens.

9 VI. Lockwood goes downstairs A. sleeps for a short time in the kitchen
B. awakened by Joseph and Hareton C. in parlor room Heathcliff yells at Zillah and Catherine D. Heathcliff takes Lockwood part of the way home through the snow E. returns home hours later, sick from the cold Embarrassed at Heathcliff’s spectacle and tired from his fitful sleep, Lockwood finds a bench in the kitchen and naps a bit. C.1. Lockwood notes that Heathcliff has reprimanded Zillah for letting Lockwood sleep in the forbidden room. C.2. Heathcliff argues with Catherine because she refuses to do anything. He pulls his arm back to strike Catherine, but stops when he notices Lockwood is there. Lockwood refuses to stay any longer, and Heathcliff begrudgingly walks Lockwood down the road to the gates of Thrushcross Grange. After wandering through the snow for hours to find his way across the property, Lockwood arrives at the manor house of Thrushcross Grange. The servants are overjoyed that he has returned, thinking that he died in the snowstorm. The stress and the cold have caused Lockwood to be sick.

10 The Nature of Love I. Heathcliff is described as a “misanthrope”
A. a person who hates other people and their company B. Lockwood sees himself as the same II. Lockwood’s reminiscing about the girl he “almost fell in love with” A. physical attraction B. she flirts with him but he snubs her III. Residents of Wuthering Heights A. Joseph looks ill when he must serve Lockwood The Nature of Love Lockwood alludes to his desire to be alone and his failings at love, that is why he has decided to move out to Yorkshire in the middle of nowhere to avoid people. Lockwood said that he “never told his love” vocally; his attraction is purely infatuation The girl noticed Lockwood’s attraction to her but Lockwood seems to fear actually letting his attraction to become something more Overall, there is a great lack of love at Wuthering Heights When Heathcliff asks Joseph to take care of Lockwood’s horse and retrieve some wine from the celler, Lockwood notices that Joseph’s face contorts as if he was physically sick

11 B. do not take kindly to strangers 1. dogs attack Lockwood
2. main gate and doors are locked C. not welcoming or polite D. Heathcliff looks at Catherine “with a look of hatred” E. Hareton insulted by Lockwood’s assumptions 1. He is not married to Catherine 2. He is not Heathcliff’s son F. Joseph calls Catherine evil G. Catherine threatens Joseph with evil H. Heathcliff verbally and physically abuses Catherine The people at Wuthering Heights do not exhibit any signs of courtesy or kindness to strangers or each other. The dogs in the parlor room are vicious toward Lockwood, a reflection of their masters Although Wuthering Heights is out in the middle of nowhere, the gates and doors are locked even during the day When Lockwood blunders by calling Catherine Heathcliff’s wife, Heathcliff tells him no and looks at Catherine with a look of hatred. Hareton is insulted that Lockwood would assume he was married to Catherine or was related to Heathcliff Joseph tells Catherine that she is evil and she will end up in hell with her mother who when there before her Catherine threatens to cast evil spells on Joseph with her black magic After Lockwood’s nightmare filled sleep at Wuthering Heights, he goes downstairs to find Heathcliff yelling at Zillah until she cries and he witnesses Heathcliff verbally abusing his daughter-in-law Catherine. He also sees that Heathcliff nearly hits her, which Lockwood believes Heathcliff has done before to Catherine Overall, there is seems to be much love lacking in the Wuthering Heights household. The people Lockwood encounters all seem to hate one another in some way, shape or form.

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